For Authors

Papers presented at ASEE conferences may be posted in university repositories and republished or excerpted in other publications provided the citation makes clear that ASEE holds the copyright. A typical citation should read as follows:

©(Year of Conference) American Society for Engineering Education. ASEE (Annual Conference or Section Conference) Proceedings, (date), (city and state where the conference was held).

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For questions about paper submission deadlines, content, session assignments, etc., please contact your PROGRAM CHAIR. The appropriate Program Chair contact link can be found on the right hand side of each individual paper page in the Paper Management System under Manage Papers.

For technical assistance, please contact the ASEE Conferences Department.

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Deadlines To Remember

Date Activity
September 6 Abstract submissions open
October 16th Abstract submission deadline
November 6th All authors will be notified of accepted or rejected abstracts by this date.
February 5th Draft paper submission deadline
February 6th Housing and Registration open
March 5th Author notified of any requested revisions
March 22th Deadline to submit requested revisions to blind draft

Be advised, if your paper was “approved” as is, you do not need to submit a revised draft. Authors only need to submit a revised draft by this date if it was requested by the chair. Paper status will say “revise”
March 29th Author notified of accepted or rejected revised draft papers.
April 9th One author must have registered for the conference by this date. Be advised that the presenting author must be a registered participant in order to present their paper at the annual conference.
April 30th
  • Upload final papers - all blind indicators removed
  • Accept copyright deadline
  • All bios and author information final
All deadlines occur at Midnight, Eastern Standard Time on the days listed