ASEE is the professional society for U.S. engineering colleges, educators and administrators. 90% of all accredited U.S. engineering colleges and deans are ASEE members.

ASEE also reaches thousands of K-12 STEM teachers and students through the Engineering Go For It (eGFI) initiative. eGFI promotes engineering as an exciting career choice for middle school and high school students through a wide variety of print and online publications.

Hundreds of premier corporate, government and educational organizations regularly depend on ASEE to get their message out to the highly influential engineering education community.

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Commercial Advertising Opportunities

Higher Education Market
PRISM Magazine
Prism Magazine

ASEE’s flagship publication is mailed to ASEE members monthly during the school year. It is the most popular engineering education publication in the United States. In an ASEE membership survey, 90% indicated that PRISM magazine is the top benefit of an ASEE membership.

Profiles of Engineering Colleges
Profiles of Engineering Colleges

Engineering deans around the United States read this statistical directory which is the authority on engineering college data. The data have been cited in Businessweek, the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, USA Today, and many other leading publications.

ASEE Website is the premier website for reaching engineering faculty and deans across all engineering disciplines and colleges. The site is the top search result for the keywords "engineering education" in any search engine.

Connections E-newsletter
Connections E-newsletter

This popular monthly e-newsletter is sent to all ASEE members and is the best way to get into their email inboxes.

The Acc.
The Accelerator

The Accelerator is a monthly e-newsletter that keeps engineering undergrad and graduate students informed on the latest news affecting student life, engineering, and higher education allowing them to connect and succeed.

K-12 Market

This K-12 e-newsletter and blog provides thousands of high school and middle school STEM teachers with new engineering lesson plans and classroom activities each week.

eGFI Student Blog
eGFI Student Blog

This blog is read by thousands of K-12 students interested in studying engineering. The blog is a popular feature of the eGFI website which is the top search result for the keywords “K-12 engineering” in any search engine.


This colorful and inspiring online magazine is read in K-12 classrooms across the country and designed to attract middle school and high school students to the exciting world of engineering and technology.

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  • ASEE is the largest, most diverse, and prestigious engineering education society in the United States.
  • Since 1893, ASEE has been the networking center among engineering colleges.
  • ASEE is a leader in promoting K-12 engineering education nationwide through widely circulated publications, a cutting edge web-site, and workshops for students and teachers.
  • ASEE reaches every accredited engineering college in the United States across all engineering disciplines.
  • The ASEE community provides a credible and personal network to develop relationships with faculty members and deans.
  • ASEE members influence generations of leaders within their field. In the classroom they teach the more than 500,000 undergraduate and graduate students who are the engineers of tomorrow. In the laboratory they conduct cutting-edge research.
  • Students who use your products in the classroom today will use your products tomorrow as leaders in the engineering and technology workforce.
  • ASEE’s events, publications, and network are an integral component in the business plans of some of the Fortune 500’s most innovative companies.
  • ASEE is the leader in providing engineering education news for campuses around the country.
  • Educators who care deeply about new teaching developments in engineering regularly read ASEE’s publications.
  • More undergraduates major in engineering than in mathematics, computer science, and the physical sciences combined.
  • The diverse field of engineering covers nearly all science and math disciplines (biology, calculus, chemistry, physics, etc). To view a listing of most undergraduate engineering programs in the U.S. click here PDF Icon (116KB).
  • Over $6 billion is spent each year on research at engineering colleges.