Prism is ASEE’s award winning flagship publication and the most popular magazine that covers engineering higher education in the United States.

The magazine is read by key decision makers within engineering education and reaches engineering faculty members, administrators, and students in all disciplines of engineering. Over the years the magazine has won numerous APEX, EdPress, ASAE Gold Circle and PRINT magazine awards for both content and graphic design.

Prism Current issue is now available online.

Prism  Back issues (February 2013 - December 2018).


Engineering is the force behind much of the new technology that is driving the U.S. economy. Prism is committed to reporting the latest information about cutting-edge technology and other important trends in engineering education, including:

  • New instructional methods
  • Innovative curricula
  • Lifelong learning
  • Research opportunities, trends, and developments
  • Education and research projects with government and industry
  • K-12 outreach activities that encourage youth to pursue studies and careers in engineering.


Prism is published eight times per year (monthly September through February, with combined March-April and May-June issues) in accordance with the academic year, and is mailed second class two weeks before the issue date to all 12,000 ASEE members.


More than 12,000, including: 10,000 engineering faculty, over 400 engineering deans, and 400 corporate executives. Prism is also sent to students, members of congress, other government advisors, and science and engineering writers and publishers. Subscription is covered in ASEE membership dues. Beginning on January 1, 2013 non-members pay $225 per year in the United States and Canada; $275 in all other countries. Libraries pay $225 in the United States and Canada; $275 in all other countries.