ASEE is THE professional society for U.S. engineering educators and administrators. ASEE events, publications and web sites are terrific vehicles to reach ASEE members: 9,000 individuals, 450 colleges and 120 corporations. Partnering with ASEE provides your organization with cost-effective, value-added opportunities to:

  • PROMOTE YOUR BRAND – Create brand awareness and build brand loyalty among a targeted audience of engineering educators and administrators, including over 200 Deans.
  • DRIVE SALES REVENUE – Gather new leads, build relationships with prospects and cultivate current customers at ASEE events
  • AUGMENT YOUR RECRUITING EFFORTS – Cultivating relationships with our members is a great way to have a competitive advantage when you’re recruiting their best and brightest engineering graduates.
  • DISPLAY CORPORATE LEADERSHIP - Highlight your commitment to furthering excellence in engineering and engineering technology education.

ASEE has a wide range of opportunities for sponsorship through ASEE HQ and conference in a box meetings. To view options for each meeting, please visit the links below: 

2023 ASEE Annual Conference

2023 Collaborative Network for Engineering and Computing Diversity (CoNECD)

2023 Engineering Dean Institute (EDI)

For more information on ASEE partner marketing opportunities, please contact ASEE's Director of Event Sales at 202-649-3838 or marketing@asee.org

ASEE Partners

An advantage of being an ASEE Partner is having your company prominently featured on the ASEE website homepage, reaching thousands every day. You will also be able to select great representation and exhibit space at ASEE meetings, conferences and events, participate in our corporate member council, secure advertising with ASEE publications, and much more. ASEE has multiple levels of recognition for our valued sponsors:  

  • ASEE Champion Partner $75,000+  
  • Premier Corporate Partner $50,000-$74,999  
  • Corporate Contributing Partner $25,000-$49,999 
  • Corporate Supporter $7,500-$24,999
  • Other Sponsor 
  • Partners

ASEE Champion Partner

Champion Corporate Partners are our biggest financial supports through sponsorships and donations over $75,000.

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ASEE Premier Corporate Partner

As a Premier Corporate Partner, you have numerous opportunities to engage the engineering education community. Premier Corporate Partners sponsor ASEE activities and conferences at $50,000 and above.

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ASEE Contributing Partners

ASEE Contributing Partners are our generous supports of $25,000 and above.

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ASEE Supporters

ASEE supporters are sponsors, collaborators and donors at $7,500 and above. Contributions from these entities help ASEE meet the needs of our members and the engineering education community.

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Other Sponsors

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ASEE’s partners have made financial and/or in-kind donations and are highly valued partners. They are instrumental to our successful execution of projects and events.

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