Section & Zones

ASEE divides its membership into four geographic Zones.

These Zones provide a formal organization structure to promote, encourage and facilitate the various activities of ASEE at the local level. Zones also provide a means of direct member representation to the Board of Directors. Zone Chairs are elected every two years by members of their appropriate Sections. Three geographic Sections comprise each Zone. Individual members in the United States and Canada are automatically members of their appropriate Section (and Zone) at no additional cost.

ASEE's 12 geographic Sections offer members opportunities for networking and professional development.

Section activities allow individuals to participate in professional activities at the local level, and offer a chance to form regional networks of educators with common interests and goals. Section activities include conducting bi-annual local meetings; conducting workshops, effective teaching institutes, and other professional development activities for faculty members and administrators, sponsoring awards for professional excellence; and issuing newsletters.

Section & Zones Operating Manual PDF

Section & Zones - Annual Report Form PDF

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Sections and Zones Map

Map of ASEE Zones and Sections

Zone I

North East Officers / Bylaws /  Website
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Canada (postal codes beginning with A, B, C and E)

St. Lawrence Officers /  Bylaws /  Constitution /  Website
New York (except those zip code prefixes listed under the Middle Atlantic Section) and Canada (postal codes beginning with G, H, J, K, L, M and N)

Middle Atlantic Officers /  Bylaws /  Proceedings /  Website
Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York (zip code prefixes 005, 090, through 119, and 124 through 127), Pennsylvania (except those zip code prefixes listed under the North Central Section), and Washington, D.C.

Zone II

Southeastern Officers /  Bylaws /  Constitution /  Website /  Proceedings
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia

North Central Officers /  Bylaws /  Constitution /  Website /  Proceedings
Michigan, except the Upper Peninsula, Ohio, Pennsylvania (zip code prefixes 150 through 154, 156, 160 through 165) and West Virginia

Illinois-Indiana Officers /  Bylaws /  Constitution /  Website /  Proceedings
Illinois and Indiana

Zone III

Midwest Officers /  Bylaws /  Website /  Proceedings
Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma

North Midwest Officers /  Bylaws /  Website /  Proceedings
Iowa, Michigan Upper Peninsula, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota (zip code prefixes 570 through 574), Wisconsin and Canada (all of Manitoba plus Ontario postal codes beginning with P and R)

Gulf Southwest Officers /  Bylaws /  Website /  Proceedings
Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas 

Zone IV

Pacific Northwest Officers /  Bylaws /  Website
Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Canada (Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan)

Pacific Southwest Officers /  Bylaws /  Website /  Proceedings
Arizona, California, Hawaii and Nevada

Rocky Mountain Officers /  Bylaws
Colorado, South Dakota (zip code prefixes 575 through 577), Utah and Wyoming