Program Overview


  • Give participant teams an experiential learning opportunity to help determine the readiness of their innovations for sustainable scalability.
  • Enable teams to develop a clear “go/no go” decision regarding sustainable scalability of their innovations.
  • Develop a transition plan and actionable tasks to move innovations forward to sustainable scalability, if teams decide to do so.


3 Day Kick-off Workshop

During this three-day workshop, teams are introduced to the Lean LaunchPad approach, learn the business model development and customer development process, get out of the building to meet with customers, and present what they learned to the class. 

5 Online classes

Five, weekly online classes convene. During this five-week period, teams are also required to get out of the building and test their business model assumptions, meeting with about 15 customer contacts each week (with the objective of conducting at least 100 total contacts). Each online class has two parts: team presentations and class discussion of the weekly lecture. 

2 Day Final Workshop

During this two-day workshop, teams present the lessons learned in their exploration of sustainable scalability.


Sample Schedule