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Join the premier network of engineering and engineering technology education leaders.

ASEE Corporate membership is how companies like yours can influence what and how engineering students are taught. This is a great opportunity to weigh in on engineering and engineering technology education.

We’re connected with deans, faculty and administrators at all major engineering and engineering technology institutions. Together we can determine the best way to prepare engineering students for a bright future --- with you.

Why join ASEE? Membership will provide your company with a valuable opportunity to engage with a network of nearly every engineering and engineering technology leader. Leverage the collective strengths of their institutions and resources to advance innovation, excellence, and access at all levels of education for the engineering profession.

What Our Corporate Partners Are Saying About ASEE

Dora Smith
Dora Smith: Siemens

Membership in the Corporate Member Council of ASEE enables you to influence the future of engineering education. These opportunities enable you to connect with nearly all the engineering deans and educators in the U.S. at one time.

Beyond the large reach the council provides to members, it connects you with a close-knit network that is driving change in education. Membership is a tremendous value for Siemens.

You know what critical skills the marketplace needs; you can help engineering educators shape curriculum and develop important research projects. Let’s work together to improve education by discovering and implementing innovations in curricula, research collaborations, institutional management, and more.

When you join the ASEE, you access to deans and faculty, allowing you to create networks and relationships that will expand your reach for talented and innovative engineers you contribute to the ongoing assessment and improvement of engineering education practices; you support the development of top quality engineering graduates who will go on to strengthen the workforce and stimulate local and global economies; and you grow your global network among the leadership of engineering schools worldwide, allowing you to identify and access talent and engage meaningfully across the higher education sector.

As a corporate member, you receive:

  • Updates on the latest changes and developments in engineering education and news from engineering schools around the US.
  • Access to a network of engineering and engineering technology deans, department chairs and leadership including access to closed door sessions and receptions discussing the needs and future of the industry.
  • Opportunities to serve on the Corporate Member Council to steer the direction of engineering education on topics such as diversity, new and disruptive technologies, innovation, and industry-academia partnerships.
  • Access to Profiles of Engineering and Technology College, ASEE’s engineering education data and discounted access to ASEE’s exclusive online data mining tool, which enables ad-hoc reporting of the data collected in ASEE's annual Profiles of Engineering Colleges survey.
  • Access to ASEE Publications Including ASEE PRISM, the Society's award-winning magazine that covers the full spectrum of engineering/technology education issues and Journal of Engineering Education, the option to receive a free subscription to ASEE's peer-reviewed quarterly journal.
  • Discounted registration and unlimited networking opportunities through the Annual Conference, the ASEE Conference on Industry and Education Cooperation, regional meetings, and other activities.
  • Discounted access to ASEE’s resource central and other online opportunities.
  • Opportunities to share your news with our members.

Corporate Member Rates

Corporate Membership

For companies 100 or more employees. Full members may choose up to four employees — a key contact representative to the Corporate Member Council and three others — who will all receive the benefits of individual ASEE member¬ship.


Corporate Affiliate Membership

For companies fewer than 100 employees. Affiliate members name one person to serve as Corporate Member Council representative and receive the benefits of an individual ASEE membership.



ASEE Corporate Members may appoint a "key contact" to represent your organization on ASEE's Corporate Member Council (CMC), which has a specific mission to advance the dialogue and collaboration between academia and industry. THE CMC meeting monthly online and in person twice a year plus offers participation in other events throughout the year, the Council provides the ideal conduit for communications from industry into the top levels of engineering and engineering technology education.

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