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Topic Descriptions - Subject to Change 

Deans Forum: Successfully Navigating Your Role

Session Organizers:

This Sunday forum provides an opportunity for relatively new and incoming Deans to engage with more experienced Deans and fellow new Deans.  We will share stories and advice in topic areas including: (1) Cultivating a Healthy Culture & Leading Through Organizational Change; (2) Navigating 360° Relationships; (3) Fundraising; and (4) Maintaining your own Healthy Work/Life Balance.  The session will be designed for robust engagement and opportunities for Q&A.  An optional follow-on mentoring and networking breakfast on Monday will allow additional opportunities to engage.

Exploring the Role of AI in Engineering

Session Organizers:

The first of two sessions on the exploding impact of recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) brings together educators, administrators, technologists, and AI enthusiasts to explore the dynamic intersection of AI within Higher Education, with a special focus on engineering education.  In this engaging session, we will delve into the following key areas: (1) AI in the classroom and engineering curriculum: Discover how AI is reshaping the learning experience, from personalized learning pathways to intelligent tutoring systems; (2) Administrative and pedagogy efficiency: Explore the ways in which AI streamlines administrative processes, from enrollment management to academic advising, fostering greater efficiency and productivity; (3) Ethical Considerations: Delve into the ethical implications and responsible use of AI in Higher Education, ensuring that AI enhances, rather than detracts from, the educational experience.

The companion session explores: (4) Future Trends and Opportunities: Gaining insights into the evolving landscape of AI in education and identifying the emerging opportunities for research, innovation, and collaboration.

This forum offers a platform for meaningful discussions, sharing of best practices, and networking among professionals in the higher education community. It is designed to be highly interactive, with panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and potentially dedicated follow-up meetings during future conferences to encourage further in-depth engagement.

Making the Most of Your Advisory Council

Session Organizers:

Do you think you get the most out of your advisory council or board? In this interactive session, we will discuss different goals and structures of advisory councils, share and develop best practices for successful councils, and envision effective activities for its members.

Data is Power: Strengthening Partnerships with Institutional Research

Session Organizer:

It is important for engineering deans to better understand which local structures influence performance, productivity, diversity and student attrition. To realize potential and improve operational efficiency, engineering leaders must leverage their Offices of Institutional Research (OIR) and explore factors/variables that are not so obvious. This session includes discussions of barriers, strategies, tactics, and resources for building collaborations with the office of institutional research and expanding data-driven decision making.

Strengthening Pathways to Student Success

Session Organizers:

Many of us are continuing to struggle with student retention in engineering programs.  Students are demonstrating learning gaps both as entering students from the K-12 system and also as continuing students having difficulty retaining information from prerequisite courses.  In this session we will share some examples of successful equity-minded initiatives designed to support student retention and academic success. We will also explore new ideas with participants in the audience.

Engaging with National Policy and Politics: Public Policy Colloquium 2024

Session Organizers:

This session is based on presentations and discussions from the 2024 Public Policy Colloquium held in February 2024. The primary focus of the colloquium will be on promoting engineering’s role in the new bioeconomy and the recent policies and regulations related to artificial intelligence. The session will include outcomes from the February 2024 ASEE Congressional visits, and corresponding potential future engagements and initiatives.