PIC V Bylaws

These bylaws supersede the bylaws of the College-Industry Council (as amended January 23, 1984 and any subsequent amended version or versions) and the bylaws of the College-Government Council (dated January 7, 1983 and any subsequent version or versions.)

Revised: June 2000
Revised: June 2007


The name of this organization shall be the Professional Interest Council V (PIC V) of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE).


The purpose of this PIC is to serve as the focal point for interaction between educators of engineers and engineering technologists, either in industry or government, and to represent their common interests on the board of ASEE. It will assist ASEE to achieve its objectives and goals by:

1. Providing forums for discussion and information exchange on matters pertaining to the educational preparation of engineers and engineering technologists in either industry or government.

2. Representing and speaking on behalf of the PIC members who have been or are participants in the engineering and engineering technology education process.

3. Identifying mutual interests to serve as a basis for cooperation among education, industry, and government.

4. Initiating special projects requiring the cooperation of educators and individuals from industry and government.

5. Assessing and recommending the establishment of methods and practices affecting the education of engineers and engineering technologists.

6. Encouraging close relationships among all individuals from industry, government, and academia engaged in engineering and engineering technology through the organization of programs of mutual interest at ASEE conferences (e.g. ASEE Annual Conference, Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration, ASEE Section conferences).

7. Actively supporting ASEE through promotion of individual memberships as well as educational, industrial, and governmental institutional members in the Society.


1. The Professional Interest Council-V (PIC-V) shall include the:

a. ASEE Continuing Professional Development Division (CPDD),
b. ASEE Cooperative & Experiential Education (CEED),
c. ASEE College Industry Partnerships Division (CIPD)

2. The membership shall be composed of individual members of ASEE who affiliate with one or more of the above-named divisions.


1. The PIC shall be governed by the PIC Executive Board. The membership of the Executive Board of the PIC shall consist of twelve members: a PIC Chair; a Vice-Chair, the PIC Past-Chair; and the Past-Chair, Chair, and Chair-Elect of each of the three member divisions.

2. The PIC-V chair will be elected during the annual ASEE National election. Two candidates will be nominated for a contested election in accordance with the ASEE policy for PICs. The nomination process for PIC V chair will be rotated on a two-year basis to the three divisions starting with CPDD in 2008, CED in 2010 and CIPD in 2012 and this sequence will continue in perpetuity.

3. The office of Chair will be filled by a member in good standing among the three member divisions. The term of office of the chair shall be two years in accord with the ASEE Constitution (Article III, Section 3). The two-year term of the PIC-V Chair shall begin in even-numbered years as specified in ASEE Bylaw II 2.

4. The office of Vice-Chair will be appointed by the PIC-V Executive Board. The term of office of the PIC Vice-Chair shall be for a two-year period.

5. The Chair and Past-Chair of the PIC-V shall serve as the PIC-V Nominating Committee for the purpose of nominating two individuals for PIC-V Chair. The deliberations of the nominating Committee shall include consultation with the officers of the divisions from which these individuals will be selected.

6. The terms of office of members of the PIC Executive Board shall begin with the ASEE Society year as defined in Article VI of the ASEE Constitution.

7. The Executive Board may, with the concurrence of all members of the Board, appoint ad hoc members or ask specific individuals to attend the Board meetings to provide needed assistance or counsel.

8. In the case when the Chair is absent or cannot perform the duties of the office, the order of succession to the Chair for the conduct of all business shall be as follows: the Vice-Chair, then the Past-Chair of one of the three Divisions. The Executive Board may determine such incapacity to constitute a permanent vacancy because of death, resignation, or other valid reason, to which the order of successions above set forth, shall apply.


1. The Chair of the PIC shall serve on the ASEE Board of Directors in accord with Section 9, Article III of the ASEE Constitution.

2. The Past-Chair of the PIC shall serve on the ASEE Nominating Committee as specified in Section I or Article IV of the ASEE constitution and ASEE Bylaw III 5.


1. The PIC shall hold its Annual Meeting during the Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration. An additional business Executive Board meeting shall be held during the ASEE Annual Conference. Members of the Society and other persons shall be eligible to attend all meetings of the PIC.

2. A quorum of the Executive Board for the transaction of the business shall consist of a majority of the Executive Board.


The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order (latest edition) shall govern this PIC in all cases to which they apply, and in which they are consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of ASEE.


These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Board present at the Annual Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration provided the reason for amendment has been previously discussed. Amendments approved by the Executive Board shall be submitted through the PIC-V Chair for approval by majority vote of the ASEE Board of Directors and shall take effect only upon such approval.