Academy of Fellows Bylaws


ARTICLE 1. PURPOSE. The purpose of the Academy is to provide a forum through which the Fellows of ASEE can raise and deliberate key issues pertaining to the role, quality and contributions of engineering education, defined in its broadest sense, and formulate position papers and/or proposed courses of action therefrom, including appropriate recommendations to the ASEE Board of Directors. 

ARTICLE 2. MEMBERSHIP. The Academy membership will consist of all living persons who have been named by the Board of Directors of ASEE as Fellows of ASEE, except that any Fellow of ASEE may decline to hold membership in the Academy by so advising the Chairman of the Academy in writing. 

ARTICLE 3. OFFICERS. The Academy will have a Chairman and a Vice Chairman/Secretary. The officers will be elected by majority vote of those Academy members present and voting at the Annual Meeting of the Academy. The terms of office for the Chairman and Vice Chairman/Secretary will be two years, but no individual may serve in the same office for more than two successive terms. 

ARTICLE 4. MEETINGS. An Annual Meeting of the Academy will be held sometime during the course of each Annual Conference of ASEE and will be advertised as part of the ASEE Annual Conference. Other meetings of the Academy may be held as approved by the Academy. The Chairman or Vice Chairman/Secretary will preside at all meetings of the Academy unless other provisions are made by vote of the Academy. Officers of the Academy will present an agenda for each meeting of the Academy, to which agenda other items may be added as proposed by individual members of the Academy.

ARTICLE 5. VOTING. A vote on any matter at an Academy meeting will be decided by a simple majority of the Fellows present and voting, except that any vote on a proposed recommendation to the Board of Directors of ASEE will require approval by two-thirds of members present. 

ARTICLE 6. LIAISON WITH ASEE. The Officers of the Academy will maintain a liaison with the ASEE Board of Directors through the President-Elect of ASEE. 

ARTICLE 7. PROGRAM. The program of the Academy will be as adopted at the Annual Meetings and/or at other meetings of the Academy. 

ARTICLE 8. FINANCES. No levies may be made upon members of the Academy except for meals and like items that are provided to Fellows who attend an Annual Meeting or similar program that the Academy has approved. The Academy may undertake activities that require financial support, but only through arrangements that are made with an appropriate office within ASEE. 

ARTICLE 9. ACTIVATION AND DISSOLUTION. The Academy will be activated by approval of these Articles at the scheduled meeting of Fellows held as a part of the 1994 Annual Conference of ASEE and confirmed by a subsequent mail ballot by members of the Academy. The Academy may be dissolved by a vote of the Academy at any subsequent annual meeting of the Academy and confirmed by a majority of the votes cast by Fellows as the result of a subsequent mail ballot by the Members of the Academy. 

Fellows approved by mail ballot November 15, 1994

Approved by ASEE Board of Directors June 25, 1995

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