On-Site Poster Sessions

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ASEE division poster session

Tuesday, June 28 9:45 AM to 11:15 AM
Exhibit hall B & C, Minneapolis convention Center

Board Number Paper Title Authors Division
1Work in Progress:   Use of Student-Produced Educational Videos to Promote Learning and Technical CommunicationSabia Abidi   "Laurel Chen"   "Victoria Kong"   "Aidan McAnena"      Biomedical Engineering Division Poster Session
2Work in Progress:   Utilizing the Problem-Solving Studio approach to facilitate neurophysiology learningSabia Abidi   "Laurel Chen"        Biomedical Engineering Division Poster Session
3Work in Progress:  A novel problem-driven learning laboratory course in which biomedical engineering students conduct experiments of their own design to answer an authentic research questionBalakrishna S. Pai (Director of Instructional Laboratories)   "Ketki Patil (Research Technologist II)"   "Todd M. Fernandez (Lecturer)"   "Paul Benkeser (Senior Associate Chair)"      "Joseph M LeDoux (Executive Director of Learning and Training)"     Biomedical Engineering Division Poster Session
4Work in Progress:  Bingo! Gamification to Promote Course Community, Engagement, and Instructor Rapport in a BME CourseRachel C Childers (Assistant Professor)         Biomedical Engineering Division Poster Session
5Work in Progress:  Developing Health Informatics Competency in Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Students using Active Learning ApproachesUri Feldman   "George D. Ricco (Assistant Professor)"        Biomedical Engineering Division Poster Session
6Work in Progress:  Scaffolding the Design Process for Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Students: Towards a Self-Regulated Design LearningConstanza Miranda (Faculty)   "Elizabeth A Logsdon (Seniors Lecturer  Design Studio Director)"   "Amadea Martino Smith (Researcher)"      Biomedical Engineering Division Poster Session
7Work in Progress: A Clinical Immersion Program to Train Biomedical Engineers to Identify Unmet Health Needs in Urban ClinicsSharon Miller (Clinical Associate Professor)      "Steven Higbee"        Biomedical Engineering Division Poster Session
8Work in Progress: Assessing Biomedical Engineering Student Engagement in Asynchronous and Synchronous Virtual Physiology Laboratory ExperiencesKarly S Franz   "Dawn M Kilkenny"        Biomedical Engineering Division Poster Session
9Work in Progress: Exit Surveys as a Tool for Continuous Improvement in Biomedical Engineering EducationBrittain Sobey (Academic Advising Coordinator)      "Carly Eressy"      "Margo Cousins"       Biomedical Engineering Division Poster Session
10Work in Progress: Fault-Finding in the Statistical Analysis of Scientific Research Papers to Help Reinforce and Improve Training from a Biostatistics course for EngineersBilal Ghosn (Lecturer) (Rice University)         Biomedical Engineering Division Poster Session
11Work in Progress: Practically Present: Developing a novel approach to remote laboratory learning and engagement through LabMateEileen Johnson (Research Associate)      "Karin Jensen"        Biomedical Engineering Division Poster Session
12Work in Progress: Remote Laboratory Delivery with an At-Home Biomechanical Kinematic Data Acquisition MethodAhmed Sayed         Biomedical Engineering Division Poster Session
13Work in Progress: Using Resume Reviews to Explore Skill Sets Valued in Biomedical Engineers by Recruiters in Industry, Healthcare, and AcademiaAnnie Wang   "Cassandra Sue Ellen Jamison"   "Jan Stegemann (Professor and Associate Chair for Master's Programs)"   "Aileen Huang-saad"      Biomedical Engineering Division Poster Session
14Work-in-Progress: Clinical Observation Module to Introduce Biomedical Engineering Students to Health Design Thinking Principles and PracticesThea Pepperl         Biomedical Engineering Division Poster Session
15Work-in-Progress: Development of an Introductory Machine Learning Course in Biomedical EngineeringPatjanaporn Chalacheva (Assistant Teaching Professor)         Biomedical Engineering Division Poster Session
16Can the COVID-19 pandemic boost collaborative online international learning (COIL) in engineering education? – A review for potential implementationsErick Vasquez   "Erick Ramos"        Chemical Engineering Division Poster Session
17Embedding process safety modules within core CHE coursesChris Barr   "Laura Hirshfield (Lecturer)"        Chemical Engineering Division Poster Session
18Teacher Impact on Student Learning Using LC-DLM Implementations in the ClassroomHeidi Curtis   "Jacqueline Gartner (Assistant Professor)"      "Prashanta Dutta (Professor)"   "Olusola Adesope (Professor)"   "Bernard J. Van Wie (Professor)"   "Carah Elyssa Watson"    Chemical Engineering Division Poster Session
19Work-in-Progress: Implementation of a Biomedical Hands-On Learning Tool in Chemical Engineering Courses and Effects on Student Motivational and Conceptual GainsKitana Kaiphanliam   "Bernard J. Van Wie (Professor)"   "Olusola Adesope (Professor)"       Chemical Engineering Division Poster Session
20Augmented and Virtual Reality Resource Infrastructure for Civil Engineering CoursesShinae Jang (Associate Professor in Residence, Director of Undergraduate Studies)   "Pablo Aguero-Barrantes"   "Richard Christenson"       Civil Engineering Division Poster Session
21Construct First, Design Later – Evolution over the past 25 yearsBrad Wambeke (Academy Professor) (United States Air Force Academy)         Civil Engineering Division Poster Session
22Innovative Industry-Related Research Projects for Civil Engineering Undergraduate StudentsMohammad Jonaidi   "Simin Nasseri (Dr)"        Civil Engineering Division Poster Session
23Integrating Ecology and Sustainability into Civil Engineering Design: A Civil Engineering Capstone ProjectXi Wang (Assistant Professor)      "Charles Tucker Cope"        Civil Engineering Division Poster Session
24What Early Career Civil Engineers Wish They Had Done Differently: Lessons For Students and FacultySarah Allison Grajdura   "Kacey Beddoes"        Civil Engineering Division Poster Session
25Work in Progress: Collaborative Environments in Architecture and Civil Engineering Education – Case StudyVanessa Guerra (Assistant Professor)      "Miguelandres Guerra (Professor of Civil Engineering and Architecture)"        Civil Engineering Division Poster Session
26Work in Progress: Supporting Engineering Laboratory Report Writing  with Modules Targeted for InstructorsCharles Riley (Professor) (Oregon Institute of Technology)   "Dave Kim (Professor and Mechanical Engineering Program Coordinator)"      "Ken Lulay (Associate Professor & Chair)"   "John Lynch"      Civil Engineering Division Poster Session
27Work in Progress: A Visualization Aid for Learning Virtual Memory ConceptsJohn Nestor   "Zheping Yin"        Computers in Education Division Poster Session
27ASupporting Applied Technology and Engineering Students in Introductory Digital Logic Courses Using Logisim-Evolution and BasysJeritt Williams, Jaby Mohammed (Assistant Professor) (Illinois State University)
2821st Century Engineering Learning and Teaching: Malaysia Perspective and DirectionSyed Ahmad Helmi Syed Hassan      "Khairiyah Mohd-Yusof"      "CHIN  CHIA YUAN"   "Fatin Aliah Phang"   "Nor Farahwahidah Abdul Rahman"   "Narina A. Samah (Assoc. Prof.)"   "Zaki Yamani Zakaria (Dr )"      "Nurzal Effiyana binti Ghazali"  Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
29A Measure of Problem-Solving Self-Efficacy for Undergraduate Engineering StudentsJacob Marszalek   "Michelle Maher (Professor)"        Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
30An Initial Investigation of Funds of Knowledge for First-Generation and Continuing-Generation Engineering Students in SingaporeShamita V   "Ibrahim H. Yeter (Post Doctoral Researcher)"      "Eileen Fong (Dr)"       Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
31Analysis of Effect of Answering Reflection Prompts in a Computer Organization ClassCheryl Resch   "Benjamin Martin Rheault (Researcher)"   "Amy Wu (Undergraduate Student)"       Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
32Assessing Engineering Students’ Embodied Knowledge of Torsional Loading Through GestureMatthew M Grondin (Research Assistant)      "Michael Swart"      "Fangli Xia"      "Mitchell Nathan"      Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
33Benefits, Drawbacks, and Effects on Retention Rates to a 5 Year, Inclusive, Dual Degree Engineering ProgramJeffrey David Carvell (Assistant Professor of Physics and Engineering)   "Tanja L. Greene (Instructor of Physics and Engineering)"        Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
34Conducting a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Climate Survey of Engineering within a Large Texas UniversityNikhith Kalkunte   "Madiha Qasim"   "Maura Borrego"   "Lindsey McGowen"      Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
35Developing common qualitative tools for cross ERC education program evaluationZhen Zhao   "Megan O'donnell (Research Professional)"   "Wilhelmina C. Savenye (Professor Emeritus) (Arizona State University)"   "Gillian Roehrig (Professor)"   "Michelle Jordan (Assistant Professor)"     Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
36Development of a Survey Instrument for Measuring Affective PathwaysEmma Treadway   "Jessica Swenson"   "Melissa Joan Caserto"       Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
37Exploring engineering students critical consciousness using an ill-structured, project-based learning unit in an engineering mechanics courseDaniel Ivan Castaneda (Assistant Professor)      "Joi Merritt"      "Joel Alejandro Mejia (Dr.)"       Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
38Feedback Matters: Self-and-Peer Assessment Made Better with Instructional InterventionsWanju Huang (Clinical Assistant Professor)      "Ryan Wynkoop"      "Marisa Exter (Dr.)"      "Frederick C Berry (Professor     School of Engineering Technology)"     Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
39From a Mentors Perspective: Discovering Factors that Foster Achievement Motivation in EngineeringAlexandra Lee   "Garam A. Lee"   "John Keane"   "Goun Choi"   "S. Patrick Walton"   "Lisa Linnenbrink-garcia (Professor)"    Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
40Implementing Project Based System Analysis in Introductory Engineering ThermodynamicsJeffrey David Carvell (Assistant Professor of Physics and Engineering)         Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
41Knowledge-Building Approach to Address Societal Grand Challenge in Large-Enrollment Introductory Materials Science and Engineering CourseLotanna Ezeonu   "Wei Li"   "Gail P Baxter (Co-Director CIESE)"       Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
42Lessons learned from designing an effective online course with Community of Inquiry frameworkYilin Feng         Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
43Social Capital During COVID-19: Research Case Studies from U.S. and U.K. ContextsJameka Wiggins   "Amanda C Johnston"   "Kerrie A Douglas (Assistant Professor of Engineering Education)"   "Julie P Martin (Associate Professor) (The Ohio State University)"      Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
44Student Experience is User Experience: Understanding Student Experience through the MPRCJames J. Pembridge (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach)         Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
45Student perceptions of oral exams in undergraduate engineering classes and implications for effective oral exam designSaharnaz Baghdadchi (Teaching Professor)      "Huihui Qi (dupe) (Assistant Teaching Professor)"   "Nathan Delson"   "Alex M Phan"   "Carolyn L Sandoval (Associate Director)"   "Marko Lubarda (Assistant Teaching Professor)"    Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
46Team Tenure - the Longitudinal Study of Engineering Student Peer Rating QualityChuhan Zhou   "Siqing Wei"   "Matthew Ohland"       Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
47The Characteristics of Engineering Learning in Communities of Practice: An Exploratory Multi-case StudyLiang Wang   "Wei Zhang (Institute of Science Technology and Education Policy Zhejiang University)"   "binbin shao"       Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
48Understanding the Effectiveness of Online Engineering Education in the Time of COVID-19Il-Seop Shin   "Eun Go (Dr.)"        Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
49Work In Progress: Beyond Textbook: An Open Educational Resource Platform that Generates Course-Specific E-TextbooksBarney Wei   "RUI ZENG"   "Mingyu Zheng"   "Mohammadreza Karamsoltani"   "Hamid S Timorabadi (Assistant Professor  Teaching Stream)"    Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
50Work in Progress: Faculty Perceptions of Electronic Portfolios as Assessment ToolsBriana M Bouchard (Student Advisor)      "Kristen Wendell"      "Nicole Batrouny"       Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
51Work in Progress: How a Mixed Experience Learning Assistant Seminar Functions as a Community of PracticeIsabella Stuopis (Research Assistant)      "Kristen Wendell"        Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
52Work in Progress: Updating End of Semester Course Evaluations via Backwards Design to Reduce Student BiasAdam St. Jean   "Yanfen Li (Assistant Teaching Professor)"      "Chiara Ghezzi"      "Laura Punnett"      Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
53Work in Progress: Visual Learning and Teaching Aids for Abstract Concepts in Inventory Control towards Better Learning OutcomesK. Jo Min (Associate Professor)      "John Jackman (Associate Professor) (Iowa State University of Science and Technology)"      "Zhuoyi Zhao"       Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
54Work-in-Progress: A Scoping Review for Gamification in Construction EngineeringMohammad Ilbeigi   "Diana Bairaktarova"   "Azita Morteza"       Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
55Work-in-Progress: Balancing It All: Using Photovoice to Visualize Second-Year Engineering Student ExperiencesJoan Wawire   "Le Shorn Benjamin"   "Jerrod A Henderson (Assistant Professor)"      "Kristin L Schaefer (PhD Candidate)"   "Brian McGowan"     Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
56Work-In-Progress: Exploring the wellness perceptions of engineering and science facultyMatilde Luz Sanchez-pena (Assistant Professor)      "Julianna Gesun"        Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
57Work-in-Progress: Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation to uncover themes in student comments from peer evaluations of teamworkGaurav Nanda (Assistant Professor)      "Siqing Wei"      "Christopher Greg Brinton"      "Matthew Ohland"      "Andrew Katz (Assistant Professor)"     Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division Poster Session
583D Printing of Lithium-Ion Battery Electrode ComponentsJoseph Michael Derrick (Graduate)   "Eli Kindomba"   "Jing Zhang (Associate Professor)"       Energy Conversion and Conservation Division Poster Session
59Student Training for Motor Performance Assessment in IndustryJaime Ramos-Salas (Associate Professor) (The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley)   "Miguel Pineda"        Energy Conversion and Conservation Division Poster Session
60Developing the Spatial Skills of Neurodiverse StudentsSheryl A. Sorby (Professor)   "Savannah Stark (PhD Student)"      "Christina Carnahan"       Engineering Design Graphics Division Poster Session
61Differences in perceived stress levels and measured stress while solving spatial testsGibin Raju   "Sheryl A. Sorby (Professor)"   "Grace Panther (Assistant Professor)"      "Clodagh Reid"      "Jasmine Mogadam"     Engineering Design Graphics Division Poster Session
62Centering Social Justice and Diverse Voices in Engineering Ethics CurriculaCortney Holles         Engineering Ethics Division Poster Session
63Ethics education in the quantum information science classroom: Exploring attitudes, barriers, and opportunitiesJosephine Meyer (Graduate Research Assistant)      "Noah D Finkelstein (Professor)"   "Bethany Wilcox"       Engineering Ethics Division Poster Session
64Introducing Arduino Library Kits for CheckoutJames Thomas Mcallister (Engineering and Honors College Librarian) (University of Arkansas)         Engineering Libraries Division Poster Session
65More-Inclusive Practices for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Library Collection ManagementSusan Wainscott         Engineering Libraries Division Poster Session
66From Problem to Project: An Entrepreneurial Model for a Three-Semester Multidisciplinary Capstone SequenceBrenda Read-Daily (Associate Professor)      "Tomas Enrique Estrada (Assoc Prof of Electrical Engineering)"   "Kurt M Degoede (Professor of Engineering and Physics)"   "Jean Carlos Batista Abreu (Assistant Professor)"      Entrepreneurship & Engineering Innovation Division Poster Session
67Work in Progress: High School Student Training in Biomedical Engineering Innovation through Co- and extracurricular ActivitiesJulia A Scott   "Navid Shaghaghi"   "Shraddha Chaplot"   "Prashanth Asuri"      Entrepreneurship & Engineering Innovation Division Poster Session
68Hands-on vs simulation labs in Signals and Systems courseCyrus Habibi (Associate  Professor)         Experimentation and Laboratory-Oriented Studies Division Poster Session
69Venturi Meter: Design, Simulate, and TestKristen Thompson         Experimentation and Laboratory-Oriented Studies Division Poster Session
70An Analysis of LGBTQ+ Courses: Recommendations for Developing Content for LGBTQ+ Individuals and Allies in AcademiaSecil Akinci-ceylan   "Rocio C. Chavela Guerra (Visiting Research Professor) (Rowan University)"   "Stephanie Farrell"       Faculty Development Division Poster Session
71Work in Progress:  Continuous Professional DevelopmentEvelyn Sowells-boone (Dr.)         Faculty Development Division Poster Session
72Work in progress: Creating micromoments to develop a students entrepreneurial mindsetMegan Morin   "Richard Goldberg"        Faculty Development Division Poster Session
73Work in Progress: Retention of women in engineering professoriate : A Systematic ReviewMichelle Soledad (Assistant Professor)      "Debarati Basu (Assistant Professor)"   "Sreyoshi Bhaduri"   "Lilianny Virguez (Lecturer)"      Faculty Development Division Poster Session
74Term Design Project in Fundamentals of Engineering CourseDjedjiga Belfadel (Associate Professor)      "John F Drazan (Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering)"   "Isaac Macwan"   "Elif Kongar (Associate Dean)"   "Michael Zabinski"     First-Year Programs Division Poster Session
75Understanding Academics Motivation to Engage in a Voluntary Research ProgramHomero Murzi   "Tahsin Chowdhury"   "Lloyd Herbert Morris (PhD Management Sciences)"       International Division Poster Session
76Work-In-Progress: Liberian Undergraduate Engineering Students' Perceptions of the Impact of COVID-19 on their Learning ExperienceCollins N. Vaye (Doctoral Student)      "Precious Chukwuweike Eze (Mr)"   "Bruk T Berhane (Assistant Professor of Engineering Education)"       International Division Poster Session
77Exploring Transfer Students Perceptions of Their Transition Experience in Calculus 2 at a Research Intensive Institution: A Phenomenological StudySteven Edalgo   "Karen High"        Mathematics Division Poster Session
78Student Learning Outcomes in a Statistics and Probability Course with a Credit/No Credit OptionGary Koenig         Mathematics Division Poster Session
79A Concise Capital Investment Cost Model for Gas Turbine Systems Useful in Energy Systems EducationSheldon M. Jeter (Associate Professor) (Georgia Institute of Technology)         Mechanical Engineering: Poster Session
80Harnessing Project Management Skills from Students Having Industry Work ExperienceMuhammad Mustafizur Rahman (Bloomfield Endowed Chair Professor)         Mechanical Engineering: Poster Session
81The Generalized Exergy Equation: A Rigorous Development and Detailed Presentation Suitable for Presentation to Advanced Undergraduates and Beginning Graduate StudentsSheldon M. Jeter (Associate Professor) (Georgia Institute of Technology)         Mechanical Engineering: Poster Session
82Work-in-Progress: Mobile Assisted Gains through Innovative Curriculum for Students in the Thermal-Fluids Science CourseDiana Bairaktarova   "Maeve Bakic"   "Krishna Pakala (Assistant Professor)"      "Devshikha Bose"      Mechanical Engineering: Poster Session
83Creating a Community-Focused Lab Section in a Large Computer Science Course (Experience)Jule Schatz   "Zahra Makki"   "Heather Rypkema"   "John Kloosterman"   "Elizabeth Mann Levesque (Instructional consultant)"     Minorities in Engineering Division Poster Session
84Creating a Virtual Learning Environment for Increasing Awareness of Blockchain Technologies at a Minority Serving InstitutionShonda L Bernadin (Associate Professor) (Florida A&M University - Florida State University)   "Tejal Mulay (Assistant Professor )"      "Hongmei Chi"       Minorities in Engineering Division Poster Session
85Understanding the needs of students with and without disabilities for inclusive UDL-based design of Engineering courses through learning management systemsHongye Liu   "Deepak Moparthi"   "Lawrence Angrave"   "Jennifer R Amos (Teaching Professor)"   "David Dalpiaz"   "Chrysafis Vogiatzis"   "Sujit Varadhan"   "Yun Huang"   "Rebecca Marie Reck (Teaching Associate Professor)" Minorities in Engineering Division Poster Session
86Work-in-Progress: Inspiring Academic Engagement and Motivation of Minority College Students through Transformative Success Stories on Social MediaVictor Garcia   "Diane Elisa Golding"   "Karla Alejandra Ayala Mendoza"   "Suzanne Atiya (Research Assistant )"      Minorities in Engineering Division Poster Session
87Examining K-12 Singaporean Parents' Engineering Awareness: An Initial Study of the Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior (KAB) Framework (Fundamental)Akmal Zakwan Bin Zulkifli   "Ibrahim H. Yeter (Post Doctoral Researcher)"      "Farhan Ali"       Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
88Outreach Program Evaluation through the Lens of Engineering Identity Development (Evaluation)Jorge Ivan Rodriguez-Devora   "Tyler George Harvey (Lecturer)"      "Bradley J. Putman (Professor)"   "Kristin Kelly Frady (Assistant Professor)"   "William Ferriell"   "Maegan Hinson"    Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
89Professional Development Outcomes for Rural Teachers participating in a Research Experience for Teachers Program in Innovative Transportation Systems (Evaluation)Susan Gallagher   "Craig R Woolard (Professor and Head) (Montana State University - Bozeman)"        Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
90The Challenge of Challenges:  Virtual Engineering Design Challenges During the COVID19 Pandemic (Evaluation)Wayne Johnson (Professor)   "Priya T Goeser (Professor)"   "Josiah Thomas Hacker"   "Thomas Dean Snyder"      Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
91Work in Progress: A review of research on STEM preservice teacher education Yingqian Zhang   "Jiabin Zhu"        Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
92Work in Progress: Can We Make Our Robot Play Soccer? Influence of Collaborating with Preservice Teachers and Fifth Graders on Undergraduate Engineering Students Learning during a Robotic Design Process Krishnanand Kaipa (Assistant Professor)      "Jennifer Kidd"      "Julia Noginova"      "Francisco Cima"      "Stacie I Ringleb (Professor)"   "Orlando M Ayala (Associate Professor)"   "Pilar Pazos (Associate Professor)"      "Kristie Gutierrez (Assistant Professor of Science Education)"   "Min Jung Lee" Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
93Work in Progress: Centering and Exploring Capacity for Schools to Offer Equitable CS Education Monica McGill   "Leigh Ann DeLyser (Executive Director)"      "Angelica Thompson (Senior Education Researcher)"   "Luronne Vaval"   "Stephanie B Wortel-London (Director of Research)"     Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
94Work in Progress: Coaching Teachers to Support STEAM in a Middle School Community of Practice Joel Alejandro Mejia (Dr.)   "Alberto Esquinca (Dr.)"        Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
95Work in Progress: Creating Equitable Access to Engineering Learning for English Learners in Bilingual and Dual-Language Education Alberto Esquinca (Dr.)   "Idalis Villanueva (Associate Professor)"        Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
96Work in Progress: Creating online supports for at home making and  STEM projects during COVID-19 Adam Maltese   "Kelli Paul"   "Amber Simpson"   "Ariel Zych"      Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
97Work in Progress: Credit that Counts: The Facilitator Model for Dual-Credit First Year Design CourseworkScott Thorne   "Greg Strimel"   "Nathan Mentzer"   "David Sears"      Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
98Work in Progress: Demystifying STEM Together: Parents as partners in making  engineering more inclusive (Diversity)Ashita Bawankule   "Lara Hebert"   "Tracy D Dace (Founder & CEO)"      "Rafael Tinoco"      Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
99Work in Progress: Design of Engineering-related Lab Experiments to Train Future K-12 Educators in Renewable EnergyDominic Halsmer   "Hallett Hullinger"   "Josiah Kesler"   "Colin Michael Sheehan"      Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
100Work in Progress: Design with Code Club: An attempt to get kids learning to code while designing solutions to everyday problems Adam Maltese   "David Oyler"   "Kelli Paul"   "Bárbara Yarza"      Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
101Work in Progress: Designing Effective Student-directed Research Experiences for High School Students Jessica Perez (Associate Director of Education and Inclusivity)   "Joe Muskin (Education coordinator)"        Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
102Work in Progress: Development of a High School Engineering Pathways Program  (Diversity)Rick Hill   "Jocelyn Maria Bennett Garraway (Associate Professor & Director     School Counseling)"       Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
103Work in Progress: Development of a Hybrid Community of Practice Course Model to Prepare Pre-Service Teachers to Teach Engineering in K-12 Betsy Chesnutt (Lecturer)   "Courtney June Faber (Lecturer and Research Assistant Professor) (University of Tennessee at Knoxville)"      "Daniel Patrick Mountain"       Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
104Work in Progress: Engineering Design Competition to Increase STEM Awareness Among Underrepresented Elementary School StudentsSuzanne Lori Berliner Heyman (Director For Program Operations and Outreach)   "Ashish Borgaonkar"   "Jaskirat Sodhi"       Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
105Work in Progress: Exploring the Presence of Engineering Indices in the Singaporean High School Physics Standards: A Content Analysis Ibrahim H. Yeter (Post Doctoral Researcher)      "Jeffrey Radloff"        Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
106Work in Progress: Gender Awareness in STEM Education: Perspectives from Adolescents, Teachers and Mentors in a Summer Pre-college Engineering Program Becky Huang   "Mingxia Zhi"   "Joel Alejandro Mejia (Dr.)"       Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
107Work in Progress: High School Teachers Preparedness to Implement Blended e4usa+FIRST models in Underserved CommunitiesSteve Efe (Dr.)   "Medha Dalal (Associate Director of Scholarly and Curricular Initiatives  AssistantResearch Scientist)"   "Adam R Carberry (Associate Professor) (Arizona State University)"      "Petronella A James-okeke (Faculty (Assessment))"   "David Rogers"   "Rachel Figard"   "Iseunifeoluwa Akinkugbe"  Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
108Work in Progress: Influence of Peer Perseverance on Students' Engagement in Preschool Engineering Design Activities Gurupriya Ramanathan (Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education)   "Sara Hagenah"        Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
109Work in Progress: Pilot Study Using a Culturally Relevant Approach to Expose Migratory High School Students to the Engineering Design Process (Diversity)Dina Verdin   "Seline Szkupinski Quiroga"        Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
110Work in Progress: Problem-based learning in STEM: Facilitating Diversity and Change in Pre-college Engineering Education through Online Collaborative Teacher Communities in virtual STEMlabs (Diversity)Svend Christiansen   "Lykke Brogaard Bertel"   "Bettina Dahl"       Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
111Work in Progress: Reinventing High School with a Focus on Industry-driven Design Projects and Its Influence on Students as they Enter College Vanessa Elizabeth Santana   "Greg Strimel"        Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
112Work in Progress: Teaching Materials Science in the K12 Classroom: Food as a Building Material Tashia Lewis   "Holly M Golecki (Teaching Assistant Professor)"        Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
113Work in Progress: The Artful Craft of Improving Virtual Summer Camps in the Midst of COVID-19 Hui Hu   "Mike Borowczak (Director Cybersecurity Education And Research Center)"   "Andrea Carneal Burrows (Professor)"   "Shawna Michelle Wolf"      Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
114Work in Progress: The Effect of Summer Engineering Camps on Rural and Urban Students Interest in STEM Jack Saylor Priske   "Murad Mahmoud"   "Britta Solheim"   "Cristian Gerardo Allen (Assistant Professor of Mathematics)"   "Kurt Henry Becker (Engineering Education Professor)"     Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
115Work in Progress: The Effect of Summer Engineering Camps on Students’ Interest in STEM Based on Their Age Samuel Bast   "Murad Mahmoud"   "Trinity Borland"   "Cristian Gerardo Allen (Assistant Professor of Mathematics)"      "Kurt Henry Becker (Engineering Education Professor)"     Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
116Work in Progress: The Social Dimensions of Learning: facilitating social Dynamics for a more engaged student in a K12 Pre-Engineering Program Andrea Lorena Ortiz   "Michelle Kang"   "Julian Goni"   "Constanza Miranda (Faculty)"      Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
117Work in Progress: Understanding Impacts of Soft Robotics Project on Female Students’ Perceptions of Engineering Aasiyah Adnan   "Holly M Golecki (Teaching Assistant Professor)"      "Elizabeth McNeela"      "Thomas Tran"      Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
118Work in Progress: Using Engineering Design Tasks to Create Indigenous Cultural and Community Connections with the Classroom for Elementary and Middle School Students ( Diversity)Frank Bowman   "Bethany Jean Klemetsrud"   "Julie Robinson (Professor)"   "Emine Ozturk"      Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
119Adapting Hackathon-Honed Skills Toward Software Engineering CapstoneCecilia La Place   "Shawn Jordan"        Software Engineering Division Poster Session
120Software Engineering and Security: Lessons Learned Creating a New Course in Security from a Software Engineering Perspective"Kevin Gary" <kgary@asu.edu>Software Engineering Division Poster Session
121Assessment of Experiments Blended with Mathematical Modeling, Computer Simulation, and Real-World Measurements Chiu Choi (Mr.)Electrical and Computer Engineering Division 
122Work-in-Progress: A Brief Introduction of Deep Learning and IoT to Freshman Engineering StudentsChao Wang (Dr.)Electrical and Computer Engineering Division 
123Work-in-Progress: Adapting to the changes in the teaching pedagogy post-pandemic in Electrical and Computer Engineering coursesQudsia Tahmina (Assistant Professor) Electrical and Computer Engineering Division 
124Work-in-Progress: Development of Cross-Listed Electromagnetic Compatibility Course for Future Electronic Design ExpertsYang Victoria Shao (Teaching Assistant Professor) Electrical and Computer Engineering Division 
125Work-in-Progress: Enabling Secure Programming in C++ & Java through Practice Oriented ModulesKenneth Andrew Guernsey , Jacob Tietz , Quamar Niyaz ,  Xiaoli Yang , Ahmad Javaid , Sidike Paheding , Electrical and Computer Engineering Division 
126Work-in-Progress: Introductory Reinforcement Learning for Student Education and Curriculum Development Through Engaging MediumsRamakrishnan Sundaram (Professor), Benjamin Lubina Electrical and Computer Engineering Division 
127Work-in-Progress: Mental Images in Studying ElectromagnetismRenjeng Su (Professor)Electrical and Computer Engineering Division 
128Work-in-Progress: Problems in learning related to mathematical and graphical representations of signalsFarrah FayyazElectrical and Computer Engineering Division 
129Work-in-Progress: Promoting Learning through a Prompt Feedback on Assignments and Quizzes in Peer-to-Peer Meetings with Students in Electronics I CourseArash Takshi, Chris S Ferekides (Professor)Electrical and Computer Engineering Division 
130Work-in-Progress: Sense of Belonging Among Underrepresented Voices in ECEChelsea Lyles , Emily M Burns (Graduate Student), Thomas Koonce Jr , Lisa McNair , Annie Yong Patrick (Ms.)Electrical and Computer Engineering Division 
131Work-in-Progress: Skill Requirements for Electrical and Computer Engineers (ECE) Graduates in the United States: Industrial companies' perspectivesMohammad Al Mestiraihi, Kurt Henry Becker (Engineering Education Professor) Electrical and Computer Engineering Division 
132Work-in-Progress: Standards-Based Grading for Electric CircuitsJay Wierer (Associate Professor) Electrical and Computer Engineering Division 
133Work-in-Progress: The Electric Circuit Concepts Diagnostic (ECCD)Nathaniel Hunsu , Kun Yao (Lecturer), Adel W. Al Weshah (Lecturer), Olanrewaju Paul Olaogun , Shiyu Wang (Associate Professor) Electrical and Computer Engineering Division 
134Works-in-Progress: Introducing Active Learning in Semiconductor Device CourseHansika SirikumaraElectrical and Computer Engineering Division 
135Searching for humanizing practices, finding gaps:  Exploring discussions of race, gender, and class in engineering scholarshipSarah Barbrow, Boston College
Avneet Hira, Boston College
James Holly, Jr., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Shulong Yan, Boston College
Madison Buford, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Equity, Culture, and Social Justice Division

NSF Grantees Poster Session

Wednesday, June 29 9:45 AM to 11:15 AM
Exhibit hall BNC, Minneapolis convention Center

Board Number  Poster Title Authors 
1 A modular approach for integrating data science concepts into multiple undergraduate STEM+C courses Sambridhi Bhandari   "Kang Xia"   "Emily Kern"   "Christopher Vanags"   "Landon Marston"   "Steven Jiang"   "Mohammad Yunus Naseri (Ph.D. Student)"   "Vinod Lohani"   "Caitlin Snyder"   "Brendan McLoughlin"   "Erin Henrick"   "Niroj Aryal"   "Erin Hotchkiss"   "Gautam Biswas"   "Manoj K Jha (Dr.)"       
2 A Study of Variations in Motivation Related to Computational Modeling in First-year Engineering Students Alison K Polasik (Associate Professor of Engineering)                     
3 A Successful 2-week Innovation- and Student Success-Focused Bridge Program for First-Year Students Karl D. Schubert (Professor of Practice)      "Xochitl Delgado Solorzano (Director of the Honors College Path Program)"   "Leslie Massey"   "Carol Gattis"   "Jennie S Popp"   "Chunhua Cao"   "Thomas Carter (Assistant Dean of Engineering)"      "Divya Muralidhara"              
4 Everything sucked . . . for everyone: Narrative of a Student Journeying Through Engineering Before COVID-19, During COVID-19, and Beyond Herman Ronald Clements (Mr.)   "Brianna Benedict McIntyre (Graduate Research Assistant)"   "Jacqueline Rohde"   "Heather Lee Perkins (Post-Doctoral Researcher)"   "A.Lili Castillo"   "Joana Marques Melo (Doctor)"   "Allison Godwin (Associate Professor)"               
5 Should we build this: Student reasoning in intentionally facilitated socio-technical design talks Kristen Wendell   "Jessica Watkins (Assistant Professor)"      "Natalie Annabelle De Lucca (Graduate Student Researcher)"   "Tyrine Jamella Pangan"   "Rae Woodcock"   "Chelsea Andrews"                
6 Addressing National Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Needs Karen Wosczyna-birch (Director)   "Wendy Robicheau"                    
7 Advances in Step-Based Tutoring for Linear Circuit Analysis and Comprehensive Evaluation Brian J Skromme (Professor)   "Gregory M. Wilkins (Professor of Practice)"      "Srividya Kona Bansal (Dr.)"   "Rishabh Gupta"   "Tariq M Nasim"   "Caleb Redshaw"   "Benjamin Daniel Miller"   "Petru Andrei"   "Hector Erives (Associate Professor of Practice)"   "Deanna Bailey (Dr.)"   "Megan O'donnell (Research Professional)"      "Wendy M. Barnard (Director)"          
8 Advancing Student Success Through Integrated Sociocultural and Academic Intervention Strategies Sudarshan T Kurwadkar (Professor)   "Jidong Huang"   "Salvador Mayoral (Associate Professor)"                   
9 An Assessment of Simulation-Based Learning Modules in an Undergraduate Engineering Economy Course Sabahattin Gokhan Ozden (Assistant Professor)      "Omar Ashour"      "Ashkan Negahban"      "Daniel Knight (Assessment Specialist)"   "Parhum Delgoshaei"   "Mahgol Nowparvar (Graduate research Assistant)"                
10 An Integrated Program for Recruitment, Retention, and Graduation of Academically Talented Low-Income Engineering Students: Lessons Learned and Progress Report  Peter C Nelson (Professor & Dean)      "Rezvan Nazempour (Graduate Research Assisstant)"   "Renata A Revelo (Clinical Associate Professor)"   "Betul Bilgin"   "Anthony Felder (Clinical Assistant Professor)"      "Jeremiah Abiade"      "Houshang Darabi (Professor)"   "Shanon Reckinger"   "Didem Ozevin (Dr.)"             
11 An NSF REU Site with Integrated Academia-Industry Research Experience“ Four Years on the Road Zhaoshuo Jiang   "Juan M Caicedo (Professor and Chair)"   "Robert Petrulis"                   
12 Anti-Racism Practice in Engineering: Exploring, Learning & Solutions (ARPELS) Kenneth A Connor (Professor Emeritus)      "Craig J. Scott (Professor & Chair)"   "Pamela Leigh-mack (Professor)"   "Barry J. Sullivan (Director bsullivan@iec.org>     Electrical and Computer Engineering Department)"   "Stephen M Goodnick (Professor)"   "Mark JT Smith (Senior Vice Provost and Dean)"   "Michelle Klein (Program Director)"   "Miguel Velez-Reyes"   "Abdelnasser A Eldek (Dr.)"   "Shujun Yang"   "Hector Erives (Associate Professor of Practice)"      "Cole Hatfield Joslyn (Assistant Professor of Practice)"   "Ivonne Santiago (Associate Professor)"      "Peter L Romine (Professor)"   "Shayla Sawyer"   "Hassan Salmani"   "Delia Saenz (CDO) (Arizona State University)"   
13 Applying an Entrepreneurial Mindset to Course-based Undergraduate Research  Experiences in STEM David Alexander   "Michael Kotar (Professor of Education mkotar@csuchico.edu> jmbrooks@csuchico.edu>                 
14 Assessing Awareness and Competency of Engineering Freshmen on Ethical and Responsible Research and Practices Michael Johnson (Professor)   "Amarnath Banerjee (Associate Professor)"      "Glen Miller"      "Bimal P. Nepal (Professor)"                  
15 Assessing Educational Pathways for Manufacturing in Rural Communities: Research Findings and Implications from an Investigation of New and Existing Programs in Northwest Florida Marcia A. Mardis (Dr.)   "Faye R Jones (Dr.)"                    
16 Assessing Socially Engaged Engineering Training on Students Problem Solving: The Development of a Scenario-based Assessment Approach Kelley E Dugan   "Shanna Daly"   "Colleen M. Seifert (Professor)"   "Elizabeth Rose Pollack (PhD Student)"      "Erika Mosyjowski"                 
17 Assessment of a Hybrid Research Experience for Undergraduates Program During the COVID-19 Pandemic Jeremy Straub (Dr.)                     
18 Aviation Maintenance Technology Schools Response     to the COVID-19 Pandemic Katie Shakour   "Gayatri Anoop"   "Eliza Gallagher (Dr.)"   "Tim Ransom"   "Karen Jo Johnson"   "Kapil Chalil Madathil"   "Rebecca Short"               
19 Backtracking CTE Pathways: Identifying and Investigating Pathways and Critical Junctures in Two-Year Information Technology Programs Marcia A. Mardis (Dr.)   "Faye R Jones (Dr.)"                    
20 Breaking Boundaries: An Organized Revolution for the Professional Formation of Electrical Engineers Chris Ferekides   "Carol Haden (Vice President)"   "Ismail Uysal (Assistant Professor)"      "Chung Seop Jeong (Instructor)"   "Arash Takshi"   "Kevin Yee"                
21 Bridging the Gender and Skills Gaps with Emerging Technologies Elodie Billionniere   "Farzana Rahman"                    
22 Building a Community of Mentors in Engineering Education Research Through Peer Review Training Karin Jensen   "Rebecca Bates"   "Gary Lichtenstein"   "Kelsey Watts"   "Lisa Benson (Professor)"   "Evan Ko"                
23 Building a Sustainable University-Wide Interdisciplinary Graduate Program to Address Disasters Marie C. Paretti (Professor)   "Jessica Deters"   "Margaret Webb"   "Maya Menon (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)"                  
24 Building Bridges into Engineering and Computer Science: Outcomes, Impacts and Lessons Learned Doris J. Espiritu (Dr)   "Ruzica Todorovic"                    
25 Building Capacity: Enhancing Undergraduate STEM Education by Improving Transfer Success Pamela Ann Brown   "Melanie Villatoro"   "Elizabeth Milonas (Dr.) (New York City College of Technology)"   "Hon Jie Teo (Associate Professor)"   "Diana Samaroo"                 
26 Building Effective Community College Engineering and Information Technology Internships Lois Joy (Research Director)   "Nia Yisrael"                    
27 Building engineering interest and resilience through maker programming in autism-inclusion schools Ariana Riccio   "Wendy B Martin (Senior Research Scientist)"                    
28 Building S-STEM scholars' knowledge and skills through technical and career-development seminars Katerina Goseva-Popstojanova   "Erin Carll"   "Elizabeth Litzler (Director)"   "Robin Hensel"                  
29 Building Undergraduate Research in a Fully Online Engineering Program Robert Deters   "Brent Terwilliger"   "Emily Faulconer"   "Kelly George"                  
30 Capacity-Building to Transform STEM Education Through Faculty Communities in Learning Analytics and Inquiry Amy Chan Hilton   "Shelly B. Blunt (Associate Provost for Academic Affairs)"                    
31 CAREER: ‘Support our Troops: Re-storying Student Veteran and Service Member Deficit in Engineering through Professional Formation and Community Advocacy: YEAR 1 Angela Minichiello (Assistant Professor)      "Hannah Wilkinson"                    
32 CAREER: Broadening Participation in STEM: A Qualitative Analysis of Resilience Experiences and Strategies of Latina STEM Majors in Hispanic Serving Institutions Elsa Gonzalez (Associate Professor) (University of Houston)   "Emma Perez"                    
33 CAREER: Characterizing Undergraduate Engineering Students Experiences with Mental Health in Engineering Culture Karin Jensen   "Eileen Johnson (Research Associate)"   "Joseph Francis Mirabelli (Graduate Assistant)"      "Sara Vohra"                  
34 CAREER: Disrupting the Status Quo Regarding Who Gets to be an Engineer -- Insights from Year 1 Jeremi S London (Associate Professor)      "Brianna Benedict McIntyre (Graduate Research Assistant)"   "Nicole Jefferson"                   
35 CAREER: Exploring LGBTQ Student Trajectories and Belonging in STEM Through Social Network Analysis Bryce E. Hughes (Associate Professor)      "Sidrah MG MG Watson"      "Leilani Contos"      "Sarah Heller"                  
36 Case study on engineering design intervention in physics laboratories Jason Morphew (Assistant Professor)      "Kevin Jay Kaufman-Ortiz (Graduate Student)"   "N. Sanjay Rebello"   "Carina M Rebello (Assistant Professor of Practice)"                  
37 Challenges of Remote Learning and Mentoring among Engineering Students and Faculty during the COVID-19 Pandemic Chi-ning Chang (Assistant Research Professor)      "Guan K. Saw"                    
38 Changing Homework Achievement with Mechanix Pedagogy: A Recap Benjamin Caldwell (Associate Provost)      "Tracy Hammond"      "Vimal Kumar Viswanathan (Associate Professor)"   "Matthew Runyon"   "Kimberly Talley"   "Julie Linsey"   "Kristi J. Shryock (Associate Professor)"               
39 Changing the Paradigm: Developing a Framework for Secondary Analysis of EER Qualitative Datasets Holly M Matusovich (Associate Professor)      "Jennifer Case"      "Marie C. Paretti (Professor)"   "Joachim Walther (Professor)"                  
40 Collaborative Research: Design and Development: Lessons from Conducting the Skillful Learning Institute Patrick Cunningham (Professor)   "Holly M Matusovich (Associate Professor)"      "Rachel Ellestad"      "Cheryl Carrico (Owner     LLC)"   "Carol Geary"                
41 Collective Argumentation Learning and Coding (CALC) Tim Foutz (Professor)   "AnnaMarie Conner"   "Anna Gillespie-Schneider"   "James Drimalla"   "Aida Alibek"   "Lorraine Franco"   "Shaffiq Welji"   "Jenna Menke"              
42 Computational Bioengineering Summer Research Experience     for Undergraduates: Launching an REU Program during a Pandemic Edward Sander   "Joshua Lobb (Assistant Director of Graduate Programs)"      "James A Ankrum (Associate Professor)"   "Nicholas A Bowman"   "Solomon Fenton-Miller"                 
43 Computational Thinking in the Formation of Engineers: Year 2 Noemi Mendoza Diaz   "Russ Meier"   "Deborah Trytten"                   
44 Connecting Research to the Broader Community: Developing and Implementing a Graduate Course Across an Engineering Research Centers Partner Universities Jean S Larson (Education Director)      "Claudia Elena Zapata"      "Edward Kavazanjian"                   
45 Conocimiento as a Framework: Promoting a Culturally Affirming Identity Development for Latinx Engineers Joel Alejandro Mejia (Dr.)                     
46 Course-based Adaptations of an Ecological Belonging Intervention to Transform Engineering Representation at Scale Linda DeAngelo   "Allison Godwin (Associate Professor)"      "Jennifer Dawn Cribbs (Assistant Professor)"   "Erica McGreevy"   "Christian D Schunn (Senior Scientist)"   "Anne-Ketura Elie"   "Kevin Jay Kaufman-Ortiz (Graduate Student)"      "Beverly Conrique"      "Carlie Laton Cooper"      "Jacqueline Rohde"      "kevin r binning (associate professor)"   "Natascha Buswell"   "Danielle V. Lewis"         
47 Creating Employer-Driven Information Technology     Skill Standards, the Process, and the Results Ann Beheler                     
48 Creating Significant Learning Experiences in an Engineering Technology Bridge Course: a backward design approach Adrian Villalta-cerdas   "Faruk Yildiz"                    
49 Cultivating a Culture to Foster Engineering Identity Yen-Lin Han (Associate Professor)      "Kathleen E. Cook (Dr.)"      "Gregory Mason"      "Teodora Rutar Shuman (Professor and Chair)"   "Jennifer A Turns (Professor)"                 
50 Culturally Responsive Storytelling Across Content Areas Using American Indian Ledger Art and Physical Computing Stacey Hancock   "Brittany Terese Fasy"   "Aayushi Dangol"   "Joseph Eli Chipps (Postdoctoral Researcher)"      "Aubrey Rogowski"      "Mengying Jiang"      "Colby Tofel-Grehl"      "Kristin Searle"              
51 Current Status of the Affirmative Sustainable Support for Scholars in Energy Technologies (ASSSET) and its Impact of Engineering Education Farzad Ferdowsi   "G. H. Massiha (Dr.)"   "Afef Fekih"   "Heather Stone"                  
52 Cybersecurity for Everybody - A Multi-Tier Approach to Cyber Security Education, Training, and Awareness in the Undergraduate Curriculum Nikunja Swain (Professor and Chair)                     
53 Description, assessment, and outcomes of three National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) components: transferable skills course, interdisciplinary research proposal and project, and multidisciplinary symposium Eduardo Santillan-jimenez   "Carissa B. Schutzman (Senior Research Associate)"      "Keren Mabisi"                   
54 Developing a Culture of Strategic Employer Engagement and Grant Know-How to Support Innovative Technical Programs Ann Beheler   "Hope Cotner"                    
55 Developing a Hands-on Data Science Curriculum for Non-Computing Majors Xumin Liu   "Erik Golen"   "Rajendra K Raj (Dr)"                   
56 Developing an Interview Protocol to Elicit Engineering Students Divergent Thinking Experiences Shannon Clancy   "Laura Murphy (PhD Candidate)"   "Shanna Daly"   "Colleen M. Seifert (Professor)"                  
57 Developing and Assessing Educational Games to Enhance Cyber Security Learning in Computer Science Jinghua Zhang (Professor)                     
58 Developing and encouraging engineering professionals within a commuter student population: Understanding commuter student integration Cory Brozina (Assistant Professor and Director of First Year Engineering)                     
59 Developing and Sustaining Inclusive Engineering Learning Communities and Classrooms Jessica Moriah Vaden (Graduate Student)      "Melissa M. Bilec (Associate     Professor)"   "April Dukes"                   
60 Developing Deliberate Practice for Learning Engineering Dynamics by Analyzing Students Mental Models Yan Tang (Dr.)   "Haiyan Bai (Professor)"   "Richard Catrambone (Professor)"                   
61 Developing optical devices and projects for teaching engineering Nathan Lemke   "John McCauley"   "Ellesa St. George"   "Tristan E Noble"   "Keith Robert Stein (Dr.)"   "Grace Riermann"   "Nathan Lindquist (Professor of Physics and Engineering)"      "Karen Irene Rogers (Director of Engineering Programs)"              
62 Developing Professional Identity: Integrating Academic and Workplace Competencies within Engineering Programs Betul Bilgin   "James W Pellegrino (Professor)"   "Cody Wade Mischel"   "Lewis E Wedgewood"                  
63 Developing Sustainable and Continuing Practices for Diversity and Inclusion in a Civil and Environmental Engineering Department Tiago R Forin (Engineering Clinic Instructor)      "Stephanie Lezotte"      "Theresa Fs Bruckerhoff (Project Evaluator)"   "Adriana C Trias Blanco (Assistant Professor)"                  
64 Development of an Alternate Pathway into STEM: A Progress Report Denise Hum (Professor)                     
65 Development of an Electronics Manufacturing Technician Program for Community College Students Nicholas Langhoff (Professor - Engineering / Engineering Technology)   "Julie A. Shattuck"                    
66 Development of Educational Modules to Assess Flood Risk and Mitigation Strategies for Coastal Communities Carla Lopez Del Puerto (Professor)      "Humberto Eduardo Cavallin"      "Rey D. Montalvo (Student)"                   
67 Development of Social Engagement Activities to Increase Student Participation in a Makerspace Jill Davishahl   "Audrey Boklage (Dr.)"   "Madison E. Andrews"                   
68 Development, dissemination and assessment of inexpensive miniature equipment for interactive learning of fluid mechanics, heat transfer and biomedical concepts Bernard J. Van Wie (Professor)   "Zeynep Ezgi Durak"   "Olivia Reynolds"   "Kitana Kaiphanliam"   "David B. Thiessen (Clinical Assistant Professor)"   "Olusola Adesope (Professor)"   "Oluwafemi Johnson Ajeigbe"   "Aminul Islam Khan"   "Prashanta Dutta (Professor)"   "Carah Watson"   "Jacqueline Gartner (Assistant Professor)"           
69 Digging Deeper with Data: Engineering Research Experiences for STEM Undergraduates and Teachers Arash Jamshidi   "Elisa Stone (CalTeach Berkeley Program Director)"                    
70 Discrimination & Identity:  How Engineering Graduate Students Navigate Pathways to Persistence Elan C Hope   "Adam Kirn (Associate Professor)"   "Matthew Bahnson"   "Derrick Satterfield"   "Anitra Rochelle Alexander"   "Alexis Briggs"   "Laila Allam"               
71 Divergent thinking in engineering: Diverse exploration is key to successful project outcomes Laura Murphy (PhD Candidate)   "Colleen M. Seifert (Professor)"      "Shannon Clancy"      "Shanna Daly"                  
72 Do Metacognitive Instruction and Repeated Reflection Improve Outcomes? Renee M Clark (Director of Assessment)      "Autar Kaw"      "Rasim Guldiken (Faculty Member)"                   
73 Early lessons learned from pivoting an REU program to a virtual format Darlene Groomes   "Laila Guessous (Professor of Engineering)"      "Dan DelVescovo (Assistant Professor)"                   
74 Early Research Scholars Program at UIC Adjustments Renata A Revelo (Clinical Associate Professor)      "Joseph Hummel"                    
75 East Tennessee Noyce STEM Teacher Preparation Program Mohammad Uddin   "BEVERLY SMITH"                    
76 Eco-STEM: Transforming STEM Education using an Asset-based Ecosystem Model Gustavo B Menezes (Professor)   "Jianyu Dong (Associate Dean)"      "Nancy Warter-Perez"      "Christina Restrepo Nazar"      "Silvia Heubach"      "Daniel Galvan (Director of Acceleration Initiatives and Student Engagement)"   "Corey (she/hers) Bowen"   "Lizabeth Thompson"   "Emily L. Allen (Dean)"             
77 Effects of Community Cultural Wealth on Black and Hispanic Womens Persistence in P-20 Computing Education Shetay Ashford-Hanserd ASHFORD-HANSERD (Principal Investigator)   "Lillianna Franco Carrera"                    
78 Effects of High Impact Educational Practices on Engineering and Computer Science Student Participation, Persistence, and Success at Land Grant Universities Year 2 Muhammad Asghar (Graduate Research Assistant)      "Angela Minichiello (Assistant Professor)"   "Candis S Claiborn (Professor and Dean Emeritus)"   "Anika Banerjee"   "Olusola Adesope (Professor)"                 
79 Empowering Students to be Adaptive Decision-Makers: Bringing it All Together Marisa Orr   "Haleh Brotherton"   "Baker A. Martin"   "Jessica Allison Manning (Graduate Research Assistant)"      "Katherine Ehlert"                 
80 Enabling Data Science Education in STEM Disciplines through Supervised Undergraduate Research Experiences Yaser Banadaki (Associate Professor)                     
81 Enabling Resilient Educational Support Network during COVID-19 Pandemic for Undergraduate and Second Career Seeking Students Oleksandr Kravchenko (Assistant Professor)                     
82 Encouraging Underrepresented and Entrepreneurial-Minded Postdocs in High-Tech Startups Rachel Levitin (Program Manager - NDSEG)      "Teddy Ivanitzki"      "Rashida Johnson"                   
83 Engaging Children in Cryptology and Cybersecurity Learning and Career Awareness Pavlo Antonenko   "Zhen Xu"   "Do Hyong Koh"   "Christine Wusylko"   "Kara Dawson"   "Swarup Bhunia"                
84 Engaging Female High School Students in the Frontiers of Computing Gordon Stein   "Brian Broll"   "Devin Jean"   "Shuchi Grover"   "Tiffany Barnes (Distinguished Professor)"   "Isabella Gransbury"   "Lauren Alvarez"   "Marnie Hill"   "Veronica M Catete"   "Akos Ledeczi"            
85 Engaging undergraduate researchers: Contextualizing beliefs and identities about smartness in engineering Amy Kramer   "Yiqing Li (The Ohio State University)"   "Rachel Kajfez"   "Emily Dringenberg (Assistant Professor)"                  
86 Engaging Women in Engineering- Training Mentors to Make a Difference (iTEST 1849735): Transforming Curriculum and Mentor Training in a Highly Successful Natural Science Program Jacqueline Genovesi (Executive Director Center for STEAM Equity)   "Kimberly Sterin"                    
87 Engineering Education Enrichment (e3) Initiative: A Co-Curricular Program Intended to Improve Persistence and Career Success for Low-Income and First-Generation Engineering Students Hannah Huvard (Postdoctoral Researcher)      "Hengameh Bayat"      "Sandra M. Way (Associate Professor)"   "Catherine Brewer (Assistant Professor)"   "Addison Miller"   "Antonio Garcia (Associate Dean of Engineering)"                
88 Engineering Ethics Through High-Impact Collaborative/Competitive Scenarios (E-ETHICCS): Initial Results and Lessons Learned Scott Streiner (Visiting Assistant Professor; Industrial Engineering Department)   "Daniel D. Burkey (Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education & Diversity)"   "Richard Cimino"   "Jennifer Pascal (Assistant Professor in Residence)"   "Kevin D. Dahm (Professor of Chemical Engineering)"                 
89 Engineering Faculty Members Experience of Professional Shame: Summary of Insights from Year 1 Amy L Brooks   "James Huff"                    
90 Enhancing Students Engineering Self-Efficacy, Values, and Identity through Needs Finding and Engineering Design Tobin N. Walton (Dr.)   "Jared Webb (Dr.)"   "Stephen B. Knisley (Professor & Chair)"                   
91 Enhancing students outcomes in gatekeeper engineering courses through Technology-Assisted Supplemental Instruction (TASI) Jessica Ohanian Perez   "Faye Linda Wachs (Professor)"   "Brooke Jones"   "Deanna Miranda Barrios"   "Lily G. Gossage (Director LGGossage@cpp.edu>               
92 Equity in Engineering Education: The Experiences of Non-Traditional Students in Introductory Engineering Courses with Peer Learning Support Kimberly A Luthi (Professor of Practice)      "Mohua Kar (DR)"                    
93 Evaluating the Impact of Enrichment and Professional Development Activities on REU Students Bimal P. Nepal (Professor)   "Manan Shah"                    
94 Evaluation of three consecutive NSF S-STEM Awards (2008 - 2021) at a Predominantly Undergraduate Institution Karinna M Vernaza (Dean and Professor)      "Scott Steinbrink"      "Lin Zhao (Chair and Professor)"   "Saeed Tiari"   "Varun K Kasaraneni (Assistant Professor)"                 
95 Evidence-based Opportunities for the Development of Empathy in Engineering through Community-based Learning Linjue Wang (Graduate Research Associate)      "Nia Johnson"      "Joachim Walther (Professor)"                   
96 Examining Faculty and Graduate Student Attitudes on Stress and Mental Health David Feil-seifer   "Mackenzie Parker"   "Adam Kirn (Associate Professor)"                   
97 Examining STEM Learning Motivation Challenges in Undergraduate Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic Andrea Ofori-boadu   "Rabiatu Bonku"   "Jennifer Richmond-Bryant (Associate Professor of the Practice)"   "Alesia Ferguson"   "Mercy Folashade Fash"                 
98 Examining the Association between Peer Support and     Young Womens Engineering Identity and Major Intentions Ursula Nguyen   "Catherine Riegle-crumb"                    
99 Examining Women STEM Facultys Participation in Entrepreneurship Programming Prateek Shekhar (Assistant Professor)      "Aida Lopez Ruiz (New Jersey Institute of Technology)"   "Aileen Huang-saad"   "Jacqueline Handley"                  
100 Expanding Access to and Participation in MIDFIELD (Year 6) Susan M Lord (Professor & Chair)      "Matthew Ohland"      "Joe Roy (Director of Institutional Research and Analytics)"   "Richard A. Layton (Dr)"   "Hayaam Osman"   "Marisa Orr"   "Catherine Brawner"   "Russell Andrew Long (Managing Director MIDFIELD & Director of Project Assessment (Retired))"              
101 Experiences in Creativity and Design as Antecedents to Success and Comfort with Design in College Micah Lande                     
102 Explaining Choice, Persistence, and Attrition of Black Students in Electrical, Computer, and Mechanical Engineering: Award# EEC-1734347 Grantee Poster Session - Year 4 Catherine Mobley (Dr.)   "Marisa Orr"   "Catherine Brawner"   "Rebecca Brent"   "Jessica Allison Manning (Graduate Research Assistant)"      "Michael L Tidwell"                
103 Exploring childrens goal orientation in engineering design activities Changchia James Liu (Senior Research Associate)                     
104 Exploring Nudging Approaches for Growing a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion with Engineering Faculty Arianne Collopy   "Heather Lynn Johnson"   "Katherine Goodman"   "Tom Altman"   "Maryam Darbeheshti (Faculty)"   "Kristin L Wood (Associate Dean kristin.wood@ucdenver.edu> david.mays@ucdenver.edu>             
105 Exploring the complex relationship between engineering students math experiences and identity formation. Jill Davishahl   "Joseph Brobst"   "Elizabeth Litzler (Director)"   "Sura Alqudah (Assistant Professor)"      "Andrew G Klein (Professor)"                 
106 Facilitating Conditions for Engineering Faculty Technology Adoption Michelle Jarvie-Eggart   "Alfred Lawrence Owusu-Ansah"   "Shari Stockero"                   
107 Faculty Perspectives on Developing Interdisciplinary Computing Programs: Benefits, Necessary Supports, and Recommendations Belle Wei   "Maureen Smith"   "Valerie Carr"                   
108 First-generation student success and the SD-FIRST program Cassandra M Degen (Associate Professor)      "Alycia Jensen"      "Jon J Kellar (Professor)"      "Michael West (Assoc. Professor & Chair)"   "Lisa Carlson (Director Lisa.Carlson@sdsmt.edu> Jesse.Herrera@sdsmt.edu> molly.moore@sdsmt.edu>             
109 Framing Engineering as Community Activism for Values-Driven Engineering: RFE Design and Development (Years 3-4) Virginia A. Davis (Alumni Professor)      "Joni Lakin"      "Daniela Marghitu (Dr.)"      "Edward Davis"                  
110 Growing Entrepreneurially Minded Undergraduate Researchers with New Product Development in Applied Energy Bhavana Kotla (PhD Candidate)   "Lisa Bosman (Faculty)"   "Jason Ostanek"   "Jose M Garcia (Assistant Professor)"      "Sunghwan Lee (Assistant Professor)"                 
111 Identifying mental health related help-seeking beliefs in undergraduate engineers Sarah Wilson   "Joseph Hammer"   "Courtney Wright"   "Ellen L Usher"                  
112 Impact of Peer-Assisted Learning and Leadership Development on Undergraduate Students Julie Fogarty (Assistant Professor)      "Robin Altman"      "Jennifer Lundmark"                   
113 Impact of Three Years of Intervention in Culturally Adaptive Pathway to Success on S-STEM Scholars Eun-young Kang (Chair and Professor)      "Matthew Jackson (Assistant Professor)"                    
114 Impacts of a Sustainability-Focused REU Site on Student Products and Career Trajectory for Underrepresented Groups in Engineering Christine Wittich   "Shannon Bartelt-hunt (Professor)"                    
115 IMPLEMENTING CURRICULAR AND CO-CURRICULAR BEST PRACTICES TO INCREASE AND RETAIN FEMALE ENGINEERS Katrina Donovan (Lecturer)   "Jon J Kellar (Professor)"   "Paula Jensen"   "Michael West (Assoc. Professor & Chair)"      "Stuart D. Kellogg (Professor & Chair)"                 
116 Implementing Inclusive Paths to Employment and Degree Completion in a Community College Engineering Technology Program Eugene Leo Draine Mahmoud (Professor)                     
117 Improving Community College Students STEM Motivation and Achievement by Implementing Utility-Value Interventions Delaram Totonchi   "Emma Huelskoetter"   "Bradley Ferrer"   "Chris Hulleman (Associate Professor )"                  
118 Increasing Global Competencies through International Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research on Big Data in Energy and Related Infrastructure Bimal P. Nepal (Professor)   "Eakalak Khan"                    
119 Increasing the Success Rates of Engineering Students After Transferring into Four Year Colleges from Community Colleges: Its Much More Than Dollars Ignatius Fomunung   "Marcy Porter (Program Accreditation & Assessment Manager)"   "Christopher Frank Silver (Assistant Professor)"                   
120 Infusing Data Science into the Undergraduate STEM Curriculum Petra Bonfert-Taylor (Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion; Professor and Instructional Designer)   "Laura Ray"   "Scott Pauls (Professor of Mathematics)"      "Lorie Loeb (Professor)"      "Logan Sankey"      "James Busch (Ph.D. Candidate)"   "Taylor Hickey"               
121 Innovative Curriculum: Collaboration Between Technician Education and Workforce Development Christine Michelle Delahanty (Area Coordinator of Science and Engineering) (Bucks County Community College)      "Vladimir Genis (Department Head genisv@drexel.edu> susan.herring@bucks.edu>                 
122 Insights from the First Year of Project # 2044472 Improving the  Conceptual Mastery of Engineering Students in High Enrollment  Engineering Courses through Oral Exams Huihui Qi (dupe) (Assistant Teaching Professor)      "Carolyn L Sandoval (Associate Director)"   "Marko Lubarda (Assistant Teaching Professor)"   "Curt Schurgers (Teaching Professor)"      "Saharnaz Baghdadchi (Teaching Professor)"   "Maziar Ghazinejad (Assistant Teaching Professor)"   "Mia Minnes (Associate Teaching Professor)"      "Nathan Delson"      "Minju Kim (PhD Candidate)"      "Alex M Phan"      "Celeste Pilegard"      "Josephine Relaford-Doyle"          
123 Integrated Engineering and Empathy Activities in Pre-K and Kindergarten Melissa Higgins (Vice President of Programs and Exhibits)   "Michelle Cerrone"                    
124 International Research Experience for Native American Students in IoT-Enabled Environmental Monitoring Technologies Jinhui Wang   "Jill Motschenbacher"   "Amber D Finley"                   
125 Investigating the Impact of Arts on Student Learning by Introducing Glass Science in the Materials Engineering Curriculum Katrina Donovan (Lecturer)   "Jon J Kellar (Professor)"   "Michael West (Assoc. Professor & Chair)"      "Cassandra M Degen (Associate Professor)"   "Stuart D. Kellogg (Professor & Chair)"   "Deborah Jean Mitchell (Artist in Residence )"      "Matthew Whitehead"               
126 Launching a Holistic Student Support & Scholarship Program Rickey A. Caldwell (Assistant Professor)      "Julia St. Goar (Associate Professor of Mathematics)"   "Brandi Lee Baldock (Assistant Professor)"   "William G McDowell (Associate Professor)"                  
127 Leadership Development and STEM Student Success Using the Social Interdependence Model Bruce DeRuntz   "Tom Withee"                    
128 Leadership Succession in the National Science Foundation Revolutionizing Engineering Departments Projects Julia Williams   "Eva Andrijcic (Associate Professor of Engineering Management)"   "Cara Margherio"   "Elizabeth Litzler (Director)"   "Sriram Mohan (Professor of Computer Science & Software Engineering)"   "Selen Güler"                
129 Lessons Learned from Year 1 of NSF Research Experience for Teachers Site at North Dakota State University Beena Ajmera   "Sarah L Crary"   "Christi Mcgeorge"                   
130 Lightweight, Scalable, and Relational Learning Experiences as an Approach to Overcoming System-Level Challenges in Education David Lee                     
131 Linkage between Students Study Habits and their grades analyzed through Bayesian statistics Muhammad Dawood (Dr.)   "Melissa J. Guynn"   "Patti Wojahn (Professor)"                   
132 Long-Term Impact of Humanitarian Engineering Projects on Views of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Preliminary Qualitative Results from Alumni  Kirsten Dodson   "Hannah Grace Duke (Undergraduate Researcher)"      "Justice White"      "Elizabeth Buchanan"                  
133 Making Engineering Real: Elementary Teachers Virtual Engineering Instruction Jennifer Maeng   "Amanda Gonczi (Dr.)"   "Robert Handler"   "Whitney Nicole Mccoy"                  
134 Making to the Future: An Innovative Approach to Undergraduate Science Education S. Catherine S. Key   "Aileen Reid"   "Eric Saliim"   "Tanina Bradley"                  
135 Mentoring Low-SES Students and Developing Professional Support Networks Robert Stwalley                     
136 Mentoring to Build the NSF ATE Community Karen Wosczyna-birch (Director)                     
137 Micro Nano Technology Education Center Jared Ashcroft (Professor)   "Billie Copley"   "Peter D Kazarinoff (Managing Director)"   "Neda Habibi"   "Mel Cossette"                 
138 MIND THE GAP! between engineers process safety beliefs and behaviors Cayla Ritz   "Cheryl A Bodnar (Associate Professor cheryl.bodnar@gmail.com> stranskyj6@students.rowan.edu> dringenberg.1@osu.edu> elif.miskioglu@bucknell.edu>               
139 Mobile, hands-on experiments for classroom demonstrations and student team-based exercises Aldo Ferri                     
140 More Than Just Nice to Have: Engineering Managers Perceptions about the Role of Adaptability in Hiring and Promotion Decisions Samantha Brunhaver   "Susan Sajadi (PhD Student)"   "Talia Makarov"                   
141 Nanotechnology Experiences for Teachers and Students, Student Experiences and Outcomes Brandon Sorge (Associate Professor of STEM Education Research)   "Grant Fore (Research Associate)"   "Mangilal Agarwal"                   
142 National Science Foundation ATE Grant Funding and Mentoring Opportunities Greg Kepner                     
143 Nontraditional students in engineering: Studying student support and success experiences to improve persistence and retention Cory Brozina (Assistant Professor and Director of First Year Engineering)                     
144 NSF RIEF: Influence of Self-Efficacy and Social Support on Persistence and Achievement in Chemical Engineering Sophomores: Measuring the Impact of an Intervention Brad Cicciarelli   "Catherine Belk"   "Marisa Orr"   "Timothy Reeves (Lecturer of Engineering)"                  
145 Parental perspectives: Examining caregiver experiences and perceptions of growth and learning within an out-of-school elementary engineering program Peter N. Knox (Doctoral Candidate)      "Kelli Paul"      "Jungsun Kim (Research Scientist)"   "Jing Yang"   "Adam Maltese"   "Sawsan Werfelli"   "Amber Simpson"               
146 Perceptions of Engineering Learning Software in Classrooms with Diverse Student Populations Using an Expanded Technology Acceptance Model Kimberly Cook-chennault (Associate Professor)      "Idalis Villanueva (Associate Professor)"                    
147 Perspectives of Engineering Faculty and Practitioners on Creativity in Solving Ill-Structured Problems Secil Akinci-ceylan   "Kristen Sara Cetin (Assistant Professor)"      "Benjamin Ahn"                   
148 Preparing Rural Middle School Teachers to Implement an Engineering Design Elective Course: A Just-In-Time Professional Development Approach Tameshia Ballard Baldwin (Teaching Assistant Professor)   "Callie Edwards"                    
149 Problem Based Learning as a Framework for a Research Experience for Teachers Stephanie Philipp (Assistant Professor)                     
150 Professional Socialization to Enhance Research and Faculty Readiness Jeremy V Ernst (Professor)   "Brenda R. Brand (Professor)"   "Xiao Zhu"                   
151 Promoting pedagogical change around writing:     Observations of discursive turbulence Celia Mathews Elliott (Director; External Affairs)      "Julie Zilles"      "Ryan Ware"      "Megan Mericle"      "Paul Prior"      "John Gallagher"      "Lance Cooper (Associate Head for Graduate Programs)"   "John Popovics"              
152 Recognition of Subtle Bias Tempers Explicit Gender Stereotyping Among STEM Students Logan Burley   "Darnishia Lashalle Slade"   "Lorelle Meadows"   "Denise Sekaquaptewa"                  
153 Recruiting and Retaining Low-Income Engineering Students Across Four Institutions During a Pandemic: Progress and Lessons Learned from a Track 3 S-STEM Grant Ricky T Castles (Associate Professor)      "Chris Venters (Assistant Professor)"                    
154 Recruitment Strategy Development for First Generation, Underrepresented, and Low-Income Masters Students Briceland Mclaughlin (Senior Advisor)      "Julianne A. Wenner (Associate Professor)"                    
155 Redefining and Reconceptualizing Disability Identity in Civil Engineering Cassandra McCall   "Ashley Shew"   "Marie C. Paretti (Professor)"   "Denise Rutledge Simmons (Associate Professor)"      "Lisa Mcnair"                 
156 Reducing Gender-Based Harassment in Engineering: Opportunities and Obstacles to Bystander Intervention Mala Htun (Professor)   "Amir Hedayati Mehdiabadi (Assistant Professor)"      "Elizabeth Moschella-Smith"                   
157 Reducing Student Resistance to Active Learning Through Instructor Development: Project Update Lea Marlor   "Cynthia J. Finelli (Professor)"   "Maura Borrego"   "Michael J. Prince (Professor)"   "Madeleine Smith"                 
158 Reimagining Energy Year 4: Lessons Learned Gordon D Hoople (Assistant Professor)      "Diana Chen (Assistant Professor of Engineering)"   "Susan M Lord (Professor & Chair)"   "Joel Alejandro Mejia (Dr.)"                  
159 Research Experience for K-5 Educators to Enrich the STEM Ecosystem by Producing Accessible Curricula Based on National Standards Yuan Li (Student)   "Peyton Turinetti"   "Sarah Corinne Rowlinson Furtney (Instructional Assistant Professor & Undergraduate Coordinator)"                   
160 Research Experiences for Teachers in Simulation and Visualization for  Innovative Industrial Solutions John Moreland   "Tyamo Okosun"   "Armin Silaen (Associate Research Professor)"      "Kyle Alexander Toth (Associate Research Engineer)"                  
161 Research Experiences for Teachers Summer Program in Biologically-inspired Computing Systems Na Gong   "Shenghua Zha"                    
162 Research Initiation: Exploring the Associations Between Personality Attributes and Transformative Learning of Engineering Study Abroad Program Participants Cedrick Kwuimy (Assistant Professor)   "So Yoon Yoon"   "Sheryl A. Sorby (Professor)"   "Stephanie Farrell"                  
163 Responsible Engineering Across Cultures: Investigating the Effects of Culture and Education on Ethical Reasoning and Dispositions of Engineering Students Scott Streiner (Visiting Assistant Professor; Industrial Engineering Department)   "Qin Zhu (Assistant Professor) (Colorado School of Mines)"      "Rockwell Franklin Clancy (Research Assistant Professor) (Delft University of Technology)"      "Ryan Thorpe (Associate Professor)"                  
164 Retention of student participants in an S-STEM funded program versus comparable students in engineering Jacqueline Gartner (Assistant Professor)      "Michele Miller"                    
165 REU Site on UAV Technologies: Impact of the Program on Participants Career in Industry or Graduate School Subodh Bhandari (Professor)   "Erika DeJonghe"   "Amar Raheja"   "Fang Tang (Chair and Professor)"   "Zekeriya Aliyazicioglu"                 
166 Rewards and challenges in adopting agility in an academic department Massood Towhidnejad   "Omar Ochoa (Assistant Professor)"      "James J. Pembridge (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach)"   "Radu F. Babiceanu (Professor)"      "Erin Elizabeth Bowen (A. Dale Thompson Professor of Leadership)"                 
167 RFE: Understanding graduate engineering student well-being for prediction of retention: Year 1 Jennifer Cromley   "Joseph Francis Mirabelli (Graduate Assistant)"      "Karin Jensen"                   
168 Same soup, different bowl: Understanding the mentoring attitudes of STEM doctoral faculty at HBCUs Lisa Merriweather (Dr)   "Cathy Howell (Clinical Assistant Professor)"      "Niesha C Douglas (Dr.)"                   
169 Scaffolding Spatial Abilities in Integral Calculus Eric Davishahl (Professor and Program Coordinator)   "Lee Singleton"   "Todd Haskell"   "Kathryn Mary Rupe (Assistant Professor of Math Education)"      "Leslie Glen"                 
170 Second-Year Review of the NSF-DoD REU Site: HYPER Ali P Gordon (Interim Associate Dean of Graduate Affairs)                     
171 Sketchtivity, an Intelligent Tutoring Software: Broadening Applications and Impact Morgan Weaver (Graduate Research Assistant)      "Donna Jaison"      "Hillary E. Merzdorf (Graduate Student)"   "Tracy Hammond"   "Vimal Kumar Viswanathan (Associate Professor)"   "Kerrie A Douglas (Assistant Professor of Engineering Education)"   "Julie Linsey"               
172 Solar PV Installation and Troubleshooting Course Development Mohsen Azizi   "Venancio Fuentes"                    
173 Something Old, Something New: Lessons Learned from Pivoting an REU Site during the COVID Pandemic Mia K. Markey (Professor)   "Brittain Sobey (Academic Advising Coordinator)"      "Maura Borrego"                   
174 Spaced Retrieval Practice in Undergraduate Engineering Courses:  Psychometric Considerations Patricia A Ralston (Professor)   "Campbell Bego"                    
175 S-STEM First Year Progress: Baylor Engineering     and Computer Science Scholar's Program Michael W. Thompson (Professor and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs)   "Anne Spence"   "Carolyn Skurla (Associate Professor)"   "Emily Sandvall (Director of Undergraduate Programs)"      "Andrea Pouso Morales (Graduate Apprentice)"                 
176 S-STEM Summer, Sophomore Bridge: Successes of Two Cohorts and Experiences of our Year 5 Cohort Katie Evans (Dean)   "Marisa Orr"   "Mitzi Desselles (Associate Professor)"                   
177 S-STEM: Creating Retention and Engagement for Academically Talented Engineers - successes and challenges Indira Chatterjee (Associate Dean of Engineering)      "Kelsey Scalaro"      "Ann-Marie Vollstedt (Teaching Assistant Professor)"   "Adam Kirn (Associate Professor)"                  
178 STEM Identity Development for Under-represented Students in a  Research Experience for Undergraduates Gillian Roehrig (Professor)   "Ngawang Gonsar"   "Alison Haugh Nowariak (Graduate Student STEM Education Researcher) (University of Minnesota)"                   
179 STEM Scholars Engaging in Local Problems Esther Tian (Professor)   "Daniel Showalter"   "Tara Kishbaugh"   "Scott Barge"                  
180 Student Progress after a Learning in Advance Course to Prepare Engineering Students for Circuit Analysis in Electrical Engineering Todd Freeborn                     
181 Student Satisfaction and Perceptions of Summer REU Experience in an Engineering/Communicative Disorders Focused Site at Program Midpoint Todd Freeborn   "Memorie Gosa"   "Debra Moehle Mccallum"   "Erika Steele"                  
182 Supporting an Alternate PhD Pathway in STEM: Findings from a Qualitative Study of Students and Faculty Audrey Rorrer   "David K Pugalee (Dr.)"   "Kamalapriya Srinivasan"                   
183 Supporting Convergence Development through Structural Changes to an ECE Program Alan Cheville (Professor)   "Sarah Appelhans"   "Rebecca Thomas"   "Stewart Thomas"   "Robert M Nickel"   "Stu Thompson"                
184 Supporting Engineering Graduate Students in Professional Identity Cultivation through Disciplinary Stewardship Megan Frary   "Donna C. Llewellyn (Executive Director)"   "Paul Simmonds"   "Julianne A. Wenner (Associate Professor)"                  
185 Surfacing Deeply Held Beliefs about Gender-and Race-Based Minoritization in Engineering: Emerging Insights After Two Years Focused on Data Collection Dira Melissa Delpech (PhD Student)      "Emily Dringenberg (Assistant Professor)"                    
186 Surprises along the Path toward Equity in Engineering and Computer Science Education Rebecca Atadero   "Jody Paul (Professor)"   "Karen Rambo-Hernandez"   "Melissa Lynn Morris (Associate Professor In Residence)"   "Robin Hensel"   "Scott Leutenegger"   "Ronald R. Delyser (Associate Professor Emeritus)"      "Christopher Griffin (Dr.)"      "A. M. Aramati Casper"             
187 Sustainable bridges from campus to campus: Summer bridge program implementation across four campuses Catherine Cohan   "Lauren Griggs"   "Ryan Scott Hassler"   "Mark William Johnson"   "Michael Kagan"   "Amy L. Freeman (Director afreeman@psu.edu> tzp225@psu.edu>             
188 Teaming Engineering Students with Medical Students - Interdisciplinary Learning for Biomedical Innovation George Tan (Assistant Professor)   "Luke LeFebvre"   "Tim Dallas (Professor)"   "Changxue Xu"   "Jnev Biros"                 
189 The AMPLIFY Project: Experiences of Engineering Instructional Faculty at HSIs Yamile Urquidi Cerros   "Henry Salgado (GRA)"   "Valerie Vanessa Bracho Perez (Graduate Research Assistant)"   "Ines Basalo (Assistant Professor in Practice)"   "Meagan Kendall"   "Alexandra Strong"   "Gemma Henderson (Senior Instructional Designer)"               
190 The concerns and perceived challenges that students faced when traditional in-person engineering courses suddenly transitioned to remote learning Sarah Orton   "Fan Yu"   "Johanna Milord"   "Lisa Y Flores (Professor)"   "Rose M Marra (Director)"                 
191 The Consequential Agency of Faculty Seeking to Make Departmental Change Vanessa Svihla   "Nadia Kellam"   "Susannah C. Davis (Research Assistant Professor)"                   
192 The Cumulative Effects of an NSF-Funded Additive Manufacturing Course at Three Large State Universities and Their Surrounding Communities Patricia Maloney                     
193 The development of collegiate STEM self-efficacy: A longitudinal study of first-year students Megan Mcspedon (Graduate Student)      "Margaret E. Beier"      "Brittany Bradford"                   
194 The Development of Sociotechnical Thinking in Engineering Undergraduates Kathryn Johnson (Professor)   "Jon Leydens"   "Jenifer Blacklock (Director of the Western Colorado University Partnership Program)"   "Stephanie Claussen (Assistant Professor)"   "Barbara M. Moskal (Professor)"   "Janet Tsai"   "Natalie Plata"               
195 The effects of gender and URM status on the engineering professional identity of upper-year engineering students Sara A. Atwood (Dean of the School of Engineering; Mathematics; and Computer Science; and Associate Professor of Phy) (Elizabethtown College)   "Shannon Katherine Gilmartin (Senior Research Scholar/Adjunct Professor)"      "Sheri Sheppard (Professor)"                   
196 The Impact of S-STEM Faculty Mentoring on the Mentors Donna C. Llewellyn (Executive Director)      "Emily Knaphus-soran"                    
197 The neurocognition of engineering students designing: A preliminary study exploring problem framing and the use of concept mapping Tripp Shealy   "John S Gero (Dr)"   "Paulo Ignacio Jr."                   
198 The Synergy of Intertwining Grant Activities: Cyber Up! and GenCyber Girls Tobi West                     
199 The WRI2TES Project: Writing Research Initiating Identity Transformation in Engineering Students Royce Francis (Associate Professor)      "Marie C. Paretti (Professor)"   "Rachel Claire Riedner (Professor)"                   
200 The XXX Engineering Academic Talent (HEAT) Scholarship Program: An Educational Model to Enhance Socio-Economic Mobility for Community College Students Yoel Rodríguez (Professor)   "Antonios Varelas"   "Clara Nieto-Wire"                   
201 THREE MENTORING PROGRAMS IN MATHEMATICS  AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON     AND THEIR LOCAL AND BROADER IMPACTS Tuncay Aktosun (Dr.)   "Yolanda Parker"   "Jianzhong Su (Professor and Chair)"                   
202 Three Years of the Urban STEM Collaboratory Maryam Darbeheshti (Faculty)   "Miriam Howland Cummings"      "Stephanie S Ivey (Associate Dean for Research)"   "David J. Russomanno (Dean)"   "Craig O. Stewart"   "Tom Altman"   "Katherine Goodman"   "Michael S. Jacobson"   "Karen D Alfrey (Associate Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs and Programs)"   "Jeffrey Watt"            
203 Tracking SUCCESS in Mechanical Engineering Students: Update on a Longitudinal Study of the Role of Non-Cognitive and Affective (NCA) Factors James Widmann   "John Chen"   "Jocelyn Paula Gee"   "Brian Self"                  
204 Transitioning Sustainable Manufacturing Undergraduate Research Experiences from an In-Person to a Virtual Format Jeremy Lewis Rickli (Assistant Professor)      "Yinlun Huang (Professor)"                    
205 Underrepresented Minority Women's Experiences in a Virtual eSTEM Peer Mentoring Program Vivian Olivia Jones (Assistant Professor)      "Jillian L Wendt (Associate Professor of Science Education)"                    
206 Understanding the Values of, and Institutional Barriers Toward, Transforming Undergraduate Learning in the Pursuit of Innovation Greg Strimel   "Sherylyn Briller (Professor)"   "Douglas Edward Pruim"   "Todd Kelley (Associate Professor)"      "Jung Joo Sohn"      "Rebecca Martinez"                
207 Understanding Undergraduate Engineering Students’ Pandemic Experiences Michelle Maher (Professor)   "Jacob Marszalek"   "Kathleen O'shea"                   
208 Update on is it Rocket Science or Brain Science? Developing an Approach to Measure Engineering Intuition Sanjeev M Kavale   "Kaela Martin"   "Elif Miskioglu (Assistant Professor)"      "Adam R Carberry (Associate Professor) (Arizona State University)"   "Caroline Bolton"   "Madeline Roth"                
209 US Engineering Employment During the COVID-19 Pandemic James Creese Davis (Economist)   "Gerald Roger Marschke (Associate Professor)"      "Holden Diethorn"      "Andrew Wang"                  
210 Using a Student Success Coach to Improve Success for Full and Part-Time Students in STEM Tom G Carter (Professor)   "Richard Jarman"   "Susan Fenwick"   "Marcia Frank (Grants Manager)"   "Cory DiCarlo"                 
211 Using Blended Modalities for Engineering Education Professional Development: Supporting Elementary Teachers’ Development of Community-Focused Engineering Curricula Rebekah Hammack   "Nick Lux (Associate Professor)"   "Miracle Moonga"   "Blake Wiehe"   "Brock J. Lameres (Director lameres@montana.edu>               
212 Using Telehealth Technologies to Build Nurse Practitioner Student Confidence Dawn O. Eckhoff   "Michelle Taub (Assistant Professor)"      "Hansen Mansy"      "Damla Turgut (Professor)"      "Sang-Eun Song"                 
213 Using Virtual Delivery to Build Interest in Technology Careers Karen Wosczyna-birch (Director)   "John Birch"                    
214 US-Sweden Bioinformatics NSF-IRES Year 1: Program Development and Initial Lessons Learned Mark Chapman                     
215 Virtual Communities of Practice: Social Capitals Influence on Faculty Development Isabel Miller   "Chiebuka Egwuonwu (The Ohio State University)"      "Julie P Martin (Associate Professor) (The Ohio State University)"   "Karin Jensen"                  
216 Virtual REU Program: Engineering Education Research Oenardi Lawanto (Professor)   "Wade H Goodridge (Associate Professor)"      "Assad Iqbal"                   
217 Virtualizing Hands-On Mechanical Engineering Laboratories - A Paradox or Oxymoron Kimberly Cook-chennault (Associate Professor)                     
218 Voices of experience: Enhancing learning on resilient infrastructure and sustainability through servingness Ruben Leoncio Caban   "Rocio Juliana Sotomayor-irizarry (Student)"      "Elmer Miguel Irizarry Rosario"   "Humberto Eduardo Cavallin"   "Carla Lopez Del Puerto (Professor)"   "Luisa Guillemard (Dr.)"                
219 WIP - Creating, Living & Sustaining Partnerships between  Community Colleges and B.S.-Granting Colleges of Engineering:  Theory, Tools & Practices Jane Lehr   "Dominic Dal Bello"   "John Y Oliver (Professor)"   "Victoria Siaumau"                  
220 Work in Progress: Development of UAS Module in Laboratory Class for a Senior Engineering Core Course Jiaze Gao   "Zahed Siddique (Professor)"   "Md Tanvir Ahad"   "Wei Sun"                  
221 Work In Progress: Initiating a graduate teaching fellow program to support undergraduates transferring into engineering and computing programs Marian Kennedy   "Spencer Davenport"   "William Ferriell"   "Kaitlynn Conway"                  
222 Workshop Result: Feedback from the 2021 Engineering Research Center Planning Grant Workshop Sarah Yang   "Erin Steigerwalt"   "Gary Lichtenstein"   "Kelsey Watts"                  
223 Youth Engineering Solutions (YES) Out of School: Engineering Opportunities in Out-of-School Programs for English Learners Christine Cunningham   "Gregory Kelly"                    
224 Zip to Industry: A First-Year Corporate-STEM Connection Program Donald P. Visco (Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)   "Nidaa Makki"   "Joshua Phillips"   "Elle Bonnema"   "Deanna R. Dunn (Director)"   "Laura L Carey (Director llf17@uakron.edu>