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ASEE Leads Advocacy For Green Card Cap Waivers in Competitiveness Bill

In March, ASEE wrote a letter to House and Senate Judiciary Committee leadership advocating for green card cap waivers within the competitiveness package. The Society also organized thirty-three scientific societies, professional organizations, and institutions of higher education to sign it.

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Workforce Summit Gathers Leaders to Reshape Engineering Education

Executives from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and Greater Washington Partnership will join key leaders in higher education, accrediting bodies and federal agencies to explore the future of workforce development through innovative collaboration at a two-day conference in April hosted by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE).

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New Grant to Promote Innovation and Sustainability in Engineering Education

The Lemelson Foundation has awarded a one-year $212,000 grant to the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) to promote environmentally sustainable practices at engineering-education programs throughout the nation.

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ASEE Workshops To Foster An Entrepreneurial Mindset In Engineering Education

The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) will offer two workshops to help engineering professors learn how to convert their educational research into manuscripts that promote an entrepreneurial mindset...

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Technology Update

Dear ASEE Members:
The pace of daily life is quickening and, as with COVID, the ups and downs seem to be more extreme than ever.  Central to much of this are our attempts to keep pace with and sort through a blizzard of data, information, misinformation, fact, fiction, wisdom, and fantasy.  The ASEE Headquarters team is working hard to keep pace with this unprecedented information boom by (a) identifying and using the right tools, (b) innovating new products and services, and (c) continually improving the quality of the offerings we provide to you.

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Call for Board Candidates

The ASEE Nominating Committee, chaired by Most Immediate Past President Sheryl Sorby, requests member participation in nominating candidates for the 2023 ASEE Board election. Board positions to be nominated are: President-Elect; Vice President, External Relations; Chairs of Professional Interest Councils II and III; Chairs of Zone Council II and III.

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