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U106·Balancing Act: Ideas in Pre- & Post- Surveys and Assessment of Professional Skills
Technical · Civil Engineering Division
Sun. June 25, 2017 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM
Room B241, Columbus Convention Center
Session Description

This session includes discussion of assessment using pre- and post- survey styles and identifies approaches to assessment in commonly challenging topic areas such as "soft skills" and engineering economy.

  1. Moderated by Dr. Jennifer Retherford P.E. and Dr. Rebekah Oulton P.E.
Papers Presented
  1. Assessment of Students’ Prior Knowledge and Learning in an Undergraduate Foundation Engineering Course [view paper] Dr. Simon Thomas Ghanat P.E. (The Citadel), Prof. James Kaklamanos (Merrimack College), Dr. Suresh Immanuel Selvaraj (University of Evansville), Dr. Corrie Walton-Macaulay (Bucknell University), and Dr. Matthew Sleep (Oregon Institute of Technology)
  2. Study of Pre- and Post-Course Knowledge Surveys in an Engineering Economy Course [view paper] Dr. Simon Thomas Ghanat P.E. (The Citadel) and Dr. Dimitra Michalaka (The Citadel)
  3. Application of Indirect and Direct Measures for Student Teamwork Outcome Assessment within an Undergraduate Civil Engineering Curriculum [view paper] Dr. William J. Davis P.E. (The Citadel), Dr. Simon Thomas Ghanat P.E. (The Citadel), Dr. Kweku Tekyi Brown (The Citadel), and Dr. Dimitra Michalaka (The Citadel)
  4. Challenges of a Professional Issues Course in Civil Engineering: Comparison Across Two Years [view paper] Dr. Angela R. Bielefeldt (University of Colorado, Boulder)
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