Workshop Application Terms & Conditions

  1. All applications are subject to review by the PIC Chairs in November. ASEE will notify organizers whether their workshop has been accepted or rejected after the PIC Chair meeting.
  2. Workshops must be subsidized either through ticket revenue, sponsorship or other means. These means must be clearly identified during the application process.
  3. All workshops will be ticketed through ASEE to track attendance. If your workshop is sponsored or will be subsidized by other means, assign a $0 ticket value. Ticketed information including title, description, location and amount is due with the Application.
  4. ASEE assesses a workshop fee of $150.00 per session. This fee is applied to all onsite and offsite workshops and is non-refundable.
  5. All workshops will take place on Sunday at the Convention Center. Dates and Times are not flexible.
  6. All workshop requirements, complete speakers names, F&B requests, a/v requests etc., must be included with the application or the Workshop will not be considered.
  7. No changes or additional requests of any type will be accepted after May 7, 2018. This includes, but is not limited to: time, location, title, description, a/v, food and beverage, etc.
  8. You will have until May 7, 2018 to cancel this event due to lack of attendance. After May 7 , the workshop is confirmed and any revenue shortfall will be the responsibility of the workshop organizer.
  9. All workshops will be set Theater style, (rows chairs, no tables). Special sets will require a $500 fee.
  10. Internet and Food and Beverage are not provided for the Sunday workshops and are an additional cost.
  11. An LCD projector, screen, AV table, podium, and mic are included in each room. Additional AV equipment is available for a fee.
  12. Laptop computers are not provided for the Sunday workshops and are the responsibility of the presenter.
  13. Handouts are the responsibility of the presenter. ASEE does not create, reproduce or distribute handouts.

If Your Workshop is Accepted

  1. Workshop organizers can get access to their sessions by logging into and clicking on Manage Sessions in the 2018 section of Upcoming Conferences.
  2. From there you can update titles, descriptions, speaker info, etc. request a special set, additional AV or order F&B.
  3. Assigned dates, times and meeting room locations are not flexible.
  4. All workshop organizers must be registered for the annual conference in order to conduct their workshop on site.
  5. All estimated fees and costs are due at least 3 weeks before the conference. You will be sent an invoice which you can pay on line, if you prefer
  6. Internet is not provided in the meeting room and is an additional cost. If only the workshop organizer needs access to the internet, we suggest using your phone's hot spot to save costs.
    1. Cost for Internet for the entire room is listed in the amenities link in your session detail
  7. >If you have any questions or have trouble accessing your session on line, contact us at


  1. >If you have any issues on site with your workshop, you can reach the conference staff and