Special Interest Groups


It is the intent of the K-12 Special Interest Group (SIG) Educational Pipeline, and Future Workforce to engage all stakeholders in activities and projects that produce outcomes that will expand and improve K-12 STEM initiatives in our nation’s K-12 schools.


  • Disseminate nationally the Rationale for “Engineering Activities are for All Americans” and the “Guidelines for Engineering Activities are for All Americans. These two documents to be distributed to the key stakeholder K-12 groups for their use and comment.
  • Communicate the importance of the Rationale and Guidelines to the K-12 Engineering/Engineering Technology educational community for development of a common language that unites the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in STEM across the nation.
  • Review, modify, and propose the adoption of the Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) Programs Career Cluster Programs Rubric and the Extra Curricular STEM Rubric in the nations STEM Cluster Programs.
  • Actively support the ASEE “Go For It” Program.
  • Actively work with the K-12 Education Community to assist in the continuing development of an increased population as students in our Engineering Schools.
  • Actively support activities that will assist in the retention of interest in the applied sciences and mathematics that promotes technology and innovation and student’s interest in Engineering and Engineering Technology.
  • Communicate the importance of diverse populations in the participation at the K-12 educational institutions and programs where engineering activities serve to improve the student’s ideas and interests in STEM programs.
  • Actively support the STEM Career Cluster National Advisory Council, its objectives and goals and to provide constituent membership to support the Council’s activities.

Special Interest Groups (SIG)

  • SIG for System Engineering – Alice Squires
  • P-12
  • DEI