Our Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, and Objectives

Our Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, and Objectives

Statements below approved by the ASEE Board of Directors on February 2, 2020.

Our Vision

Excellent and broadly accessible education empowering students and engineering professionals to create a better world.

Our Mission

ASEE advances innovation, excellence, and access at all levels of education for the engineering profession.

Our Values

Excellence, engagement, innovation, integrity, diversity and inclusion.

Our Goals

ASEE recognizes the term “engineering education” to encompass the full academic spectrum of instruction, research, scholarship, practice, and service.  ASEE also has an enduring commitment to continuous improvement.
In the context of the above two statements, ASEE pursues the following goals:
  • Innovation - ASEE will advance the development of innovative approaches and solutions to engineering education.
  • Excellence - ASEE will advance excellence in all aspects of engineering education while continuously improving the member experience.
  • Access - ASEE will advocate for equal access to engineering educational opportunities for all.
  • Advocacy and Public Policy - ASEE will be the leading advocate for advancing the broad interests of engineering education.
  • Communities - ASEE will cultivate an inclusive community that engages all members and values the contributions of all stakeholders.
  • Communication - ASEE will implement a robust and transparent communication strategy effectively linking all stakeholders.
  • Diversity and Inclusion - ASEE will promote diversity, broadly defined, by modeling equity and inclusion through its policies and practices.
  • Internal Organization - ASEE will be a strategic and dynamic organization, with a knowledgeable and responsive staff, that enhances stakeholder engagement.
  • Financial Stability - ASEE must carefully balance opportunities for investments in activities and programs to meet future needs with our current responsibilities, developing and maintaining a robust cash reserve, and ensuring that expenditures align with the organization's mission. 

Our Objectives

These objectives for the 2018-2023 Society Years were developed by the Board of Directors. 

Communities & Communications:
ASEE will expand its membership base, promote member engagement, celebrate the rich diversity and breadth of our membership, gather member input, serve member needs, and connect members to each other and the broader communities of stakeholders. ASEE will make informed decisions and disseminate information in a transparent and open manner.

Innovation & Excellence:
ASEE will strengthen our technological and programmatic infrastructure to advance innovation and excellence in teaching, scholarship, research, and service.  ASEE will foster the highest level of ethical behavior by all members and staff.

Access, Diversity, & Inclusion:
ASEE will catalyze open and thoughtful dialogue to identify and acknowledge underserved constituencies and advocate for their enhanced participation, inclusion, and success. ASEE will promote promising practices of inclusiveness and model public accountability.

Advocacy & Public Policy:
ASEE will inform our members and society-at-large of engineering education issues affecting their lives, study, and work, supporting the Society’s advocacy and members’ engagement of policymakers at all levels.

Financial Sustainability & Internal Organization:
ASEE will continue to develop responsible fiscal policies and exercise the financial discipline and managerial excellence necessary to meet the needs of its members, now and in the future.