Hall of Fame


2023 ASEE Hall of Fame - Call for Nominations

ASEE has been proud for more than a century to support the engineering educators whose work has modernized society. Engineering educators have transformed academic, civic, cultural, medical, environmental and economic life.

In ASEE's 130th anniversary year, we are seeking nominations for the 2023 ASEE Hall of Fame to honor the Engineering and Engineering Technology Education standouts whose work has made a significant impact on engineering education. The impact of their contribution outweighs where or when it was made.

ASEE is seeking nominees across communities: pre-college, undergraduate, graduate, administrative, and professional settings. And we are seeking nominees from a range of categories. Members of academia, government and industry will be equally considered.
The key is what has been the demonstrated impact of their actions?
Ideas for areas of influence, where a group or individual could have significant impact include, but are not limited to:
  1. Pedagogy - the method and practice of teaching,
  2. Broadening participation - diversity, equity, access, and inclusion
  3. Research- engineering education frameworks, methodologies, syntheses, etc.
  4. Service or leadership (to a community, profession, country, etc.)
  5. Commercialization of technology/invention, entrepreneurship
  6. Has made significant contributions to practice of engineering or engineering technology education
  7. Reflects the evolving nature of engineering/engineering technology education over the past several decades
Both individuals and teams may be nominated.  Self-nominations are also encouraged.  The nominee(s) must be a past or present member of ASEE; if a team is nominated, at least one member must be a past or present member of ASEE.
Information supporting the nomination
The nomination packet must contain the following information:
  • Nomination Letter (maximum of 2 pages) that describes the achievements or activities for which the nominee is being considered. An explicit rationale for the nomination must be provided.
  • Evidence supporting the breadth and depth of the impact and contribution must be clearly described. A superior nomination would show impact beyond the immediate sphere of the nominee. For example, the impact could influence future engineering educators, or extend beyond engineering and engineering technology education.  The measure of the impact could be described in either (or both) traditional and nontraditional metrics.
  • CV of nominee(s)
  • A personal statement (not more than 2 pages) describing how the achievement(s) was envisioned and operationalized and where the concept originated.
  • Supporting letters
    1. No more than five
    2. One letter must be from someone who was impacted by the contribution[1]
    3. Letters should support how the nominee has met the award criteria
The evaluation of the nomination must consider both quantitative and qualitative measures with clearly defined evidence  (e.g., number of people impacted, evaluation findings of an innovation, testimonials) demonstrating breadth and depth of impact.

Nominations must be emailed to awards@asee.org. DEADLINE EXTENDED: The deadline is August 11, 2023.


75th Anniversary Inductees - 1968


  • L.M.K. Boelter
  • Vannevar Bush
  • Karl T. Compton
  • Hardy Cross
  • William L. Everitt
  • Linton E. Grinter
  • Harry P. Hammond
  • Solomon C. Hollister
  • Dugald C. Jackson
  • Milo S. Ketchum
  • Frederick C. Lindvall
  • Anson Marston
  • Nathan M. Newmark
  • Andrey A. Potter
  • George F. Swain
  • Arthur N. Talbot
  • Frederick E. Terman
  • Stephen P. Timoshenko
  • Frederick E. Turneaure
  • Theodore Von Karman
  • Eric A. Walker
  • William E. Wickenden



    Centennial  Inductees - 1993


  • Lionel V. Baldwin
  • George C. Beakley
  • Joseph Bordogna
  • W. Leighton Collins
  • Edward E. David, Jr.
  • Daniel C. Drucker
  • Richard G. Folsom
  • Richard H. Gallagher
  • Donald E. Marlowe
  • Thomas L. Martin, Jr.
  • Irene C. Peden
  • Rustum Roy
  • John B. Slaughter
  • John G. Truxal
  • Richard J. Ungrodt
  • Mac E. Van Valkenburg
  • Ernst Weber
  • John R. Whinnery



    Centennial Medallion Recipients - 1993


    • Howard G. Adams
    • Maurice F. Aburdene
    • Maurice Albertson
    • Paul Allmendinger
    • Tung Au
    • Lionel V. Baldwin
    • Eleanor Baum
    • Dwight M. Bauman
    • George C. Beakley
    • Fred W. Beaufait
    • Steven D. Bechtel, Jr.
    • Mason Benedict
    • Fred J. Benson
    • Frederick Berger
    • Arthur E. Bergles
    • R. Byron Bird
    • Kent M. Black
    • Harold A. Boiz
    • Joseph Bordogna
    • Orian W. Boston
    • J. Ray Bowen
    • Francis X. Bradley
    • John A. Brighton
    • Edward C. Brown
    • George Burnet
    • Montrust Q. Burrell
    • Conrad T. Burris
    • Frank E. Burris
    • John C. Calhoun, Jr.
    • Charles Carter
    • Bei-Tse Chao
    • Stephen R. Cheshier
    • Morris E. Childs
    • Camden A. Coberly
    • W. Leighton Collins
    • Edmund T. Cranch
    • Jose B. Cruz, Jr.
    • Richard G. Cunningham
    • L.R. Daniel, Jr.
    • Jane Z. Daniels
    • Edward E. David, Jr.
    • Robert L. Davis
    • Paul DeJong
    • George E. Dieter
    • Daniel C. Drucker
    • James J. Duderstadt
    • E. Leon Dunning
    • James H. Earle
    • Elmer C. Easton
    • E.R.G. Eckert
    • Arvid R. Eide
    • Edward W. Ernst
    • Thomas E. Everhart
    • Ralph E. Fadum
    • James R. Fair
    • Saul K. Fenster
    • Cary A. Fisher
    • Gordon H. Flammer
    • Leroy S. Fletcher
    • Richard G. Folsom
    • Wallace T. Fowler
    • Eli Fromm
    • Robert R. Fergason
    • Robert B. Gaither
    • Richard H. Gallagher
    • Anthony B. Giordano
    • Earnest F. Gloyna
    • Donald D. Glower
    • Mario Gonzalez
    • Richard E. Grace
    • Lawrence P. Grayson
    • Lois B. Greenfield
    • Linton E. Grinter
    • Carl W. Hall
    • John C. Hancock
    • Vincent S. Haneman, Jr.
    • Charles W. Haines
    • Arthur G. Hansen
    • Frank D. Hansing
    • Lee Harrisberger
    • Donald R. Haworth
    • Eddie Hildreth
    • Edward A. Hiler
    • David M. Himmelblau
    • Joseph C. Hogan
    • Maurita P. Holland
    • Nick Holonyak, Jr.
    • Frank L. Huband
    • Barry L. Hyman
    • Martin Jischke
    • Edwin C. Jones, Jr.
    • James B. Jones
    • William M. Kays
    • Robert Kersten
    • Howard S. Kimmel
    • C. Judson King
    • Edward T. Kirkpatrick
    • J. Knudsen
    • James G. Knudsen
    • Billy V. Koen
    • Helmut H. Korst
    • Ernest S. Kuh
    • Raymond B. Landis
    • James H. Lawrence
    • Edward Lear, Sr.
    • William LeBold
    • Melvin R. Lohmann
    • Jose F. Lluch
    • Donald Marlowe
    • Thomas L. Martin, Jr.
    • Ken McCollom
    • Hugh E. McCallick
    • James F. McDonough
    • John J. McKetta
    • James D. Meindl
    • James L. Meriam
    • Boris S. Mitin
    • Larry K. Monteith
    • Paul E. Morgan
    • Richard M. Morrow
    • James H. Mulligan, Jr.
    • Takashi Mukaibo
    • Willard E. Nudd
    • Frank Owens
    • Robert H. Page
    • Elinor S. Pape
    • Norman A. Parker
    • Irene C. Peden
    • Max S. Peters
    • Evan R. Petty
    • Winfred M. Phillips
    • Karl S. Pister
    • Helen L. Plants
    • C.E.G. Przirembel
    • Robert Quinn
    • David ReyesGuerra
    • Herbert H. Richardson
    • Robert H. Roy
    • Rustum Roy
    • Charles E. Schaffner
    • William R. Schowalter
    • Victor K. Schutz
    • Edmund P. Segner, Jr.
    • Liu Shu
    • Leighton E. Sissom
    • Ray L. Sisson
    • John B. Slaughter
    • Frederick W. Smith
    • Kare Sorby
    • Thomas E. Stelson
    • James E. Stice
    • William B. Stiles
    • Nam P. Suh
    • Chang-Lin Tien
    • Klaus D. Timmerhaus
    • Jose A. Toledo-Morell
    • Curtis J. Tompkins
    • Harris T. Travis
    • John G. Truxal
    • W. Dan Turner
    • Richard J. Ungrodt
    • Mac E. Van Valkenburg
    • Charles Vest
    • Howard L. Wakeland
    • Eric A. Walker
    • Ernst Weber
    • John A. Weese
    • Ernst Weidhaas
    • John R. Whinnery
    • John A. White, Jr.
    • Robert M. White
    • Lawrence J. Wolf
    • Henry T. Yang
    • James T.P. Yao
    • Paul Z. Zia
    • Don N. Zwiep