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U126·Division Experimentation & Lab-Oriented Studies - Mechanical Engineering Labs
Technical · Division for Experimentation & Lab-Oriented Studies
Sun. June 25, 2017 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM
Room B144, Columbus Convention Center
Session Description

This session highlights experiments for teaching mechanical engineering concepts.

  1. Moderated by Dr. Sally J. Pardue
Papers Presented
  1. Method for a Low Cost Hydrokinetic Test Platform: An Open Source Water Flume [view paper] Ryan Curtis Darfler (California State University, Maritime University) and Dr. William W. Tsai (California State University, Maritime Academy)
  2. Miniaturized Inexpensive Hands-On Fluid Mechanics Laboratory Kits for Remote Online Learning [view paper] Mr. Jackie Starks (Tennessee State University), Mr. Fletcher Ray Hendrickson (Tennessee State University ), Fatemeh Hadi (Tennessee State University ), and Dr. Matthew J. Traum (Engineer Inc)
  3. Optimizing Efficiency and Effectiveness in a Mechanical Engineering Laboratory using Focused Modules [view paper] Dr. Jeffrey A. Donnell (Georgia Institute of Technology), Mr. Philip Varney (Georgia Institute of Technology), Dr. David MacNair (Georgia Institute of Technology), and Prof. Aldo A. Ferri (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  4. Manipulation Matters: Isolating the Impact of Lecture vs. Lab Experience in an Undergraduate Engineering Controls Class [view paper] Dr. Dustyn Roberts P.E. (University of Delaware) and D. R. Haidar (University of Delaware)
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