Engineering Research Council

The Engineering Research Council is composed of representatives from those Engineering College, Industrial, and Government members electing such representation.


  • to provide a forum for discussion of problems and exchange of information pertaining to the research activities of ASEE members;
  • to provide programs at meetings;
  • to represent and to speak on behalf of research and its administration both externally and within ASEE;
  • to improve the effectiveness of research operations at ERC member institutions; and
  • to establish and maintain liaison with other organizations concerned with research and its administration.


Chair, Engineering Research Council

Carrie Berger, Ph.D. (2024)

Purdue Polytechnic Interim Dean, Associate Dean of Strategic Initiatives and Clinical Professor
Purdue University – Polytechnic Institute
401 N Grant Street
West Lafayette, Indiana 47907
Phone: 765-496-0138