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Sections and Zones

Sections and Zones

ASEE divides its membership into four geographic Zones.

These Zones provide a formal organization structure to promote, encourage and facilitate the various activities of ASEE at the local level. Zones also provide a means of direct member representation to the Board of Directors. Zone Chairs are elected every two years by members of their appropriate Sections. Three geographic Sections comprise each Zone. Individual members in the United States and Canada are automatically members of their appropriate Section (and Zone) at no additional cost.

ASEE's 12 geographic Sections offer members opportunities for networking and professional development.

Section activities allow individuals to participate in professional activities at the local level, and offer a chance to form regional networks of educators with common interests and goals. Section activities include conducting bi-annual local meetings; conducting workshops, effective teaching institutes, and other professional development activities for faculty members and administrators, sponsoring awards for professional excellence; and issuing newsletters.

Section & Zone Meetings 

Section & Zone Operating Manual PDF

Section & Zone - Annual Report Form PDF

New Officer Orientation Presentation PDF

New Officer Reference Document PDF

Planning a Section meeting (draft document) PDF

Sections and Zones Map

Map of ASEE Zones and Sections