ASEE is THE professional society for U.S. engineering educators and administrators. ASEE events, publications and web sites are terrific vehicles to reach ASEE members: 12,000 individuals, 450 colleges and 150 corporations. Partnering with ASEE provides your organization with cost-effective, value-added opportunities to:

  • PROMOTE YOUR BRAND – Create brand awareness and build brand loyalty among a targeted audience of engineering educators and administrators, including over 200 Deans.
  • DRIVE SALES REVENUE – Gather new leads, build relationships with prospects and cultivate current customers at ASEE events
  • AUGMENT YOUR RECRUITING EFFORTS – Cultivating relationships with our members is a great way to have a competitive advantage when you’re recruiting their best and brightest engineering graduates.
  • DISPLAY CORPORATE LEADERSHIP - Highlight your commitment to furthering excellence in engineering and engineering technology education.

ASEE’s integrated marketing packages provide tremendous value while helping you achieve your brand marketing, sales, outreach and recruiting goals. Opportunities include:

For more information on ASEE partner marketing opportunities, please contact ASEE's Manager, Commercial Advertising & Exhibit Sales at 202-649-3838 or