Ethics Policies and Resources


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ASEE is strongly committed to ethical behavior by its members and stakeholders who participate in our activities and events.

  1. ASEE Personal Behavior Policies Roadmap [Download pdf]
  2. Code of Ethics for Engineering Educators [Download pdf]

    Code of Ethics for Engineering Educators approved by the ASEE Board of Directors on June 16, 2019.

  3. ASEE Volunteer Code of Ethics [Download pdf]

    ASEE Volunteer Code of Ethics approved by the ASEE Board of Directors on June 16, 2019.

  4. ASEE Code of Conduct for Activities and Events [Download pdf]
  5. ASEE Ethics and Member Conduct Complaint Form [Download pdf]
  6. ASEE Policy on Plagiarism and Duplicate Publication [Download pdf]


Leading in Engineering Education

ASEE is active in several projects that look to guide and shape the future of engineering education. A few such activities – with corresponding reports and products, where applicable – are listed below.

Transforming Undergraduate Education in Engineering

With support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) has launched a series of meetings to develop a new strategy for undergraduate engineering education that meets the needs of industry in the 21st century. Learn more and read reports here

Envisioning the Future of the Maker Movement

This workshop sought to forge connections across the Maker Movement, envision the future of Making for engineering and education communities, and identify how Makerspaces can be designed to foster inclusiveness and broaden participation in the movement. Read the workshop report.

  • Workshop report, February 2013: Transitioning Veterans Into Engineering Related Careers, Meeting 1
  • Summit report, May 2014: Transitioning Veterans into Engineering Related Careers, Meeting 2
  • Next steps report, November 2014: Summary of the two meetings and outlining a path forward
Diversity Workshops
NSF's STEP Meeting

NSF’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Talent Expansion Program "STEP" 2013 Grantees Meeting, hosted by ASEE.  Videos here



Other Resources