ASEE is Opportunities

I joined ASEE at the beginning of my teaching career and through ASEE publications I learned about NASA Summer Faculty Research Fellowships. After applying I was fortunate enough to spend two summers at Marshall Space Flight Center, and six summers at Dryden Flight Research Center, an experience proving to be very valuable to my research career. - Amanie Abdelmessih 
  • Created the Thermal Engineering Laboratory at her school, personally writing numerous grants for equipment, instruments, computers, and software
  • Obtained grants to create unique, hands-on learning opportunities for ME students
  • 2009 Distinguished Engineering Educator Award by the National Society of Women Engineers

ASEE is Innovative Methods

With technology so omnipresent, creating dynamic teaching methods is critical to training the millennial engineer. ASEE provides a network of educators and facilitates conversation in a community dedicated to sharing innovative ideas in engineering pedagogy. Advances in Engineering Education, with its commitment to disseminating “creative uses of multimedia,” is just one way ASEE enhances my professional development - Lauren Anderson
  • Mentored nine students in seventeen semester-long individualized learning experiences
  • Played major role in establishing state-of-the-art facility for teaching and research in molecular bioengineering
  • Developed two new interdisciplinary courses in the life sciences, open to both engineers and non-scientists

ASEE is Networking

I have made excellent professional connections through ASEE, the only engineering education society where you can meet people from research universities, four year colleges, and community colleges. Its membership provides a great value for small annual dues. - Ramesh Agarwal
  • Introduced service learning and sustainability in undergraduate courses in fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, and renewable energy
  • Mentored high school, undergraduate, and graduate students who are now leaders in industry and academia in the US and abroad
  • I'm a published author, having indulged in writing poetry and short stories

ASEE is Resources

I have been a member since the day I started my first academic position. ASEE provides me opportunities to network with like-minded peers, workshops at the conferences, updates on the latest news in engineering via newsletters and Prism…and more. As a dean, I encourage my assistant professors to join because I want them to be good teachers and mentors for our students. - Sharon Jones
  • ABET Program Evaluator
  • National Society of Professional Engineers, Professional Engineers in Higher Education and Sustaining University Program's Engineering Education Excellence, 2007
  • Co-PI, NSF S-STEM Leadership Scholars Program in Engineering and Computer Science, 2010-2015

ASEE is Effecting Change

ASEE gave me early perspective on how others were achieving the goals I had–to effect change in recruiting and educating our next generation of engineers. I am part of a community that helps me hone research skills and develop new ideas and interests. I present my work, meet new collaborators, and receive valuable feedback. - Lisa Benson
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  • CAREER Award recipient for student motivation and learning in engineering
  • Established the Certificate in Engineering and Science Education program at Clemson
  • I have played the carillon in the bell tower at Clemson University for the past 10 years

ASEE is Improving Teaching

From a community college, ASEE is my main professional organization. The conferences and ASEE colleagues are major sources of inspiration and fresh ideas in continually improving my teaching. - Amelito Enriquez
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  • Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring, presented by President Obama in 2011
  • Developed the Summer Engineering Teaching Institute and a collaboration to align community college engineering transfer curriculum
  • League of California Out-Of-The-Box Thinkers Award for rebuilding Cañada's engineering program

ASEE is Collaboration

ASEE is important because of the connections I've made - I've met my closest collaborators at ASEE meetings. ASEE keeps me in touch with what's happening and helps me translate new findings into concrete ideas, and the LED/LEES division gives me freedom to start new conversations and float new ideas, leading to further publications. - Donna Riley
  • Founding Faculty Member, Picker Engineering Program, Smith College, nation's first engineering program at a women's college
  • 2010 GLBT Educator of the Year-National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists & Technical Professionals
  • Avid runner, knitter, and hiker

ASEE is Research Partnerships

A few conversations at ASEE's annual conference can give you new ideas and/or generate new partnerships for research. The opportunity to present your research on innovations in the classroom opens the door to feedback to generate new ideas. The networking, professional connections, and friendships you develop through ASEE make this profession the best it can be. - Ken Reid
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  • Designed and implemented a unique undergraduate engineering education degree, focused on introducing teachers into K-12
  • Leads student groups on Dominican service projects
  • Designed a multidisciplinary, project-based first-year engineering program

ASEE is Quality Publications

Through ASEE I present papers and serve as a leader in my section, currently as chair. Conferences provide me with wonderful opportunities to interact and collaborate with other professionals, providing new ideas to improve and transform engineering education. Prism and the Journal of Engineering Education are good resources for any engineering educator. - Navarun Gupta
  • Research interests lie in signal processing – particularly its applications to acoustics and bio signals
  • I and my graduate students conduct computer training classes at a local elementary school; recently I have been conducting a bridge-building workshop there for students from grades 4-8

ASEE is Valuing Teaching

At research institutions, teaching can be overshadowed and under-appreciated. ASEE reminds me that classroom work is important and many scholars value it as much as I do. I enjoy feeling like part of a broad community of teachers, all striving to have impact. I feel inspired by others in ASEE when I see such great activity taking place, giving me new energy to try new things of my own. - Amy Cohn
  • Named Thurnau Professor, U-Michigan’s highest award for undergraduate teaching
  • Institute of Industrial Engineers Operations Research Teaching Award, 2010
  • Proud mother of Tommy and Peter: the only thing harder than--and more rewarding than--teaching is parenting!

ASEE is Transforming Education

ASEE's conference allows me to connect with current collaborators and meet new colleagues. In addition to catching up on innovative curricular work, it's also a great forum to share ideas to help transform engineering education for the next generation of students. Interactions at the conference help generate new ideas to enhance my teaching, and inform my thinking about new directions for research. - Ann McKenna
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  • Awarded ASEE best paper award twice (1998,2011)
  • Associate editor of the Journal of Engineering Education
  • Lived in Japan for two years to train karate (and started own karate school in the US during grad school)

ASEE is Managing Competing Priorities

ASEE helps me maintain balance between research and teaching. Professors have the most impact when they take advantage of the symbiotic existence of teaching and research. Whether through networking at the conference or reading publications, ASEE reminds me of the importance of the educational component of this career and that there is an entire community of professors juggling the same challenges that I am. - Brock LaMeres
  • PI on several grants on the student learning experience
  • Recipient of the 2011 MSU President’s Excellence in Teaching Award and the 2010 MSU College of Engineering Excellence in Teaching Award
  • I have completed two marathons

ASEE is Innovations

Of the extensive network of educators to mentor me or contribute to the development of engineering programs in which I teach, all are ASEE members, each of whom I met through the annual conference. ASEE has been the springboard for many innovations I have been a part of and, in short, is my lifeline to the greater world of engineering education. - Ron Ulseth
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  • Won 2012 Progress Minnesota award for entrepreneurialism, innovation, and impacts on the state of Minnesota as an engineering educator
  • Creator and director of Iron Range Engineering, a 100% project based learning curriculum
  • Twenty-five-year career in US Navy Reserves

ASEE is Professional Performance

ASEE helps me stay grounded when balancing teaching with technical research, funding, and publications and I always bring back from the conference ideas to improve my own teaching. Talking with professors from so many other schools is invaluable, and my ASEE activities and connections help me learn to be more effective in the classroom, perform better educational research, and produce more sought-after publications. - Cameron Wright
  • Ret. Air Force officer-nearly 30 years military experience
  • University of Wyoming Mortar Board “Top Prof” award (twice) and the Outstanding Teaching Award, ASEE Rocky Mountain Section in 2007
  • Guitar, harmonica, and vocals in numerous bands since 1969 and cut an album in England in 1974

ASEE is Better Engineers

ASEE membership demonstrates commitment to the perfection of skills and techniques to develop the next generation of engineers. Faculty become consumed by research requirements and ASEE allows us to help balance our commitments. By becoming better educators, we ultimately produce better students who will become better engineers. ASEE allows for exchanges of ideas on techniques…not just on technical merit. - Ken Allen
  • 19-year Army Officer with experience as UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter commander and Army Nuclear Counterproliferation Officer
  • Completion of the United States Military Academy’s Master Teaching Program in 2006
  • USA Triathlon All-American honorable mention in 2012

ASEE is New Ideas

ASEE keeps me in touch with the importance of education in everything I do. Teaching is a constant source of new ideas in my research and keeps me close to what brought me to engineering in the first place: a love of music and science fiction. Each of us in ASEE has a personal motivation, but we share a common devotion to the art of education. - George Stetten
  • 1982 Programmed the first computer onboard Deep Submersible Alvin
  • 1994 Ran the first wireless laptop classroom
  • 1999 Invented Sonic Flashlight medical guidance device
  • 2012 Founded the University of Pittsburgh Music Engineering Laboratory