NCEES is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the engineering and surveying professions. It develops, administers, and scores the FE, PE, and SE exams used for professional engineering licensure and provides services for licensees and licensure candidates, including the NCEES Records Program and NCEES Credentials Evaluations.
NCEES and its member licensing boards believe that a strong licensure process benefits the engineering profession as a whole. NCEES works with partner organizations throughout the profession to promote effective standards for engineering licensure. It encourages engineering students in all disciplines to pursue the P.E. license, with a focus on the career benefits and professional prestige that accompany this title.

ASEE Partnership:

ASEE members have long known NCEES as the organization behind the FE exam (Fundamentals of Engineering). The FE, which is administered to nearly 50,000 candidates each year, is designed for college seniors and tests the knowledge gained while earning an undergraduate engineering degree.

The FE exam is well-regarded by engineering educators as an outcomes assessment tool and is used for this purpose on campuses throughout the country. NCEES has long benefited from the valuable assistance of ASEE members who participate in the FE exam development process.

NCEES partners with ASEE as a sponsor of eGFI to promote the engineering profession among K-12 students and is a presence at major ASEE events.


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