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47th Annual ETLI

September 29 - 30, 2022
Alexandria, VA - Hilton Old Town


About ETLI

The Engineering Technology Leaders Institute (ETLI) is the dedicated annual meeting of stakeholders in engineering technology education. Participants come from across the US institutions like community colleges, companies, professional organizations, and 4-year schools. The objective is to promote high quality engineering technology education to support students, their families, and the companies they will join. Sample agenda items include curriculum, accessibility, industry needs, advocacy, and licensing. (The group is not political but does try to inform governmental actions.)

The annual ETLI is hosted by the Engineering Technology Council (ETC) of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE.) The ASEE is the international organization for Engineering Education. It's mission is "ASEE advances innovation, excellence, and access at all levels of education for the engineering profession."

Engineering Technology (ET) is one branch of engineering education that focuses on contemporary practical applications. Graduates of these 4-year programs normally move to engineering careers in all industries. Notably, these programs have higher levels of diversity than traditional engineering programs.