Awards Policy Committee

Awards Policy Committee


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The ASEE Awards Policy Committee is a standing committee reporting to the Board of Directors through the Most Immediate Past President. Its charge is to evaluate on a continuing basis the Society awards program regarding policy on granting of awards, award selection procedures establishment and approval of new awards, review of procedures of notification to awards recipients, examination of appropriate support and endowments for the awards, and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors. Policy concerning the possible termination of awards also should be considered. Further, the Awards Policy Committee reviews and approves the selection of all candidates chosen by the various awards selection committees to receive national and society awards as well as the selection of Fellow Members.

Additionally, this committee has the responsibility of recommending to the Board of Directors candidates for Honorary Membership in the Society in accordance with Section D of the ASEE Bylaws and candidates for the Distinguished and Unusual Service Award, the Donald E. Marlowe Award, and the W. Leighton Collins Award. These are made in accordance with the established policies and procedures for these awards. If a non-member of ASEE is selected by the committee to receive the Distinguished and Unusual Service Award, the candidate shall be approved by a Presidents committee composed of the two immediate past presidents and the president of the Society before being recommended to the Board of Directors.

The committee consists of five members, who include a recent Past President or past Vice President, preferably serving as chair; two for-mer members of the Board of Directors; and two members at large.