Classified Advertising in ASEE Prism Magazine


As of July 29, ASEE has a new process for placing classifieds.  Please email to place your ad.   

ASEE outlets reach thousands of influential, high-earning readers. Since 1893, we have been a leader in advancing engineering and engineering technology education nationally and around the globe. ASEE Prism was created in 1991.

ASEE’s members, plus thousands of other readers interested in engineering educators and new developments in the engineering discipline itself, look to ASEE Prism for invaluable information and excellent job opportunities in the engineering education sector.

This makes ASEE Prism the perfect place to advertise open positions in academe, industry, or government; positions wanted; and short courses, seminars, and meetings.


Why advertise with us:

  • We are an engineering education society that covers the gamut of all engineering disciplines, offering customers affordable and first-rate classified ad format choices that are customized to your advertising needs in ASEE Prism and online.
  • Classified ads placed in ASEE Prism are also placed on the website in wrap text format for sixty days at no additional charge and are available to the public immediately for viewing.
  • NEW! ASEE Classified Advertising offers live hyperlinks within your online ads!
  • Free access to the ASEE Advertising website url that is listed within the Connections e-newsletter that leads potential job seekers directly to the ASEE job board.
  • Online Tearsheets are now available! Please visit the ASEE Classified Advertising website.

We look forward to serving and providing you with first-rate service best suited for your advertising needs.

For further information regarding classified advertising and/or to get a price quote, please contact: Classified Advertising Manager, Eamil:

View the job postings here.


ASEE members can access classified advertisements on our web site 30 days prior to publication in ASEE Prism. The ads are accessible to non-members the first day of the issue month.


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Classified Advertising Online

Our online service is a year-round service we offer our customers when circumstances will not allow them to print in the ASEE Prism. Sometimes there may be conflicting application deadline dates and timelines causing a customer not to print in the magazine. You can post an online ad for thirty days online using the ASEE classified advertising website and guaranteed same day service upon your approval.

To submit an ad online you must create an account with ASEE first - it's free!

Contact Classified Advertising Manager for more details at


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