Categories of ASEE Awards

Categories of ASEE Awards

National Awards are designated as such by the Board of Directors of the Society and are:

  • Frederick J. Berger Award (Endowed)
  • Chester F. Carlson Award (Sponsored)
  • Isadore T. Davis Award (Endowed)
  • DuPont Minorities in Engineering Award (Endowed)
  • Clement J. Freund Award (Endowed)
  • John L. Imhoff Award (Endowed)
  • Sharon Keillor Award (Endowed)
  • Benjamin Garver Lamme Award (Endowed)
  • ASEE Lifetime Achievement Award (Endowed)
  • James H. McGraw Award (Sponsored)
  • Meriam/Wiley Distinguished Author Award (Endowed)
  • Fred Merryfield Design Award (Sponsored)
  • National Outstanding Teaching Award (Endowed)
  • National Engineering Economy Teaching Excellence Award (Endowed)
  • ASEE President's Award (Sponsored)
  • Robert G. Quinn Award (Endowed)
  • William Elgin Wickenden Award (Sponsored)
  • Annual Conference Best Paper Awards (ASEE)

Except in the case of prior existing agreements to the contrary, all national awards must be endowed according to the endowment policies of the Society.

Society Awards are a special category of National Awards and include:

  • W. Leighton Collins Award
  • Donald E. Marlowe Award
  • Distinguished Service Citation

Society Awards are bestowed infrequently by the ASEE Board of Directors on the recommendation of the Awards Policy Committee. Society Awards are funded through Society operating funds and contributions.

Recognition as an Honorary Member is a special category of membership conferred in the manner of an award. This recognition may be bestowed on members or nonmembers of the Society for eminent and distinguished service to mankind in engineering or engineering technology education or allied fields.

Nominations are made to the President of the Society and recipients are selected by the Awards Policy Committee and are subject to a three fourths vote of approval by the Board of Directors.

Recognition as a Fellow of the Society is a special category of membership conferred in the manner of an award. This recognition may be bestowed on members of the Society for outstanding contributions to engineering or engineering technology education or allied fields. Recipients are selected by the Fellow Member Committee subject to approval by the Awards Policy Committee.

Awards which are administered and bestowed by a unit of the Society can be either externally sponsored, Society unit sponsored, or endowed. The current Society Unit Awards are as follows:


Aerospace Division/AIAA
John Leland Atwood Award

Mechanical Engineering Division
Ralph Coats Roe Award

Nuclear Engineering Division
Glenn Murphy Award


Electrical Engineering Division
Frederick Emmons Terman Award



Engineering Research Council
Research Administration Award
Curtis W. McGraw Research Award

Corporate Member Council
CMC Excellence in Engineering Education Collaboration Awards


Biological and Agricultural Engineering Division
Award for Excellence in Teaching Materials and Methods in Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Early Achievement in Education Award

Biomedical Engineering Division
Theo C. Pilkington Outstanding Educator Award
Biomedical Engineering Teaching Award
Best Paper Award

Chemical Engineering Division
CACHE Award for Excellence in Computing in Chemical Engineering Education
William H. Corcoran Award
Ray W. Fahien Award
Joseph J. Martin Award
Chemstations Lectureship Award
Lifetime Achievement in Chemical Engineering Pedagogical Scholarship Award
ChE Division Engineering Education Mentoring Recipient Grant
ChE Division Graduate Student Future Faculty Grant
ChE Division Mentoring and Travel Grant for New Attendees

Civil Engineering Division
Best Paper Award
George K. Wadlin Distinguished Service Award
Gerald R. Seeley Fellowship

College Industry Partnership Division
Best Paper Award
Best Session Award
Willard D. Cheek Exemplary Service Award

Computers in Education Division
John A. Curtis Lecture Award
EAI Award
Woody Everett Award
Merl K. Miller Award
Harden Simons Prize
Ray H. Speiss Award

Continuing Professional Development Division
Joseph M. Biedenbach Distinguished Service Award
Certificate of Merit
Outstanding Paper Award

Cooperative and Experiential Education Division
Best Session Award
Alvah K. Borman Award

Division for Experimentation and Laboratory Oriented Studies (DELOS)
Best Paper Award
Distinguished Service Award

Educational Research and Methods Division/IEEE
Benjamin J. Dasher Best Paper Award
Distinguished Service Award
Helen L. Plants Award for Special Events
Ronald J. Schmitz Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Frontiers in Education Conference
Best Paper Award

Electrical and Computer Engineering Division
ECE Distinguished Educator Award
ECE Meritorious Service Award

Energy Conversion and Conservation Division
Best Paper Award

Engineering Design Graphics Division
Distinguished Service Award
Oppenheimer Award

Engineering Economy Division
Eugene L. Grant Award
Best Paper Award

Engineering Libraries Division
Homer I. Bernhardt Distinguished Service Award
Best Paper Award
Best Poster Award
Best Reference Work Award

Engineering Management Division
Best Paper Award
Best Presentation Award
Bernard R. Sarchet Award
Merl Baker Award

Engineering Technology Division
Best Presentation Award
Best Session Award

Entrepreneurship & Engineering Innovation Division
Kauffman Award for Excellence in Engineering or Technology Entrepreneurship Education

Environmental Engineering Division
Outstanding Presenter Award

Graduate Studies Division
Keating Award for Innovation and Leadership in Lifelong Learning in Graduate Engineering Education

Industrial Engineering Division
Best Paper Award
Distinguished Service Award
Lifetime Achievement Award
New Industrial Engineering Educator Outstanding Paper Award

Information Systems Division
Richard B. Wadsworth Multimedia Award
Best Paper Award

International Division
Best Paper Award
Service Award
Global Engineering and Engineering Tecnology Educator Award

K-12 Engineering Division
Best Paper Award

Liberal Education Division
The Sterling Olmsted Award

Mathematics Division
Distinguished Educator and Service Award
Best Paper Award

Mechanical Engineering Division
Best Paper Award
Best Poster Award
Outstanding New Mechanical Engineering Educator Award

Mechanics Division
Archie Higdon Distinguished Educator Award
Ferdinand P. Beer and E. Russel Johnston, Jr. Outstanding New Mechanics Educator Award
James L. Meriam Service Award

Multidisciplinary Engineering Division
Best Paper Award

Physics Division
Distinguished Educator and Service Award

Systems Engineering Constituent Committee
Best Paper Award

Women in Engineering Division
Denice D. Denton Best Paper Award
Mara H. Wasburn Apprentice Educator Grant


All ASEE Zones/Sections
Outstanding Zone/Section Campus Representative Award
ASEE Section Outstanding Teaching Award

Gulf Southwest Section
Best Paper Awards
Outstanding Service Award
Outstanding Young Faculty Award

Illinois/Indiana Section
Best Paper Award

Middle Atlantic Section
Distinguished Teaching Award

Midwest Section
Best Paper Awards
Outstanding Standing Service Award
Effective Teaching Award-Engineering
Effective Teaching Award-Engineering Technology
Midwest Section Person-Mile Award

North Midwest Section
Best Paper Award

Pacific Southwest Section
Outstanding Community College Educator Award

St. Lawrence Section
Outstanding Educator Award

Indiana University/Purdue University, Indianapolis (IUPUI) - School of Engineering & Technology
ASEE Undergraduate Teaching/Mentor/Tutor Award
ASEE Graduate Teaching Assistant Award