JEE Awards

JEE Awards

Star Reviewer Awards
William Elgin Wickenden Award


Star Reviewer Awards


The Journal of Engineering Education established the Star Reviewer Award in 2017 to recognize outstanding JEE reviewers.


Reviewers who have completed three or more reviews in last year for JEE and who Editorial Board members nominate based on the quality of their reviews are considered for this award. The selection committee, volunteers from the JEE Editorial Board, read the reviews submitted by reviewers who meet these criteria, looking for features of outstanding reviews: review includes a summary of what the article was about; review provides positive ways forward (not just a critique); review provides notes to the editor; review includes some discussion of reviewer positionality; review demonstrates critical thinking about the manuscript; and review is detailed.

JEE Reviewers who provide this type of feedback are invaluable in cultivating our community of scholars in engineering education, and we are pleased to recognize their efforts.


2017 JEE Star Reviewers:
  • Joachim Walther, University of Georgia
  • Nicola Sochacka, University of Georgia
  • Glenda Stump, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Martin Reisslein, Arizona State University


2018 JEE Star Reviewers:
  • Geoffrey Herman, University of Illinois
  • Gary Lichtenstein, Arizona State University
  • Noah Schroeder, Wright State University
  • Amy Wilson-Lopez, Utah State University


2019 JEE Star Reviewers:
  • Catherine Berdanier, Penn State University
  • Andrea Goncher, University of Florida
  • James Huff, Harding University
  • Samantha Brunhaver, Arizona State University


2020 JEE Star Reviewers:
  • Andrea Mazzurco, Swineburne Institute of Technology
  • Cassandra McCall, Utah State University
  • Angela Minchiello, Utah State University
  • Jacki Rohde, Purdue University
  • Stephen Secules, Florida International University

William Elgin Wickenden Award

This award is named in honor of William Elgin Wickenden, engineer, educator, philosopher, administrator and humanitarian. Throughout his distinguished career, he devoted himself to the personal and professional development of younger members of the engineering fraternity. His wisdom and leadership so infused the monumental "Report of the Investigation of Engineering Education, 1923-1929" that it has been popularly referred to as the Wickenden Report ever since. His publication, "The Second Mile," has been read by thousands of young engineers and has helped them form a sound conception of engineering as a career.

The Award:  The award recognizes the author(s) of the best paper published in the Journal of Engineering Education, the scholarly research journal for the Society. The award consists of a commemorative plaque.

Qualifications:  To be considered, a paper must have been a refereed article published in the Journal of Engineering Education during the previous volume year.  The selection is made by a committee composed of the journal's associate editors and four members of the journal's international advisory board, and chaired by the immediate past editor of the journal.

Nominations:  All papers published are automatically considered. However, any ASEE member may also nominate a qualified paper for this award. A letter explaining the basis for the nomination is the only documentation required. Nominations should be forward to the editor of the Journal of Engineering Education.