Executive Director

Norman Fortenberry

Norman Fortenberry

Executive Director of ASEE

I am honored to serve as executive director of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). ASEE's stakeholders are drawn from academe, industry, government and the nonprofit sector. They share an interest in the preparation and enhancement of high quality and highly effective engineers, engineering technologists and engineering technicians. Our stakeholders recognize that members of the engineering professions engage in leadership and service not only in their own fields but also in other fields where their knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes contribute to the enhancement of human welfare. In a world where "constructed" things include not only machines and buildings, but also pharmaceuticals, financial instruments, and even life forms, ASEE's divisions, councils, sections, zones, and board provide lenses through which to focus our members’ responses to the defining technical, economic, political, and social questions facing our nation and our planet.

The headquarters staff is committed to ensuring the smooth and successful operation of ASEE as a member-driven society with an active and engaged volunteer leadership. We seek to support an ASEE that is financially secure; assists its members' professional development; keeps members well informed; provides outlets for scholarly communication; reflects the institutional and individual diversity within our professions and our nation; provides support through fellowships, scholarships and research opportunities; and contributes to the vitality and robustness of engineering and engineering technology education. Our first and last questions are always, "What does this mean for our members?"

If you are already a member, I hope that you will fully engage in the offerings of ASEE and that you will not hesitate to contact me n.fortenberry@asee.org if you have ideas for changes or improvements. If you are not yet a member, I hope that you will seriously consider joining. ASEE's volunteer leadership, members, and staff are eager to speak with you about the benefits of ASEE membership.