ASEE Accreditation Activities Committee

ASEE Accreditation Activities Committee


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ASEE Accreditation Activities Committee (ASEE/AAC) is responsible for selecting program evaluators for the following ABET-accredited engineering and engineering technology programs:


  • Engineering Technology (without modifiers)
  • Engineering, General Engineering, Engineering Science, and Engineering Physics
  • Similarly named programs


ASEE Members, especially faculty members in multidisciplinary programs such as those listed in the previous section, are encouraged to nominate people they believe would be outstanding program evaluators. Nomination is easy -- simply suggest to the individuals that they apply and guide them to the application site here.

Application Form & Instructions

The ASEE Accreditation Activities Committee seeks applications from well qualified engineers and engineering technologists in industry, government, and academia to serve as program evaluators on ABET teams. ASEE is the "Lead Society" for programs with titles like Engineering, Engineering Science, Engineering Physics, General Engineering, and Engineering Technology. ASEE selects qualified persons to be program evaluators, and recommends them to ABET teams.

If you meet the qualifications below, and are interested in serving the profession in this professionally rewarding manner, please follow the link shown below to the ABET web site where the application is to be submitted. The deadline for the 2018-2019 cycle is 31 December, 2018. Applications received after this date will be carried over to the following year. Applicants will be informed of the ASEE action by February 28, 2019.

Thank you for considering this opportunity. If you have questions, please contact the Chair of the ASEE Accreditation Activities Committee, Thomas Conry.

The application is available here. Please be sure to check ASEE as the society for which you are applying. If a person checks more than one society, each reviews the application independently.

ASEE Program Evaluator Qualifications

ASEE is the lead society for programs having titles including Engineering, General Engineering, Engineering Science, Engineering Physics, and Engineering Technology. These qualifications supplement the general ABET qualifications. The nominee or applicant to be an ASEE Program Evaluator, ETAC or EAC, must:

  • Be a member or fellow of the ASEE, except that an employee of a corporate member of ASEE may be selected as a program evaluator. The President of the ASEE, upon recommendation of the chair of the ASEE/AAC, may waive this requirement in individual cases;
  • Have a minimum of ten (10) years of academic, business, or government experience in engineering or engineering technology;
  • Have appropriate technical competence;
  • Have current familiarity with and an interest in programs for which ASEE is the lead society;
  • Analytical ability, communication skills, and personal maturity commensurate with the requirements of an evaluator’s assignments;
  • Be sensitive to the needs and potentialities of women and minorities with respect to engineering and engineering technology education and the associated professions;
  • Have formal education to the master’s degree level or the Ph.D. level, or recognized distinction in the practice of engineering and/or engineering technology;
  • Have a stated willingness and ability to accept a six-year appointment as an evaluator and attend ABET required training workshops;
  • Have a stated willingness and ability to conduct visits and all associated activities in accordance with the requirements, established by ABET and the ASEE through the ASEE/AAC, governing accreditation visits, including absence of impeding conflicts of interest, as defined by ABET; and
  • In the case of an academic nominee/applicant, be associated with an engineering or engineering technology program accredited by either the ABET Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) or the ABET Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC).
  • In support of building a pool of reviewers available for a growing number of programs outside the US, the above requirement can be waived by ASEE/AAC for persons based outside the US who will undergo visitor training.
  • Additionally, in support of building a more diverse pool of domestic reviewers, the above requirement can be waived by ASEE/AAC for persons based within the US who will undergo visitor training.

ASEE Board Approved Document 16 June 2005 Revised 25 June 2008

Contact Information

To submit APPLICATIONS, which will be acknowledged, or to request additional information contact:

Thomas Conry, Chair
ASEE Accreditation Activities Committee Chair
e-mail to: