For Moderator

ASEE Annual Conference Moderator Instructions

Moderator Handbook

You will receive a Moderator request email from the Program Chair of the division

You can accept or reject this email by following the link provided on the email

Once you’ve accepted a moderator request:

  1. Log into
  2. Click on Upcoming Conferences
  3. Click on 2020 ASEE Annual Conference
  4. Click on Moderator Sessions

Once in the Moderator Sessions section you can:

  1. Click on each individual session
  2. See author’s information
  3. Email authors
  4. See papers associated with sessions

Moderator Responsibilities:

  1. To communicate with presenters at least 2 weeks prior to the conference, relaying time limits, equipment limitations, room location and pre-presentation expectations to the speakers.
  2. To familiarize themselves with the pronunciation of the names of their speakers prior to the session.
  3. To arrive at the end of the previous session and ascertain that the AV equipment is functional. If a common computer is mandated, it should be set up with presentations pre-loaded.
  4. To make it clear to the speakers that the session time belongs to the moderator, and that no one is “entitled” to any amount not granted.
  5. To Introduce the speakers/papers
  6. To Keep the authors in order
  7. To enforce time limits with agreed symbols to the presenters, i.e. standing with 1 minute left to go, holding up a placard, etc. All this should be communicated prior to the session start.
  8. To control the asking and answering of questions, with questioners identifying themselves and their affiliation.
  9. To protect student speakers from grandstanding or adversarial questioners.

Reminder that the session moderator is an active participant in the proceedings5. Complete the session evaluation

Technical Issues:

If you are having trouble accessing the moderator link on the web, please contact

Session Issues:

If you have any questions regarding the session content, please contact the program chair directly. The Program Chair contact information is located in the Moderator Session section

On-site Session Evaluation:

1. There is a section in the on-site website where you can rate the sessions that you moderated . You will need to log in to access the link.

On-site Information

  1. Be advised that laptop computers are NOT provided in the meeting rooms. Authors will need to bring their own laptops and their presentations on a flash drive.
  2. We suggest consolidating presentations to one laptop to save time if feasible.
  3. There is a VGA and HDMI connection in the room for computers and laptops. Any other connectors need to be provided by the author.
  4. Internet is NOT provided in the meeting rooms. If internet is required, it must have been ordered in advanced.
    a. We suggest presenters use their cell phone as a hot spot for their presentation if available and/or necessary
  5. If you have any issues on-site, please contact - be advised Kiosk personnel are only available during registration hours.

Paper Management