Student Chapters

The first ASEE Student Chapter was founded in 1993 at Purdue University under the leadership of Dr. Jim Jones. Since its inception, many universities have followed with recent booms marked by the formation of the Student Division in 2007. Student chapters are now guided and supported by the division. The executive council works with graduate and undergraduate students to help start new chapters, support current chapters, and revive those chapters that have gone dormant. The united goal between the Student Division and its ASEE Student Chapters is to recognize institutions seriously involved in engineering education and to provide students with an avenue into the engineering education community.

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The general mission of the chapters is

  • To develop relationships with local schools (K-12) and aid them in fostering student interest in future careers and study in engineering and engineering technology,
  • To encourage engineering undergraduate students to continue their studies on the graduate level,
  • To increase the interest of engineering graduate students in careers in engineering education,
  • To assist and encourage minorities and women to study and seek careers in the fields of engineering and engineering technology,
  • To promote scholarships, fellowships, and post-doctoral opportunities for ASEE student members, and
  • To provide opportunities for students to gain insight into academic careers and teaching practices.
Each chapter works toward the goals listed above through a variety of activities that include, but are not limited to, newsletters, seminars, workshops, and conferences.

For information on starting a chapter, please review the ASEE Student Chapter Start-Up Guide.

ASEE Student Chapter Sample Constitution
How to Start a Student Chapter