Illinois Indiana Section Bylaws

Illinois Indiana Section Bylaws

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Illinois-Indiana Section Bylaws can be found here


Section 1.  The name of this organization shall be the  Illinois/Indiana Section of the American Society for Engineering  Education (II/ASEE)

ARTICLE II: Objectives

Section1.  The objectives of the Section shall be to support  and further the aims and objectives of the Society, at the Section  level, as stated in the ASEE Constitution.

ARTICLE III: Membership

Section 1.  Membership in the Section shall be of two  classes: individual and institutional.

Section 2.  Individual membership of the Section shall  consist of all individual members of the Society residing within the  boundaries of the Section as prescribed by the society.  Within  these boundaries are the state of Indiana and the state of  Illinois.

Section 3.  Institutional members shall be those defined in  the ASEE Constitution and which are located within the Section  boundaries.

ARTICLE IV: Officers

Section 1.  The officers of the Section shall be the  Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson, the Secretary, and the  Treasurer.

ARTICLE V: Executive Board

Section 1.  The Executive Board of the Section shall consist  of the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson, the Secretary, the  Treasurer, the Past Chairperson, the Past Vice Chairperson, four  unit Directors, the ASEE Campus Representative Coordinator, the  local Program Chairpersons of the next two annual Section meetings,  the Section Newsletter Editor, and any other division  representatives and committee Chairpersons the Section Chairperson  may appoint to facilitate the conduct of Section business.  The  action of the Executive Board shall be final as to (a) dates of  annual Section meetings, (b) approval of budgets, and (c)  appointment of officers to fill vacancies.  In case of an  emergency during which it is not possible for the Section officers  to perform their duties, the Executive Board may choose interim  officers it deems necessary and advisable.  Such persons will  remain in office for the duration of the emergency or until the next  Section elections--whichever happens first.  Such action shall  be reported to the general membership of the Section at its first  regular meeting thereafter.

Section 2.  The four unit Directors will represent the  following fields of interest: (a) instructional, (b) research, (c)  administrative, and (d) industrial.

Section 3.  Eligibility for office, the manner of election  or appointment, and duties of Executive Board members are set forth  in the Section Bylaws.

ARTICLE VI: Committees

Section 1.  A Section Nominating Committee shall annually  submit a slate of nominees for elective positions at least one month  prior to the annual meeting.  The Past Chairperson shall serve  as Chairperson of the Nominating Committee and shall be empowered to  appoint the other members of that Nominating Committee.  No  more than two (2) members should be employed at the same  institution/firm and there should be between five (5) and nine (9)  members inclusive.

Section 2.  A Membership Service Committee shall concern  itself with ways and means by which the membership of the Section  might be increased and by which the Section might be of increased  service to its members.  The Vice Chairperson of the Section  shall serve as chair of this committee and the membership shall  include the four Unit Directors and other appointees as deemed  appropriate by the Section Chairperson.

Section 3.  The Section chairperson may establish other  committees as may be required and shall appoint the members of such  committees.  The Section Chairperson shall inform the Executive  Board of such actions.


Section 1.  There shall be at least one Section meeting per  year including an annual business meeting, the time and place to be  determined by the Executive Board using the procedure given in the  Bylaws.  The annual Section meeting shall be announced to the  membership through the Section Newsletter and through the official  publication(s) of the Society.

Section 2.  Meetings other than the annual Section meeting  shall be held at times and places designated by the Executive  Board.  The membership shall be informed in a manner deemed  appropriate by the Executive Board.

Section 3.  The Executive Director of ASEE and the chair of  the Council of Sections, Zone II, shall be informed of the dates and  location of the proposed annual Section meeting immediately after  they are established and not later than the Annual Conference of  ASEE.

Section 4.  Attendance at the annual section meeting is open  to all persons interested in engineering education.

Section 5.  Financial arrangements and budget for conducting  an annual Section meeting prepared by a host institution must be  approved by the Executive Board.

ARTICLE VIII: Quorum and Voting

Section 1.  A quorum for the Executive Board shall consist  of one half of the members of the Executive Board explicitly named  in Article V, Section 1.

Section 2.  A quorum for a business meeting of the Section  shall consist of one-half of the members of the Section registered  at the duly scheduled annual Section meeting.

Section 3.  All members of the Section registered at the  duly scheduled annual Section meeting are entitled to vote.

Section 4.  A simple majority of those voting shall be  required for action, except as otherwise specified in this  Constitution or the Section Bylaws.

ARTICLE IX: Amendments

Section 1.  This Constitution may be amended by a favorable  vote of two-thirds of the votes cast at the annual business meeting  of the Section, provided a quorum has been declared.   Amendments may be submitted by a majority vote of the members of the  Executive Board of the Section or by a petition signed by no fewer  than ten members of the Section.  Proposed amendments shall be  made available to all members of the Section no less than 30 days  prior to the annual Section meeting at which the amendments are to  be presented for adoption.