Engineering Deans Council Public Policy Committee ( 2021  -  2022 )
Name, Email, Phone Position Institution
Dr. JoAnn S. Lighty
Dean of Engineering, and Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Chair Boise State University
Dr. Paul J. Tikalsky FASCE P.E.
Vice Chair Oklahoma State University
Dr. W. Samuel Easterling P.E.
James L. and Katherine S. Melsa Dean of Engineering
Member Iowa State University of Science and Technology
Dr. Alexander L. Wolf
Dean, Baskin School of Engineering
(831) 459-4877
Member University of California, Santa Cruz
Dr. Hanchen Huang
Dean, College of Engineering
Not on file
Member University of North Texas
Dr. James R Martin III
Dean of Engineering
Not on file
Member University of Pittsburgh
Dr. Vijay Kumar
Nemirovsky Family Dean School of Engineering & Applied Science
(215) 898-3630
Member University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Pamela Holland Obiomon P.E.
Dean of Roy G. Perry College of Engineering
(936) 261-9890
Member Prairie View A&M University
Dr. Jayathi Y Murthy P.E.
Ronald and Valerie Sugar Dean of the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science
Member University of California, Los Angeles
Dr. John C. Lach
Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science
Member The George Washington University
Dr. Wendi Beth Heinzelman
Professor and Dean
(585) 273-3958
Member University of Rochester
Dr. Aaron F Bobick
James M. McKelvey Professor and Dean
(314) 935-6350
Member Washington University in St. Louis
Dr. J. Cole Smith
Dean of Engineering
Member Syracuse University
Dr. Stephanie G. Adams
Dean and Lars Magnus Ericsson Chair Office of the Dean of Engineering
Member University of Texas at Dallas
Dr. Sheryl H Ehrman
Dean of Engineering
Member San Jose State University
Dr. Kazem Kazerounian
Dean of Engineering
Member University of Connecticut