Start a New Chapter

One of the most important aspects of a successful student chapter is having a supportive dean and active faculty advisor. To locate a candidate for faculty advisor at your school, you might want to contact  ASEE's Campus Representative at your institution. They should be able to put you in touch with a suitable faculty advisor.

You will also need to identify students who are not only willing to serve as officers but also students who are a little further away from graduating who can take over from the graduating officers thereby ensuring the continuity of the Student Chapter. Currently ASEE headquarters require only Student Chapter Officers to be Student Members of ASEE.

Once a faculty advisor has been named,  they should get together with the students to draw up a set of by-laws and a constitution (examples of which can be found by looking through other Student Chapter websites). Once the constitution and by-laws have been drawn up, and the committee members/officers named, then the dean should provide a letter pledging  their support for the newly formed chapter. These materials should be forwarded to ASEE Member Services at

Once these materials have been received at ASEE headquarters, ASEE will instruct the Student Division to update the  ASEE Student Chapter website ( 

All Student Chapter members are encouraged to join the ASEE Student Division.
To join the division please email

Sample copies of other ASEE publications can also be requested.