2023 Annual Conference Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to be a member to attend the annual conference? 
    1. No, members and non-members alike are welcome to register for and attend our conference
  2. Where can I get information about registration fees? 
    1. Registration information can be found here Registration (asee.org)

  3. Where can I find a listing of sessions? 
    1. Session details can be found at this link The 2023 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition Registration American Society for Engineering Education

  4. Can conference papers be downloaded prior to the conference? 
    1. Full conference papers are only available to registered attendees on-site, once the conference has started. Papers will be available a few weeks after the conference to the general public at ASEE PEER Document Repository. Abstracts will be available to be viewed after papers are assigned to sessions. Sometime in early May.
  5. Is childcare being offered this year? 
    1. Yes, complimentary childcare is being offered to registered attendees. Details can be found at this link. Prior sign up is required and spaces are limited.  On-site Childcare (asee.org)

  6. Do I have to stay at one of the conference hotels? 
    1. No, you are welcome to stay at any property you prefer. You will however, need to use the official housing bureau for the conference in order to secure the discount rate at the designated hotels. Hotel Accommodations (asee.org)
  7. Why aren’t there any Sunday technical sessions? 
    1. Based on the feedback received from the divisions/attendees, Sunday technical sessions added an additional travel day for many who were unable to accommodate the additional expense. Sunday workshops are still being offered in the afternoon, with a brand new Job Fair Sunday morning. Business meetings, panels, special sessions, and technical sessions will be held Monday – Wednesday. You can see the updated schedule here 2023 Schedule at a Glance (asee.org)
  8. Why isn’t there a printed program on-site? 
    1. The annual conference printed program is typically over 300 pages long, and is prohibitively expense to produce, and the vast majority of the books end up in the trash. In order to be more cost efficient and environmentally friendly, the program will be in PDF form on the website. In addition, all session details and papers will be available on site at the ICP nemo.asee.org/ICP (available to registered attendees on site only). Session details can be accessed at this link, prior to the conference. The 2023 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition Registration American Society for Engineering Education

9. Why isn’t there complimentary coffee every morning for attendees?

Coffee service on-site is extremely labor intensive, making the coffee, filling the containers, adding cups, sleeves, milk, cream, sugar, stir sticks, etc., as well as constantly having to be monitored and refreshed, puts the convention center coffee at a very high price. Rather than having all attendees bear the additional cost, coffee will be provided during the morning networking breaks in the Exhibit hall on Monday and Wednesday. Otherwise, coffee concessions will be available on site for individual purchase. 

  1. Why isn’t internet available in all of the meeting space? 
    1. Internet is typically a profit center for convention facilities. The pricing to provide adequate internet to all attendees in all the meeting space is prohibitively expensive. If you are conducting a session and the presenter needs internet only, internet is available for individual purchase, or you can use your phone as a hot spot. Most convention center hotels have complimentary internet in their public spaces. 


Questions? Contact us at conferences@asee.org