Important Deadlines!

Registration and Housing are now open!

Poster Session Handouts

Date Assigned to Activity
September 1 Authors Abstract submissions open
September 1 Program Chairs
October 19th Authors Abstract submission deadline
October 19th Program Chairs Session requests open (business meeting and social functions only)
November 2nd Program Chairs
  • Workshop requests deadline
  • Distinguished lecture applications deadline
  • Session request deadline
  • Abstract transfer to another Division
November 2nd Reviewers Abstract review deadline
November 9th Program Chairs Abstract accept/reject deadline
November 18th PICS PIC meeting
November 25th ASEE Staff Notification of session approval to Program Chairs
December 21st Program Chairs Session ticket information and pricing deadline
January 4th All Housing and Registration open
February 1st Authors Draft paper submission deadline
February 29th Reviewers Draft paper review deadline
March 7th Program Chairs Deadline for consolidated review requests to Authors
March 21st Authors Deadline to upload requested revisions to blind draft
March 28th Program Chairs Deadline to complete blind draft accept/reject notification to Authors
April 4th Authors Author registration deadline (papers without a registered Author after this date will be withdrawn)
April 4th Program Chairs Paper transfer deadline
May 2nd Authors
  • Upload final papers - all blind indicators removed
  • Accept copyright deadline
  • Select who is presenting
  • All bios and author information final
May 9th Workshop Organizers and Program Chairs
  • Finalize session and amenities deadline
  • Deadline to cancel Workshops and/or Sessions without penalty
  • Deadline to indicate Division participation in Mixer
  • Deadline for all Program Chairs to hit 'DONE'
July 27th 2017 Program Chairs Call for Papers 2017 ASEE Annual Conference
All deadlines occur at Midnight, Eastern Standard Time on the days listed