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Wifi Login

The following options are available for logging into the wifi

  • SP Guest (2MB): Complimentary wireless Internet access, available in one hour sessions available ONLY in meeting rooms and lobby areas
  • SP Guest Daily (3MB): Option to upgrade the guest access to be daily for $15 per day, available ONLY in meeting rooms and lobby areas
  • SP Premium (20MB): High-speed wireless Internet access at a rate of $60 per device per day, available facility-wide

To login to the wifi, open a browser and you should be directed to the portal where you can set up your account and purchase service

Important: Take note of your username and password displayed just before you login. If you get disconnected, you will need this information to get back online. Your account can only be used on the device in which it was purchased

Marriott City Creek:
Complimentary Internet is only available in the lobby areas of the Marriott City Creek (the HQ hotel). We suggest using your phone as a hot spot if you need internet for your device and/or session.