2012 Annual Conference

Preview of 2012 Conference - San Antonio


The ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition hosts over 400 technical sessions, with peer-reviewed papers spanning all disciplines of engineering education. Attendees include deans, faculty and researchers, students and retirees. Distinguished lectures run throughout the conference, starting with the main plenary. In addition to various award receptions and banquets, ASEE hosts a complimentary “Meet the Board Forum,” providing the opportunity for all registrants to meet with members of the ASEE Board of Directors and discuss current issues in engineering and technology. The spouse/guest tours help make the conference an event for the entire family. Other highlights include the “Greet the Stars” orientation for new ASEE members and first-time conference attendees, the ASEE Picnic, and the “Focus on Exhibits” Happy Hour, and Brunch. The 2012 conference will be in San Antonio. We look forward to welcoming you there.


In order to strengthen the quality of conference proceedings, the ASEE Board of Directors has voted on a policy of “Publish to Present” at the ASEE annual conference. This policy, which requires all conference papers and presentations to be peer-reviewed, seeks to ensure that intellectual activity by faculty and staff receives appropriate professional recognition.

In addition to Publish to Present sessions, beginning with the 2011 (and continuing) ASEE annual conference, divisions may submit Panel sessions. To submit a Panel session, Divisions are asked to provide white papers (extended abstracts) in no more than 4 pages consisting of 2 pages of session description, and 2 pages of bios. The PIC Chairs will review the Panel sessions submitted and determine their viability to the conference. (Please check the appropriate field/column for submitting a Panel session through the new ASEE paper submission system)

The process for the submission of ASEE annual conference papers is as follows: Once authors have submitted abstracts of their papers, these will be reviewed and evaluated as acceptable or not. Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to submit a full paper draft to be reviewed by at least three engineering educators. A draft paper may be accepted as submitted, accepted with minor changes or major changes, or rejected. If a paper requiring major changes is re-submitted, the author will be asked to provide an explanation to the Division Program Chair as to how the paper revision has addressed the reviewers’ concerns. The Division Chair may then decide to accept or reject the paper.

Authors of accepted papers may also choose to present through a poster session, rather than the lecture format of the technical sessions. The ASEE poster sessions will now showcase authors of accepted papers who have selected this format, or whose papers have been assigned as a poster due to lack of space in the technical sessions. Exceptions to the “Publish to Present” requirement include invited speakers and panels. Divisions may also designate one of their technical sessions as a “panel” of speakers submitting poster presentations.

The presentation of research and program findings within a conference setting provides a valuable means of exchanging information and ideas. While the majority of papers presented at the ASEE annual conference already undergo review at the abstract, draft, and final paper stage, the Board feels confident that a rigorous process of review will safeguard the quality of all paper presentations and ensure the prestigious reputation of this important conference.


Aerospace Division
Architectural Engineering Division
Biological & Agricultural Engineering Division
Biomedical Engineering Division
Chemical Engineering Division
Civil Engineering Division
College Industry Partnership
Computers in Education Division
Construction Engineering Division
Continuing Professional Development Division
Cooperative & Experiential Education Division
Corporate Members Council
Design in Engineering Education Division
Educational Research & Methods Division
Electrical & Computer Engineering Division
Energy Conversion & Conservation Division
Engineering & Public Policy Division
Engineering Design Graphics Division
Engineering Economy Division
Engineering Ethics Division
Engineering Libraries Division
Engineering Management Division
Engineering Research Council
Engineering Technology Division
Entrepreneurship & Engineering Innovation Division
Environmental Engineering Division
Experimentation & Laboratory Oriented Studies Division

First-Year Programs Division
Graduate Studies Division
Industrial Engineering Division
Information Systems Division
Instrumentation Division
International Division
K-12 & Pre-College Engineering Division
Liberal Education Division
Manufacturing Engineering Division
Materials Division
Mathematics Division
Mechanical Engineering Division
Mechanics Division
Minorities in Engineering Division
Multidisciplinary Engineering Division
New Engineering Educators Division
NSF Grantees Poster Session
Nuclear & Radiological Engineering Division
Ocean, Marine & Coastal Engineering Division
Physics & Engineering Physics Division
Software Engineering Constituent Committee
Student Constituent Committee
Systems Engineering Constituent Committee
Technological Literacy Constituent Committee
Two-Year College Division
Women in Engineering Division


The following are the tentative deadline dates for the 2012 Annual Conference:

Sept 5 – Oct 7, 2011
Abstract Submission Process Open

Sept 5 – Oct 14, 2011
Session Requests, Division Social Functions Requests, Workshop Proposals & Distinguished Lecture Nominations Due

Sept 5 – Oct 21, 2011
Assign Abstract Reviewers

Sept 5 – Nov 11, 2011
Abstract Review Process Open

Nov 2011
PIC Chair Meeting

Nov 11, 2011
Abstract Reassignment (to another Division) Deadline

Dec 2, 2011
Session Approvals Sent to Program Chairs

Dec 2, 2011
Abstract Accept or Reject Decisions Deadline

Dec 5, 2011 – Jan 6, 2012
Draft Paper Submission Process Open

Jan 2, 2012
Workshops, Business and Social Events Location, Title, Description and Ticketed Information Due

Jan 9 – Feb 17, 2012
Draft Paper Review Process Open

Jan 2012
Registration and Housing Open for All Attendees

Feb 24, 2012
Draft Paper Decision Deadline

Feb 24 – March 9, 2012
Final Paper Submission Process Open

March 9, 2012
Deadline for final Division Social Event Details, Final Workshop Details and Final Distinguished Lecture Details .
Includes, AV Special Requests, Food & Beverage Menu Selections, for all sessions

March 9-16, 2012
Paper “Accepted Pending Changes” Final Upload Phase Open

March 23, 2012
Paper “Accepted Pending Changes Decision Deadline

March 30, 2012
Author Registration Deadline
Proceedings Fees & Copyright Transfer Due
Best Paper Nominations Due

April 8, 2012
Final Technical Session Program Details Deadline: Session, Moderator and Speaker Information Final – no session changes accepted after this date for any activities. All accepted papers must be assigned to sessions by this date. Session Cancellation Deadline – all sessions not cancelled after these dates are final

July 2012
2013 Call for Papers posted on Web