Computers in Education Journal

The Computers in Education Division (CoED) is a division of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). The purpose of ASEE is the advancement of education in all of its functions that pertain to engineering and allied branches of science and technology, including the process of teaching and learning, counseling, research, extension services, and public relations.

The purposes of CoED are identical to those of ASEE, but with special emphasis on the following:

  • To provide a medium of exchange for innovative concepts and experience-proven applications of computers and computational methods and devices in education.
  • To develop, test, and publish research processed curricula for computer instruction for student and teacher development at all educational levels.
  • To contribute to the general knowledge of its membership in the areas of computation.
  • To broaden, where beneficial, the uses of computational technologies by educators, students, and educational institutions.

The Computers in Education Journal is published by the Northeast Consortium for Engineering Education on behalf of the Computers in Education Division of the American Society for Engineering Education.

The Computers in Education Journal serves engineering, mathematics, and science faculties who wish to improve the quality of instruction through the use of computers. The Journal assumes no responsibility for the statements and opinions advanced by contributors. The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent positions of CoED or the publisher.

Full text of the Computers in Education Journal is available on-line to CoED members, upon entry of their ASEE member numbers.

The Computers in Education Division (CoED) of ASEE currently has two main avenues of endeavor: the Computers in Education Journal and the CoED sessions at the ASEE Annual Conference. Both of these avenues of service to CoED members and the profession are dependent upon volunteer effort.

The Computers in Education Journal is a peer-reviewed publication. All papers submitted are reviewed in detail by senior faculty volunteers before acceptance for publication. Volunteers perform editorial functions and final proof-reading after authors have proof-read the galleys of their papers. The Computers in Education Journal is financially self-supporting through page charges by authors, subscriptions by organizations/libraries/individuals, and the $7.00 annual CoED membership dues through ASEE. The Computers in Education Journal is published quarterly.

CoED sessions at the ASEE Annual Conference are organized by the CoED Program Chairman with emphasis in topical areas of interest to CoED members. CoED sessions are advertised and promoted by CoED in its Newsletter and by ASEE in its Annual Conference publications and mailings.

Computers in Education Journal papers were once derived totally from papers presented at the CoED sessions of the ASEE Annual conference. That source of Computers in Education Journal papers is now about one-fourth of the total papers published, but all papers presented in the CoED sessions of the ASEE Annual Conference are considered as pro forma submissions to the Computers in Education Journal and go through the peer review process. About twenty conference papers are published in the CoED Journal each year.

CoED also published a quarterly newsletter and presents annual awards for outstanding papers published in the Journal, and outstanding papers presented at the Annual Conference.

CoED members who volunteer services to the profession through CoED endeavors appreciate your support and encouragement as they strive to make the CoED endeavors enhance the professional life of educators.

Computers in Education Journal
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Port Royal, VA 22535
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Officers and Directors

Division Chair Dr. James E. Lewis
Program Chair/Chair-Elect Dr. John R. Baker
Editor Dr. Carlotta A Berry
Past Chair Dr. John K. Estell
Program Chair-Elect Dr. Walter W. Schilling, Jr.
Secretary/Treasurer Dr. Tamara E. Rogers
Director at Large Dr. John K. Estell
Director at Large Dr. Cameron Wright
Director at Large Dr. Jerry Hamann
Director at Large Dr. Mahnas Jean Mohammadi-Aragh
Director at Large Dr. David Whitman
Managing Director Woody Everett  

Journal Technical Editor Board

Carlotta Berry, President
Steve Barrett
Ken Knowles
Saeid Moslehpour
George Piper
Fred Simons
Emin Yilmaz

Full Text of CoED Papers - CoED Division Members Only

Volume XII
Number 3 July - September 2002
Number 4 October - December 2002

Volume XIII
Number 1 January - March 2003
Number 2 April - June 2003
Number 3 July - September 2003
Number 4 October - December 2003

Volume XIV
Number 1 January - March 2004
Number 2 April - June 2004
Number 3 July - September 2004
Number 4 October - December 2004

Volume XV
Number 1 January - March 2005
Number 2 April - June 2005
Number 3 July - September 2005
Number 4 October - December 2005

Volume XVI
Number 1 January - March 2006
Number 2 April - June 2006
Number 3 July - September 2006
Number 4 October - December 2006

Volume XVII
Number 1 January - March 2007
Number 2 April - June 2007
Number 3 July - September 2007
Number 4 October - December 2007

Volume XVIII
Number 1 January - March 2008
Number 2 April - June 2008
Number 3 July - September 2008
Number 4 October - December 2008

Number 1 January - March 2009
Number 2 April - June 2009
Number 3 July - September 2009
Number 4 October - December 2009

Volume XX
Number 1 January - March 2010
Number 2 April - June 2010
Number 3 July - September 2010
Number 4 October - December 2010

Volume XXI
Number 1 January - March 2011
Number 2 April - June 2011
Number 3 July - September 2011
Number 4 October - December 2011

Volume XXII
Number 1 January - March 2012
Number 2 April - June 2012
Number 3 July - September 2012
Number 4 October - December 2012

Volume XXIII
Number 1 January - March 2013
Number 2 April - June 2013
Number 3 July - September 2013
Number 4 October - December 2013

Volume XXIV
Number 1 January - March 2014
Number 2 April - June 2014
Number 3 July - September 2014
Number 4 October - December 2014

Information for Authors

The Computers in Education Journal contains papers that are relevant to analog, hybrid and digital computation in education. The educational value of papers published in the Computers in Education Journal take precedence over their originality or technical subtlety. Usefulness to educators and their students is the principal criterion for suitability. The inclusion of illustrations such as circuit diagrams and computer result curves is recommended.

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts by sending them in duplicate with disks to the Journal or e-mailing them to The review of submitted manuscripts is often completed within two months after receipt. Papers presented at CoED sessions and seminars will be considered de-facto as submitted for publication in the Journal after their presentation and are subject to the same review procedures as other papers.

Manuscripts should be prepared using Windows Microsoft Word with drawings, diagrams, and figures incorporated into the manuscript file. Printer’s proofs of finalized form will be furnished to the author for approval prior to printing. Authors will be requested to pay a nominal page charge upon acceptance of the paper for publication.

For more information, see Detailed Information for Authors(PDF: 36KB)