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picture Engineering College Profiles & Statistics Book

ASEE publishes the leading data on engineering colleges in the United States including both individual college statistics and national trends. This data is published annually in the Profiles of Engineering Colleges book sent to all ASEE deans and available online.

Online Profiles

This directory provides detailed profiles of U.S. and Canadian schools offering undergraduate and graduate engineering, as well as engineering technology programs with the intent of preparing prospective students for their future education in engineering. The descriptions of institutions represented in this directory allow students to compare schools using a range of characteristics from location and degrees offered to student appointments and research expenditures.

Information was furnished by institutions that responded to ASEE's annual survey. Before deciding upon an institution for study, students should contact the appropriate offices and consult the degree program catalogs at each institution to verify information. Questions about information provided should be addressed to the respective institutions.

2013 ASEE Profiles of Engineering and Engineering Technology Colleges


This 540-page book provides many graphs, charts and tables detailing the state of engineering education today. The book also provides a listing for all college enrollments, degrees awarded, faculty and research expenditures at the undergraduate and graduate levels for engineering and undergraduate level for engineering technology. 2013; 540 pages.

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Participating Programs

Alphabetical index of degree programs in Graduate Engineering, Undergraduate Engineering, and Engineering Technology offered by participating schools. All links below are PDF documents requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Undergraduate Engineering Graduate Engineering Engineering Technology
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Data Mining Tool

The ASEE Data Mining Tool is a query and report-writing tool for deans of engineering and engineering technology colleges who annually contribute data to ASEE's survey. If your school contributed data, but does not have access to this system, please contact Brian Yoder at 202-331-3535 or Corporate Members of ASEE also receive access to this program as part of their membership privileges.

Survey of Engineering & ET Colleges

All participating schools must have at least one four-year, ABET-accredited engineering program. Data collected through the survey is published in the online profiles and annual Profiles of Engineering and Engineering Technology Colleges book. Data collection will conclude on December 31, 2015. Please contact Brian Yoder with any questions at or 202-331-3535.