Establishing an Award

Establishing an Award


Subject to approval by the Awards Policy Committee and the Board of Directors, any Society unit (Council, Division, Section, Society Standing Committee, and Constituent Committee) may establish awards. Awards may be directed specifically to any discipline or activity in support of engineering education.

The basis for an award may be significant contributions in the area of administration, teaching, research, public service, etc. In the area of administration, the awards may be made to deans, department heads, or directors for outstanding administrative achievement and leadership for teaching. Recognition may be given for the development of skills in communications, counseling, authorship, etc. Researchers may be rewarded for new discoveries, significant publications, development of graduate students, etc. The basis for each award should be sufficiently broad and clearly designed so that an appropriate number of potential candidates will be available for consideration. It is intended that awards be conferred on an annual basis.

Proposals for establishing new ASEE awards must be submitted to the Awards Policy Committee through the Manager, Administrative Services, who will provide guidance and answer any questions the representatives of the sponsoring Society units may have. Proposals must contain at least the following essential information:

Biographical information on and possibly a photograph of the person for whom the award is being named. (If being named for a company or other organization, a thorough description of that organization is to be included.)

  • The amount of award stipends and a description of other proposed award mementos
  • Initial endowment and/or source of funds to support the award and its associated administrative costs
  • Purpose of or basis for the award
  • Qualifications and eligibility requirements for candidates
  • Nomination and renomination procedures
  • Special nomination instructions (especially if there are exceptions to the nomination cover sheet instructions in the Awards Nomination Booklet)
  • Principles of appointment and succession of the Award Selection Committee
  • Event and/or meeting at which the award will be presented