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U313·Understanding Student Development in Design
Technical · Design in Engineering Education Division
Sun. June 25, 2017 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Room A114, Columbus Convention Center
  1. Moderated by Dr. Angela R Bielefeldt P.E.
Papers Presented
  1. An Analysis of Emotional Fluctuation and Its Causes in the Productive Practice for Engineering Undergraduates: Based on the Case of an Engineering Major in China [view paper] Miss Jiaojiao Fu (Beihang University), Prof. Qing Lei (Beihang University), and Prof. Dongya Cheng (Tibet University, Teachers College )
  2. Characterizing Students' Micro-Iterations Strategies through Data-Logged Design Actions [view paper] Dr. Corey T. Schimpf (The Concord Consoritum) and Dr. Charles Xie (The Concord Consortium)
  3. Development of Perceptions of Technical and Ethical Expertise In Teams Over Time [view paper] Dr. Megan Kenny Feister (California State University, Channel Islands), Dr. Carla B. Zoltowski (Purdue University, West Lafayette (College of Engineering)), Prof. Patrice Marie Buzzanell (Purdue University, West Lafayette (College of Engineering)), and David Torres (Purdue University)
  4. Incorporation of Ethics and Societal Impact Issues into Senior Capstone Design Courses: Results of a National Survey [view paper] Dr. Angela R. Bielefeldt (University of Colorado, Boulder), Ms. Madeline Polmear (University of Colorado, Boulder), Dr. Daniel Knight (University of Colorado, Boulder), Dr. Nathan E. Canney (Seattle University), and Dr. Christopher W. Swan (Tufts University)
  5. Investigating Design Cognition during Brainstorming Tasks with Freshmen and Senior Engineering Students using Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy [view paper] Dr. Tripp Shealy (Virginia Tech), Dr. Jacob R. Grohs (Virginia Tech), Miss Mo Hu (Virginia tech), Darren K. Maczka (Virginia Tech), and Dr. Robin Panneton (Virginia Tech)
  6. Understanding Young Students' Problem Solving Pathways: Building a Design Process Model Based on Sequential Analysis [view paper] Mr. Euisuk Sung (Purdue University, West Lafayette (College of Engineering)) and Dr. Todd Kelley (Purdue University, West Lafayette (College of Engineering))
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