2024 Engineering Deans Institute (EDI)

Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, CA
April 14th - 16th, 2024

Registration is now Open! 

Exclusively tailored for engineering deans, ASEE's Engineering Deans Institute (EDI) provides a rare opportunity for these visionary leaders to convene and deliberate on the pivotal challenges facing their academic institutions and the engineering profession at large. Over the course of several days, EDI offers a meticulously crafted program that fosters profound discourse, bringing together engineering deans, industry luminaries, and research and government stakeholders. This symposium sparks transformative dialogues that shape the trajectory of engineering education and practice, while also empowering deans to advocate for the vital role of engineering in society.

 Beyond its intellectual endeavors, EDI serves as a nexus for networking and relationship building. Through informal interactions and shared experiences, lasting connections are forged among deans, industry leaders, and influential figures, transcending institutional boundaries. Sponsored by the ASEE Engineering Deans Council and its Executive Board, EDI not only signifies a platform of professional enrichment but also a dynamic community where the future of engineering education is woven together by collaborative efforts, promising enduring impact on the field.