Program Benefits

Team "Concept Warehouse". (Left to right: David Silverstein, Milo Koretsky, Debra Gilbuena, Dan Sayre).
Cohort: 2014 Washington, DC Metro Area

Participating teams will:

  • Share their ideas and receive feedback.
  • Explore and understand what is needed to scale educational innovations and learn of the possible barriers to adoption.
  • Learn a set of tools that will be useful to improve their innovation and research.
  • Develop professionally.
  • Grow their network, having invaluable contact with colleagues, customers, and partners.
  • Contribute to an innovation ecosystem that will form the future of STEM education
  • Write better grant proposals with enhanced understanding of potential for sustainable scalability.


"I think the program's 'content elements,' (i.e., a scientific approach to customer discovery framed within the construct of the business model canvas) provide a potentially transformative perspective to propagation of innovation."

"The overall [BMC] experience is valuable. It is helpful to be forced out of one's comfort zone and to put much more emphasis on customers than how cool our ideas are."

"What it has been impacting positively has been the perspective on taking on a couple of the elements of my job outside of this, including just treating the management of my project, the expansion of my project, and looking at it from a start-up perspective."

"I actually feel that I am learning something that I can apply to challenges at my work outside of being a partner and a teammate to my friends on this project. So it's been very beneficial to learn a start-up approach to mapping out a new project."

"Having to conduct so many interviews was incredibly helpful. As we ran out of people to talk to, we were forced to get opinions from people we wouldn't have normally thought to talk to."