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The professional interests of ASEE's 10,000 members are many and varied. They include everything from chemical engineering to computerized instructional methods to engineering technology. Because of this multitude of interests, individuals may become members of up to six of ASEE's more than 40 specialty divisions.

Currently, five of the divisions publish their own peer-reviewed journals as a way to exchange ideas in their specific area of concern. Each journal is maintained by an editorial staff made up of members from its division and has is own set of rules regarding manuscript submissions, subscriptions, and so on. Following are brief descriptions of those journals.


Authors should avoid predatory journals with similar titles that promise rapid publication with insufficient time for rigorous peer review.

Chemical Engineering Education Journal

Chemical Engineering Education a quarterly journal serving the needs of the international community of educators in chemical engineering.

Published in February, May, August, and November of each year for the past fifty-two years, Chemical Engineering Education (CEE) is the premier archival journal for chemical engineering educators.

CEE is a recommended journal indexed by ERIC, CAS Abstracts, Compendex, and Scopus.


Don Visco

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Homepage and Articles

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Computers in Education Journal

Published quarterly, CoEd serves engineering, mathematics, science, and computer science educators interested in improving instruction through computing. It is distributed to more than 1,200 individual subscribers and departments.

Beginning with Volume 8 Number 3, full versions of papers can be found on the Acamedics website.


Saeid Moslehpour

Associate Editor:

Carlotta Berry

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Homepage and Articles

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Computers in Education Journal website asee-coed.org


Engineering Design Graphics Journal

Available online at http://www.edgj.org/, the Engineering Design Graphics Journal serves as the official journal of the American Society for Engineering Education’s, Engineering Design Graphics Division. It is a professional publication for educators and industry personnel associated with activities in engineering, technology, descriptive geometry, CAD, and research related to visualization and design. One volume, containing three numbered issues, is published annually according to the following schedule:

Number 1 (Winter): approximate publication date - March
Number 2 (Spring): approximate publication date - June
Number 3 (Autumn): approximate publication date - November

To subscribe, contact:

Kathryn Holliday-Darr, Circulation Manager

Phone: 814-898-6271
Fax: 814-898-6125
E-mail: ib4@psu.edu

Manuscripts submitted for publication are subject to peer review by the EDGJ editorial review board. The views and opinions expressed herein are those of authors and do not necessarily reflect the policy or the views of the EDGD.


Manuscript Submission


Editorial Board

Editor: Robert A. Chin, East Carolina University
Associate Editor: AJ Hamlin, Michigan Technological University
Assistant Editor: Carolyn Dunn, East Carolina University
Circulation Manager: Kathy Holliday-Darr, Penn State Behrend

Advisory Board

Judith A. Birchman, Purdue University
Jon M. Duff, Arizona State University Polytechnic
La Verne Abe Harris, Purdue University
Mary A. Sadowski, Purdue University
Eric Wiebe, North Carolina State University

Review Board

Hosein Atharifar, Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Holly Ault, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Ron Barr, The University of Texas at Austin
Ted Branoff, North Carolina State University
Aaron Clark, North Carolina State University
Kevin Devine, Illinois State University
Nate Hartman, Purdue University
William (Ed) Howard, East Carolina University
Jim Leach, University of Louisville
Dennis Lieu, University of California at Berkeley
Jim Shahan, Iowa State University
Shana Smith, Taiwan University
Michael D. Stewart, Georgia Institute of Technology
Mostafa Tossi, Penn State Worthington Scranton


Journal of Engineering Technology

The Journal of Engineering Technology is published in the spring and fall of each year and mailed to 1,700 individuals and institutions. Submissions are reviewed for their contribution to the advancement of the field of engineering technology. Papers are accepted for publication in one of three general areas--major articles, new ideas, and new findings.

More Information:

JET: The Journal of Engineering Technology


The Engineering Economist

The Engineering Economist is published jointly by the Institute of Industrial Engineers' Engineering Economy Division and ASEE's Engineering Economy Division. The quarterly refereed journal is the only publication devoted to the field of capital investment analysis and related topics in the private and public sectors. Articles on such topics as capital budgeting, project evaluation, equipment replacement analysis, and economic design are regularly featured.

Homepage: http://www.iienet2.org/Landing.aspx?id=893