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U213·SUNDAY WORKSHOP: Teaching Idea Generation: How to Use Design Heuristics in Your Courses
Workshop · Design in Engineering Education Division
Sun. June 26, 2016 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Room 275, New Orleans Convention Center
Session Description

Free ticketed event
Students often have difficulty generating multiple creative ideas for design problems. “Design
Heuristics” is an empirically derived and validated approach to product design ideation. Our
research has shown that concepts created by engineering students who used Design Heuristics
were more complex and creative designs. This workshop will include a review of relevant
research on idea generation along with an introduction to this research-grounded creativity tool.
Participants will practice using the Design Heuristics to generate concepts for design tasks and
discuss ways to implement it effectively in their classrooms.

  1. Dr. Shanna R. Daly

    University of Michigan

    Shanna R. Daly is an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of
    Michigan, earning her doctorate from Purdue University’s Engineering Education program in
    2008. Her research focuses on design innovations through divergent and convergent thinking as
    well as through deep needs and community assessments. Her work includes investigations of
    concept generation practices of novices through practitioners, intersections that yield innovative
    thinking, creativity in engineering, and problem space exploration. She teaches design and
    entrepreneurship courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

  2. Prof. Seda McKIlligan

    Iowa State University

    Seda Yilmaz is an Associate Professor of Industrial Design at Iowa State University. She earned
    her doctorate from the University of Michigan’s Design Science Program in 2010. Her
    dissertation was entitled, ‘Design Heuristics,’ and was the start of her research program on idea
    generation. Her work focuses on design cognition and creativity, cross-disciplinary design team
    dynamics, information processing in concept generation, cognitive strategy changes among
    design domains, and implementation of these strategies in pedagogy.

  3. Ms. Keelin Siomha Leahy

    University of Limerick

    Keelin Leahy is a visiting research scholar at Iowa State University.

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