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University of Wisconsin - Madison-Associate Dean

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University of Wisconsin - Madison-Associate Dean

Position Summary:

The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs reports to the Dean and serves as a member of the Leadership Council of the College of Engineering. The leadership role includes developing and executing strategies to enhance 1. Undergraduate programs especially related to enrollment management, non-academic programs, and the overall undergraduate educational experience, and 2. Graduate programs especially related to graduate student professional development and well-being. As an Associate Dean and member of the Leadership Council, the Associate Dean helps craft and implement the vision and mission for the success of the College of Engineering.

Principal duties:

Reporting to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs are assistant deans for student development, undergraduate affairs, undergraduate student services, and graduate affairs. Overall, this team leads the college's non-academic efforts in support of the instructional mission for both undergraduate and graduate student. This includes:

-Engineering Career Services -
-Undergraduate Learning Center -
-Undergraduate Advising -
-Graduate Student Advising -
-Wellness and well-being -

The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs provides leadership for these programs by establishing strategic direction and setting priorities that align with the academic directives of the Dean, and ensures units effectively carry out duties in a way that best supports the university's initiatives, strategic direction, and academic mission; provides direct supervision of assistant deans and directors and monitors compliance with laws, regulations, university policies and procedures, and relevant contractual

Working with the Dean, Executive Associate Dean, and College of Engineering leadership committees, direct interpret and develop policies impacting academic affairs in the College of Engineering.

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