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What is the difference between I-Corps™ for Learning and the National Science Foundation's I-Corps™?

I-Corps™ for Learning is based on the NSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) program. While I-Corps™ is focused on advancement of science and technology innovations and transition of these projects to market place, I-Corps™ for Learning is specific to teaching and learning innovations and bringing of such technologies/practices to scale. 

Do we need a previous grant from NSF to qualify for the I-Corps™ L?

Yes. To be eligible to pursue funding, applicants must have received a  prior award from  NSF (in STEM education field relevant to the proposed innovation) that is currently active or that has been active within five years from the date of the proposal submission. Consideration will be given to projects that address K-12, undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral  research, as well as learning in informal science  education  environments. The lineage of the prior award extends to the PI, Co-PIs, Senior Personnel, Postdoctoral Researchers, Professional Staff or others who were supported under the award.

Does the entire team have to attend the on-site training sessions & participate in the online sessions once a week?

Yes, all members of the team need to be involved in the entire process, including both onsite programs and the online sessions.

Will I receive financial support for participating in the I-Corps™ L program?

Yes. If you are selected, your team will receive $50,000 to participate.